South Park

Season 12 Episode 8

The China Probrem

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 08, 2008 on Comedy Central

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  • HERRO!

    You PC . This episode was great. Cart,man was being Cartman. he WOULD beleive the CHinese are all steerotypes of themselves. He thinks the JEWS are responsible for the death of hof wait ??? . ANyway---the whole rape thing is pefect because you have to lose all respect for Speilberg/Lucas after the last Indiana Jones which was a parody of itself. a 10.
  • Another episode that has a good and awful side

    Kyle's plot was terrible. Him, Stan, Kenny, Clyde and Jimmy throw a big fit just because they saw a stupid scene from Indiana Jones from 2008. What crybabies. Kyle and those other guys were just plain out of character in this episode. It starts off with Kyle crying in his room after seeing Indian Jones and Stan tries to convince him it's not a big deal, so he leaves Kyle and goes to Jimmy to tell him the same, but then he starts crying about it too so Stan goes off alone and then thinks about what he saw in the thearter that day. What he remembers is watching the new Indiana Jones movie and everything seems normal until Stephen Speilberg and George Lucas come to rape him on the big screen, and Stan goes inside the movie to try to save him (like if that can really happen) but it is too late, so then he goes off sobbing like Kyle and Jimmy over the stupid scene. He then goes up crying to Kyle who is at a counselor and is also still crying and then Kenny, Clyde and Jimmy show up and sob with them. Then they convince the counselor that the scene was that tragic (when in reality, it's just a stupid movie you can just give it a bad review) and then he starts sobbing like a baby with all of them, and it starts to get annoying. So after that, they go to the police station to try to arrest Speilberg and George, but they don't agree to until one of the officers remembers the movie scene, and then there's even more crying from him, and then Kyle cries even more! Come on Chuckie Finster doesn't cry as much as you did in this episode and he's a toddler, grow up Kyle and friends! Then after that the police finally arrest the directors and then the whole entire town gets all emotinally happy about it, and there's even more cryin where that came from! Holy hell, what an earbleadingly annoying side of the episode. This diserves an F.

    As for Cartman's side, it was actually pretty funny. How can they pair such a hilarious plot with an awful plot? Anyway, it starts off when Cartman has a nightmare and wakes up screaming to his mom that the Chinese are gonna take over the world. Then he goes to Butters to try to use him to get rid of the Chinese (because Butters is an easy target to bullying, espescially by Cartman), so they go off to PF Changs to try to get rid of the Chinese population, but they all think that Cartman and Butters are just mentally ill. One of the funniest gags from this plot was when Butters kept shooting the guys in the dicks every time and Cartman kept flipping out about it. This plot diserves a A-, it's hilarious but could have used some more work.

    Overall, this is one of those SP episodes that have a good and bad plot paired up, so it gets a 5/10
  • rape is not funny people...

    i do not understand the people who loved this episode. it was absolutely terrible.... Cartman s story and Kyle, stan, jimmy etc. story about indiana jones being r...ped was not funny people. it was absolutely disgusting. it does not matter if people say it is the usual south park jokes and the instant classic. all it has to be is a funny or memorable episode. the china problem was not a good sign for the second half of the 12th season. not a good sign. too be honest, i did not laugh at any moments in this episode, i barely watched the rape scenes. it was plain sick ! it is original.... but original episodes does not make them good... keep that in your minds people who liked this episode.

  • The China Probrem

    I am a huge fan of south park but this episode i gotta say is the worst episode in all 12 seasons of south park.The plot is that cartman is afraid the Chinese will take over america meanwhile indiana jones gets raped by steven speilberg and george lucas, The plot is the worst i've ever seen the episode is so bad that it shouldn't have even been aired.This episode is not south park it's horrible. Of course everybody has their own opinion but to me this episode is the worst and i mean the owrst ever.I gave this a 1 out of 10-VaughnD Productions
  • Two lame opinions which come several months late dominate this unexciting episode.

    Right-wing fear of China's growing power and Indiana Jones 4 apparantly being an holy abortion, feature in an episode which acts as a Soap-box for Matt and Trey.

