South Park

Season 12 Episode 8

The China Probrem

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 08, 2008 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

The Chinese drummers are drumming away at the Olympics Opening Ceremonies and it is causing Cartman to have nightmares. He is afraid the Chinese are going to get him. At the bus stop he tries to convince Stan, Kyle and Kenny that the Chinese are a problem. Kyle just gives up saying he can't do it anymore. Kyle is concerned about a friend's rape, where he and they did nothing to help. Stan tries to convince him to just let it go. When no one else will help Cartman enlists the aid of Butters in his fight to stop the Chinese. Cartman has started the "American Liberation Front" to stop them. Meanwhile Kyle is still having nightmares about the raping of…Indiana Jones. Cartman and Butters get into disguise and go into P.F. Changs to find some Chinese people and find out what is their master plan for America, but inside they find very few Chinese people. Jimmy is also contemplating the raping of Indiana Jones, and while Stan runs away, Jimmy says he will have to face what they saw in the theatre that day. Stan has a vision of Indiana Jones being raped by Spielberg and Lucas. At P.F. Chang's Cartman thinks they almost have the trust of the Chinese; but he's wrong. He gives Butters a gun and they attempt to hold the patrons hostage. When one hostage tries to get away, Butters shoots him in the dick, which Cartman tells him "is not cool". Kyle goes to the Park county District Attorney to file charges against Spielberg and Lucas for the raping of Indiana Jones. He is joined by Stan, Jimmy, Kenny and Clyde. The DA tells him that they don't have a case, but then the DA has a vision of his own and a change of heart and agrees to help them. The police surround P.F. Changs and Cartman demands to see the President. Butters fires a warning shot and shoots the Chinese cop in the dick, which again "is not cool". If they shoot everyone in the dick then victory over the Chinese isn't going to mean anything, according to Cartman. The DA presents the boy's sworn statement to a detective to go and arrest Spielberg and Lucas. The detective says he hasn't seen the film, but one of his fellow officers Mitch has-and has a vision a la Deliverance. Kyle offers Mitch his support. While Cartman is negotiating one of the SWAT team members is shot in the dick by Butters. Cartman decides he is done with this, since Butters is only solving their problem by shooting people in the dick, which "is not cool". The police go to arrest Spielberg and Lucas, who they catch raping a Storm Trooper. Spielberg and Lucas will never be able to do this again. Back at P.F. Changs news of the Lucas and Spielberg arrest arrives and the officers and crowd begin to celebrate, allowing Cartman and Butters the opportunity to slip away. Cartman decides he would rather America be Chinese than a country of unethical dick shooters.