South Park

Season 12 Episode 8

The China Probrem

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 08, 2008 on Comedy Central
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It's up to Cartman to face down the Chinese while the American populace is wracked by the haunting memory of recent events.

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  • HERRO!

    You PC . This episode was great. Cart,man was being Cartman. he WOULD beleive the CHinese are all steerotypes of themselves. He thinks the JEWS are responsible for the death of hof wait ??? . ANyway---the whole rape thing is pefect because you have to lose all respect for Speilberg/Lucas after the last Indiana Jones which was a parody of itself. a 10.
  • Another episode that has a good and awful side

    Kyle's plot was terrible. Him, Stan, Kenny, Clyde and Jimmy throw a big fit just because they saw a stupid scene from Indiana Jones from 2008. What crybabies. Kyle and those other guys were just plain out of character in this episode. It starts off with Kyle crying in his room after seeing Indian Jones and Stan tries to convince him it's not a big deal, so he leaves Kyle and goes to Jimmy to tell him the same, but then he starts crying about it too so Stan goes off alone and then thinks about what he saw in the thearter that day. What he remembers is watching the new Indiana Jones movie and everything seems normal until Stephen Speilberg and George Lucas come to rape him on the big screen, and Stan goes inside the movie to try to save him (like if that can really happen) but it is too late, so then he goes off sobbing like Kyle and Jimmy over the stupid scene. He then goes up crying to Kyle who is at a counselor and is also still crying and then Kenny, Clyde and Jimmy show up and sob with them. Then they convince the counselor that the scene was that tragic (when in reality, it's just a stupid movie you can just give it a bad review) and then he starts sobbing like a baby with all of them, and it starts to get annoying. So after that, they go to the police station to try to arrest Speilberg and George, but they don't agree to until one of the officers remembers the movie scene, and then there's even more crying from him, and then Kyle cries even more! Come on Chuckie Finster doesn't cry as much as you did in this episode and he's a toddler, grow up Kyle and friends! Then after that the police finally arrest the directors and then the whole entire town gets all emotinally happy about it, and there's even more cryin where that came from! Holy hell, what an earbleadingly annoying side of the episode. This diserves an F.

    As for Cartman's side, it was actually pretty funny. How can they pair such a hilarious plot with an awful plot? Anyway, it starts off when Cartman has a nightmare and wakes up screaming to his mom that the Chinese are gonna take over the world. Then he goes to Butters to try to use him to get rid of the Chinese (because Butters is an easy target to bullying, espescially by Cartman), so they go off to PF Changs to try to get rid of the Chinese population, but they all think that Cartman and Butters are just mentally ill. One of the funniest gags from this plot was when Butters kept shooting the guys in the dicks every time and Cartman kept flipping out about it. This plot diserves a A-, it's hilarious but could have used some more work.

    Overall, this is one of those SP episodes that have a good and bad plot paired up, so it gets a 5/10moreless
  • rape is not funny people...

    i do not understand the people who loved this episode. it was absolutely terrible.... Cartman s story and Kyle, stan, jimmy etc. story about indiana jones being r...ped was not funny people. it was absolutely disgusting. it does not matter if people say it is the usual south park jokes and the instant classic. all it has to be is a funny or memorable episode. the china problem was not a good sign for the second half of the 12th season. not a good sign. too be honest, i did not laugh at any moments in this episode, i barely watched the rape scenes. it was plain sick ! it is original.... but original episodes does not make them good... keep that in your minds people who liked this episode.

  • The China Probrem

    I am a huge fan of south park but this episode i gotta say is the worst episode in all 12 seasons of south park.The plot is that cartman is afraid the Chinese will take over america meanwhile indiana jones gets raped by steven speilberg and george lucas, The plot is the worst i've ever seen the episode is so bad that it shouldn't have even been aired.This episode is not south park it's horrible. Of course everybody has their own opinion but to me this episode is the worst and i mean the owrst ever.I gave this a 1 out of 10-VaughnD Productionsmoreless
  • Two lame opinions which come several months late dominate this unexciting episode.

    Right-wing fear of China's growing power and Indiana Jones 4 apparantly being an holy abortion, feature in an episode which acts as a Soap-box for Matt and Trey.

    Yet again we have an episode which should belong n a future DVD collection called "The world according to Matt Stone and Trey Parker" and what should be a future TV countdown shows called "100 most desperate attempts to be shocking in the name of comedy."

    Needless to say I wasn't impressed. There was a fair few funny moments amisdt the rubbish, and at least it seems the animation dept put a fair bit of love into this episode. However this can save an episode which execute to rather dull storylines which they obviously weren't sure what direction to take them in. It's a bit sad they were that desperate to make the points they did.

    It was good to have South Park back on our screens and this was a terrible episode, it jus wasn't up to par and it was a bad start to the second half of series 12.moreless
Matt Stone

Matt Stone

Voice of Kyle Broflovski; Kenny McKormick; Leopold

Trey Parker

Trey Parker

Voice of Stan Marsh; Eric Theodore Cartman

April Stewart

April Stewart

Voice of Liane Cartman; Principal Victoria; Sharon Marsh; Wendy Testaburger; Various Other Females

Mona Marshall

Mona Marshall

Voice of Sheila Broflovski; Various Other Females

Christina Yeung

Christina Yeung

Voice of Unknown

Guest Star



Voice of Unknown

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    • Butters: I can't stop the Chinese tonight, Eric. I'm suppose to make a model car with my dad.

    • Butters: So wait, that's it? What about the Chinese invasion?
      Cartman: I really don't care anymore, Butters. You see, I've learned something today. As Americans, our fear of seeing another country become powerful can turn us into monsters. Watching how crazy you went, watching you just shoot people in the dick like that, it made me realize that I want America to be safe but not at the cost of losing its dignity. I'd rather us be Chinese than a nation of unethical dick-shooters. (turns to walk away and points at Butters) You think about that.
      (Cartman walks away)
      Butters: Can't believe they put 'em in jail. I thought that movie was pretty good.

    • Cartman: Aww.. dude. You shot him in the dick.
      Butters: Huh?
      Cartman: That's not cool Butters. You don't shoot a guy in the dick.
      Butters: But I was just tryin to stop him 'n you said--
      Cartman: It doesn't matter Butters! You never shoot a guy in the dick! Everyone knows that! Shooting a guy in the dick!? That's just.. that's just weak. ..I can't believe you Butters.

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    • Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics:

      What was seen in Cartman's dream is the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games, held in Beijing exactly 2 months prior to airing of this episode.

      Performers from the countdown, type blocks, Kunqu opera and martial art segments were featured.

    • During the reference to The Accused there are a Willow arcade cabinet and a Howard The Duck Pinball Machine in the room. Both of these are films that George Lucas was attached to. He wrote the story to Willow and was the executive producer on Howard The Duck. However, while Willow actually had an arcade game, Howard The Duck never got a pinball machine.

    • Accused and Deliverance

      The rape scenes with the pinball machine and the squealing pig are from Accused and Deliverance respectively.