    Yet again we have an episode which should belong n a future DVD collection called "The world according to Matt Stone and Trey Parker" and what should be a future TV countdown shows called "100 most desperate attempts to be shocking in the name of comedy."
    Needless to say I wasn't impressed. There was a fair few funny moments amisdt the rubbish, and at least it seems the animation dept put a fair bit of love into this episode. However this can save an episode which execute to rather dull storylines which they obviously weren't sure what direction to take them in. It's a bit sad they were that desperate to make the points they did.

    It was good to have South Park back on our screens and this was a terrible episode, it jus wasn't up to par and it was a bad start to the second half of series 12.
  • What's with these low ratings?

    This episode of South Park was one of the show's most offensive in years, but the jokes pay off overall I thought. In it, Cartman becomes paranoid about the Chinese coming to invade, because of their prosperous economy, large pop. etc., you know the usual Cartman Shtick. He enlists Butters to help him out, by taking over the City Wok restaurant. Honestly, this part wasn't as good as I hoped. The funniest part of this plot was butters shooting a guy in his... but this was overused too. The other plot, though, was excellent. Indiana Jones being "raped" was funny from the start, and while I admit that the scenes of Indy actually being raped were slightly offensive, you've got to admit, that they make a good point with it (The new Indy movie in like 20 years sucked.) Overall, not their best, but it's a standout in mediocre season 12. 9/10 B+
  • What have they done to Indiana Jones!

    In this episode Cartman dreams that the China people are going to attack south park and plans to stop then.Then I freakin' see Steve Spielberg and George Lucas freakin' rapeing Indiana Jones! I wonder what Steve Spielberg and George Lucas and Harrison Ford(who plays Indiana Jones) think of that part it's weirder when Lucas did to Indiana Jones in the 2rd part. Then Cartman gets Butters to go to P.F Changs to stop the China People. Like the part when Cartman told Butters that the China People are going to get his Parents and Cartman when he's mad at Butters for shooting at a guy in the dick. Then the Cops take Steve Spielberg and George Lucas to jail so they never once more rape people and Freakin' Butters thinks the Rapeing part was good what a butthole!
  • The subplot was better than the main one

    "The China Probrem"

    Grade: D

    This episode was a rather mixed bag for me to be honest. The main plot with Cartman and Butters wasn't actually that funny, whilst the Indiana Jones subplot with the other boys had a few more laughs to it. The China Probrem, at least with the main plot didn't really have a resolution to it and was a letdown.

    The main plot focuses on Cartman disliking the Chinese due to the Olympics coming up, and he demands to solve it with Butters. They end up going to a Chinese restaurant and puts everyone in hostage to find information about the Chinese and their plans. It ends with Butters constantly shooting anyone who comes in with a groin shot, and is happens so much that Cartman just gives up, just like that.
    The subplot featuring the other boys fared a little better and focused on how everyone is distraught after seeing Indiana Jones 4 at the cinema and claiming the filmmakers "raped" Indy. The boys decide to end it once and for all by putting Steven Spielberg and George Lucas away by arresting them.

    So this episode was a rather disappointing one and although not the worst, I think it could have been alot funnier and that maybe they should have only focused on one plot, instead of rather obvious gags which are used over and over again that become less funny the more it happens. Overall, could have been alot worse, but also a hell of a lot better.
  • A tragedy has swept the town of south park and only Cartman & Butters can fight the Chinese invasion by themselves

    The show was just plain boring-

    The first thing about this episode was the fact that they used this whole metaphor of " Indiana Jones" getting sexually abused by it's creators. Which made me chuckle to tell you the truth.

    Otherwise it got repetitive along the line and the rape scenes were just done for shock value.

    The plot with Cartman started in a humorous way in the beginning with his dream sequence, but throughout the episode, nothing really happened. Sure some viewers laughed at when Butters shot people in the genitals, but I felt that Cartman was out of character. The fact that he and Butters dressed up as chinese people was a bit funny but I think they dragged it too long. They could have moved onto other plans to " destroy China " rather than just stay in the restaurant.

    I was quite disappointed that Cartman seemed to lack the usual rancour in his antics and his insults.

    In the end if this episode ends up in the DVD box set I will probably skip it.
  • A seriously fuuny episode even by Spouth Park's standard.

    I've not always liked South Park, some of the episodes border on just immature repetitiveness. But this one, this episode is inspired genius. I've not cried so much with laughter for years! I am heavily biased as I totally agree with their views on The Crystal Skull. To be honest I think if you hated this episode it's probably because a) You're Chinese
    b) You liked the film
    c) You didn't get the references

    In which case, don't watch South Park! Honestly, I do wonder what you're after to not even be able to complete the episode, there have been far worse episodes than this, even in series 12.
  • gotta say i didnt bother finishing this episode! got hlaf way through and thought it was a load of crap!

    stupid, unfunny and it wasnt even clever!

    usually when south aprk brings out a weak episode in humour it usually ends up being quite clever like the canada on strike episode! that was clever in my opinion.

    this was just crap stupid and a waste 15 minutes of my life! could've something better with the olympics! yeah its true that china is becoming a super power and we are all f*cked but something just wasnt right about this idea and it lacked credability!! indiana jones being just wasnt right from the start! didnt find anything funny about that! i know south park live off controversy but it was just in poor taste.

    if i could i would've given it less than 1! but hey i can't!
  • This episode makes clear

    This episode makes clear what a lot of us think about the last Indy film perpetrated by Mr. Lucas & Mr.Spielberg.
    They´ve raped a myth, an iconic character bigger than their thirst for making money. Matt Parker and Trey Stone are fans of Indy and have used the series as a megaphone to show their disappointment with the last merchandising movement of Spielberg & Lucas.

    Thanks Lucas & Spielberg for raping Indy: your "auteur" masks have fallen, money is the only thing for you, your credibility is zero and only SW hoolingans keep supporting your videogames and BK toys.

    And thank you for inspiring with your attitude one of the best South Park episode.
  • Can't believe they get away with this stuff! Brilliant!!

    Where do I start? South Park continues to say what everyone is thinking, but in their own special way. The new Indiana Jones film was awful, and rightly bashed in this great South Park episode. The "rapes" of Harrison Ford's character by George Lucas and Stephen Speilberg had me laughing nervously at the TV, cant believe they went so far!! Brilliantly obscene, and definitely not one for the younger viewers.. the side story of Cartman and Butters war against the Chinese also raised a few politically incorrect laughs, Cartman's costume and accent where hilarious.. South Park continues it's fine form, long may it continue..
  • Honestly... WTF?

    For starters... I did like The last Indy movie, maybe not great, but let's face it, we all saw it full of nostalgia and hopes of old fun, and therefore ANY changes to the series was going to be CRUSHED...

    And now let's start the real deal, like I said in previous reviews, most of the jokes and themes in this season are more based in old stuff that people less than 20 years old are sure to not be too familiar with it, in this case a scene from the movie "The Accused" and other rape themed movies... And to my test, the whole "they Rape Indy" crap was soooo overdone, that besides that I never find the Idea of rape funny, seeing it so many time on screen was just too much. A fellow reviewer said "if you don't like this episode, don't watch it" well, that was exactly what I did, watched it and erased it-... And the whole Chinese conspiracy? Overdone and unfunny, I have 3 plots that they could go with a lot more funny than Eric and Butters saying "Chim Chumg, Chim Chumg" (or wahtever) not mention the whole "Shot on the Dick" joke, I had a flahsback to "I´m HIV positive" .... Lame Plain and simple , I think this one it's the worst episode on my list so far, and before anything else, I´m just giving my opinion, I don't pretend to be a great screenwriter, but honestly, I think Trey and Matt can and have to do a lot better than this....
  • Although this episode was a ploy against Asians, it was funny regardless!

    This episode was not as great a start to the season as the other season premieres, but Trey and Matt have still not lost their touch. They are still providing us with much to laugh about and also shows us that we can't take things too seriously. Even being a profoundly racist episode against the Chinese community, this episode serves to tell us that we all need to relax once in a while. It was great when Cartman and Butters were going with their plan to stop the Chinese at PF Chang's, and Butters kept shooting people in the balls! Cartman also adds the best lines to an ever growing show.
  • Controversial but funny?

    South Park is back after a long break over the summer. It's a controversial opener which shows some scenes that can be quite painful to watch, I'll get to that in a bit.

    I found the first scenes very funny and well animated, for the parts of the opening ceremony of the Olympic games. The Beijing Olympics was a massive event and created world news, loved the drummers! It was dazzling to watch and what I love about South Park is how they can make fun or stay on top of current events. Cartman has a nightmare of the Olympic games due to the huge numbers of the Chinese Population, so thinks they're on course to taking over America.

    He goes on a mission to create the 'American Liberation Front', to stop the chinese from invading. Stan, Kyle and Kenny all refuse to join, but is more concerned about a separate matter, about a certain person being raped. We find out later that this was Indiana Jones, being raped by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. Now on face value it's funny, the film ultimately failed to meet expectations. So the metaphor is funny, even if it's intention to be physically as well.

    Anyway those concerned go to convince the DA to arrest George and Steven. Kyle and a number of other characters ends up having visions of Indiana Jones actually being raped. These are quite disturbing and becomes a little sadistic. The more graphic it gets the less funny it becomes. The licking the nipples, and the slight molesting I can handle, and were quite funny but full on rape was a little too far but that's what South Park is all about. Comedy will stop at no boundaries for Matt Stone and Trey Parker. For me it was a bit too much, yet you can. The over the top melodrama soap opera bits were funny, what you'd normally expect from South Park these days, the visions however were not. Cartman recruits Butters to join his force, and so they disguise themselves as Chinese stereotypes to spy on a Chinese restaurant. The designs were funny, staying true to Cartmans personality of offensiveness and ignorance, also the same when talking to the Chinese family. As Cartman becomes frustrated and ends up using force to try to get chinese folks to tell them their non existent plans to take over America. There were some good laughs when Butters shoots every guy in the crotch, and Cartman walking out on him disgusted of Butter's behaviour. When they finally arrest George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, literally getting caught in the act. Everyone is of joy and intimate hugs all round. And Butter's actually liked the Indiana Jones movie. Overall one thing stood out too much on this episode of South Park, and it's what sticks in your memory. I don't hate this episode, they could have certainly done better but it's still entertaining. What's good about this episode is I'll be showing people this episode to people and I'll laugh at their reactions, this could be it's saving grace.
  • Cartman&Butters go to P.F. Changs to "stop The Chinese" while Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Clyde, and Jimmy help put the men who raped Indiana Jones (metaphorically speaking...or is it?), Steven Spielberg and George Lucas behind bars.

    It was High-larious!
    I see many people saying "It was gross", "Stupid" "repetitive" etc.

    You know what? It's South Park, if you don't like things gross, or things that tend to go over the line, then watch Nickelodeon.
    Spielberg and Lucas did rape Indiana, I mean aliens? Come on!
    And not to sound racist...but we all have they haunting fear that the Chinese will try to take over the world.

    Also, they cut away to the raping scene three times, for the reason they were funny, they were South Park.
    And the dick shooting thing, again, funny.

    Maybe not the best episode, but it deserves better.
  • Stan and Kyle make a expected excellent performace which is worth watching... however Cartman performance was just WEAK! (as in bad!)

    The China Olympics started and Cartman ends up getting nightmares about it… an excellent theme for a South Park, excellent idea and a good chance for Cartman to mess around and do something over the top again like he always does… his expected ambition doesn't hold up here thou? What does Cartman do? He could do what he always does… travel 1000 miles to Canada to restore a television show full of fart jokes or to Hollywood to stop Family Guy or goto Iraq with Santa or even goto a basketball stars house to cause aids. In this episode, where does he go? A Chinese restautant dressed up like Chinese along with Butters… What's a downgrade and a little let down.

    However on Stan and Kyle's side, they get traumatized how Indiania Jones gets raped and plans to bring his rapists to justice… it's too over the top and a laugh.

    The whole episode was worth watching, however Cartman antics could have been a a lot BIGGER as always, he should of went to China or at least challenge Jackie Chan or soemthing.
  • Poorly done, especially for a season finale. I am extremely disapointed...

    This episode was quite poor, but there were some bright spots so I'll start with the positives. The chisese restaraunt scene, was admittedly not terrible, especially the spots with the family confronted with Cartman. The ongoing joke of Butters shooting people in the dick, however immature it may have been, made me chuckle on more than one occasion. Now we turn to the ugly side of the episode, and that is a fairly large chunk of it. I must admit that when they finally revealed the whole "Indiana Jones rape metaphor" with the kids in the theatre, I found it quite funny. But thats where the joke turned from funny to downright akward to watch. The joke simply didn't have enough substance to sustain itself as a whole story arc (it was essentially half of the episode). The writers combated this fact by inserting a series of crude shock humor scenes which I personally couldn't muster a chuckle at. Also, the two storylines had essentially nothing at all to do with each other until the last scene which felt quite tacked-on and featured yet another rape scene which prompted me to ask myself "if this wasn't funny the first time, why would I be expected to laugh at it the fourth time around". It was almost like you were watching two seperate mini-episodes, the China Problem (not bad) and Indiana Jones: Rape Chronicles (worst attempt at shock humor since Michael Richards). In conclusion, this episode scares me, not because of the pathetic attempts at humor, but simple for the fear that South Park will continue to produce episodes that will gradually decrease in quality. The series has had much worse episodes than this for sure. But this is a season premiere! It sets the tone for the rest of the season, and it has set the tone miserably low. So I will wait until next week until I decide if this was a rare gaffe, or the new South Park that has long since jumped the shark. For the sake of all things funny lets hope this was an early april fool's joke and just go on with our lives as if we never watched this horrible piece of animated garbage
  • worst episode ever!!

    my fav but when isaw the last episode CHINA PROBREM i was dissappointed.they went way ahead in deteorating indiana.fine do it,but this time twas there only focus,and thus i guess the china probrem was ignored.they strtched it bit far this time.i'm not a fan of indiana,but iguess the china probrem shoudl've been elaborated by addin more china characters interacting with cartman and butters.hope they beter their episodes in duture else it'll not survive.trey n matt,pls dont let success make u overconfident.ur 1st 10 seasons were superb.wats wrong with u now? - from a fan from india. all the best guyz
  • An incredibly disappointing season opener.

    I would have expected more from a season opener, especially from South Park. The episode didn't really carry any sort of message other than trashing the new Indiana Jones movie or, possibly, teasing those who have complained about George Lucas and Steven Spielberg "raping their childhood." The rape joke was funny at first but they quickly ran that into the ground until it just became disturbing. I don't want to see George Lucas having sex. With anything. At all. Anyway, then the whole plot with Cartman and Butters holding a PF Chang's hostage was unfunny and unimaginative. How do you screw up a Cartman and Butters adventure? Watch this episode to find out. Butters shooting guys in their junk wasn't really funny and Cartman's reaction tried too hard for laughs. Overall it was a poor episode that had a lot of unfulfilled potential. I think the best part was probably when the police walked in on Lucas and Spielberg raping a stormtrooper. Other than that... meh.
  • Cartman, with Butters, try to stop the Chinese from taking over America, while Kyle, Stan and co. try to get justice for the "raping of their friend". Not a classic, but – unlike many reviewers – I liked this one...

    With its edgy and somewhat controversial content, this episode was bound to split the vote. Personally, I actually liked it, and found it much better than many episodes from the first half of season 12.

    Saying that, it's good, but not a classic. I love (most of) the episodes where Cartman is paired with Butters, and many of them are series classics. But it did seem somewhat of a backup device this time. It started off well, and I found Eric and Butters posing as terrible, stereotypical Chinese people really funny. Sadly, they seemed to run out of plot – it started promisingly, but lost its way.
    I was also surprised that the Chinese take-away cook from various other episodes wasn't featured.

    The episode's other plot, of Kyle, Stan, Kenny, Jimmy and Clyde trying to get 'justice for their raped friend', is one of the darkest to be featured in the show. At first I wondered what the heck was going on. Then when they revealed that their sexually abused friend was actually Indiana Jones, and his treatment in the latest instalment of the franchise, I gave an amused if awkward laugh out loud. (I haven't actually seen the latest Indy movie as yet, but have heard some very mixed reviews to put it lightly). This plot really depends on how dark you like your humour – once I got where they were coming from, I quite liked it, although I did feel that the actual scenes of Indy being raped by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, were unnecessarily graphic and over the top – an unnecessary ingredient that has marred a number of episodes in recent times.

    Like I say, although not a classic, I rate this episode higher than some of the entries in the first half of season 12, and many season 11 offerings too. It certainly merits a second viewing in my eyes, which is a definite notch up over some previous stories. There's far, FAR worse in the 'South Park' barrel than this.

    Classic-style rating – 9.4
  • Cartman = racist again Butters = naive and clumsy again violence = extreme again plot = unoriginal and predictable (again)

    SouthParkPanda has it right.

    You make fun of Spielberg and Lucas for raping their movies. They are. And you are doing the same to South Park. Throwing Butters and Cartman together doesn't carry an episode anymore, you did that so often (and it worked), but it's not enough anymore. Just like Lucas thought he found a formula for what made (the original) Star Wars movies so great you obviously think you found the formulas of south park:

    - the Butters and Cartman together -check-
    - extremely drastic and graphic violence (shooting off Britney Spears head, raping Indiana Jones literally...) -check-
    - stupid new running gag in every episode -check-
    - lame pseudo-"message" delivered in an INYOURFACE-style -check-

    I'm afraid this is not working for me. South Park was more than that. If you can't bring that anymore, fine, stop the show, take a timeout. whatever. Don't rape the show over and over again. None of the kids are real characters anymore! Cartman is just a hate box you fill with random ideas. Kyle and Stan? No personality what-so-ever anymore.

    Sure the suck-ups are going to give it a 10/10 and call it a "series classic" (wtf). They're wrong. They're all little Butters.
  • they really made fun of the chineas and of indiana johnes :D

    as usual south park , still one of my favorite, i was waiting for a new episode on fire, and as i expected it was hilarious, funny :D
    in this episode i really like how they made fun of the movie indiana johnes.
    and i loved cartmen and butter's action to kill the chines, and still butter is one of my favorite characters of the show, shooting people in the peanus was hilarious hahaha, that was really funny.
    and another a south park taste how everyone is effected by indiana get raped hahaha .
    i just wonna watch the episode again, and can't wait for the next one ;)
  • The laugh-out-loud weirdness of season 12 continues...

    My prediction sensor was right once again! I knew that they would do some sort of episode about China's growing rise of power but I had no idea they would do it like this. It's starts out with Cartman being paranoid that the Chinese were gonna take over America and I was pretty much dreading the direction this was gonna go. Racist Cartman gets really old IMO. Fortunatly though, it doesnt turn out that way. In fact, the point of the episode showed how ridiculous Cartman's racist ways have gotten by landing him and Butters in a very cartoony-screwball-sitcom like situation at P.F. Chang's. Clearly this was Cartman at his most stupidest point and I think that was what the writers were trying to get at.

    When the B-plot started I was curious as to who it was that got raped and when it is finally reveald that it was "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" I was laughing out loud! Did not expected the B-plot to be that at all and yet it perfectly made so much sense. So many characters cry throughout the episode over the rape and I couldnt stop laughing. (The "rape" sequences themselves were disturbing though). I also couldnt stop laughing at the whole "shooting in the dick" thing that Butters kept unintentionally doing. These laugh out loud moments really helped the episode but I dont think it was great. More like average. The plot wasnt really exciting for a season opener, and a lot of elements that make up this episode were used from old shows (ex Free Hat, The Snuke, Stanley's Cup). There's still some good LOL moments, though.
  • Whilst many people HATED this episode, and for reasons that I understand, I think this episode was very entertaining. They've certainly done more controversial things in the past.

    "The China Probrem". Controversial? Yes. Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas male rape Indiana Jones three times (in dream sequences), and are later caught raping a Stormtrooper.

    Did this turn people away from the episode and possibly from the show? I highly suspect show - I remember some seasons ago when Cartman wanted to make an aquarium for his "Sea Men" - and told the audience that he got a lot of it from "sucking on a tube from some guy named Craig in an alley".. That put me off the show for a couple of years.

    But I'm back - and I LOVE Southpark these days. Disregarding the occasional cringe moment, I think Southpark is as strong as it has ever been.

    In this episode, I found the Indiana Jones plot very funny - it was true, metaphorically they did "rape" Indiana Jones. I laughed out loud when Jimmy mentioned the fridge scene - what was that crap!!

    I also enjoyed Cartman freaking out about the Chinese, and dressing up and saying "Herro" and "Prease" a lot!! Classic Cartman for sure.

    Anyhow - an enjoyable episode after a long break. Feel free to disagree with me, but I stand by this review. :-)
  • The China Probrem was basically not a good episode. It lacked in jokes and punch-lines. It was also quite disturbing to watch.

    Cartman has been plagued by persistent nightmares about the Chinese ever since he watched the opening ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympics on TV. He awakens one night after yet another bad dream, and his mother tries to calm him, but Cartman comes to believe that the Chinese, with their "2 billion"-man population and "advances in technology," are a growing threat to America and the world. He concludes that America will be invaded by the Chinese within days.
    The next day, Cartman goes to warn Stan, Kyle, and Kenny, but Kyle suddenly runs off after seemingly breaking the fourth wall, unable to denounce Cartman's outrageous ideas as he usually does. Stan later confronts him about this sudden departure and Kyle states that he cannot pretend things are normal again after "the rape of a friend." He confesses his feelings of deep guilt and his regret over the fact he, Stan and their friends "just stood there and did nothing". Stan admits that he shares Kyle's feelings but that they nonetheless have to move forward with their lives.
    Elsewhere, Cartman finds Butters while the latter is taking a bath, and convinces Butters to join him in saving America instead.
    Kyle experiences a nightmare in which the rape incident is revealed to be about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which he saw earlier in the summer. He was appalled to see George Lucas and Steven Spielberg "rape" Indiana Jones, in the sense of destroying the integrity of the character and the film series by making a nonsensical and incoherent "popcorn movie." Other boys similarly are going through a tough time after having witnessed the "rape" alongside Kyle themselves. Jimmy, commiserating by the lake, sees a similarly depressed Stan, and the two converse about the incident, and as Stan is leaving, Jimmy tearfully calls out to him that he cannot pretend things have not changed. Later dream sequences by the boys are more literal in their interpretation of the term "rape."
  • Pathetic.. please read review

    southpark has been my favorite show since i can remember... i hate making these stupid accounts but i had to make this one just to comment this crap peice of work... the whole point of the episode was beasically just to get the point across that they messed up the indiana jones movie.. how about dont contradict your selfs... the way you're making recent south park episodes... it seems to me you're the ones doing the raping.. and most important.. u say nothings better than adding two opposite charactors in an episode and let them hang out together(cartman and butters).. you gotta stop that ..seriously..its not funny anymore.. its lost its touch....and work on cartmans voice... he sounds like crap.... also the whole dick shooting thing was just stupid...jesus christ.
  • I totally thought South Park was above and more creative than the recent crop of shows using rape as a joke.

    Let's start with Robot Chicken and Family Guy using rape as supposed big jokes, it's not even remotely funny when they say 1 in 3 women is raped. What does that say of men? Or the guys making jokes about stuff like that when it's altogether too real and too haunting. Now South Park has flashbacks of Indy getting raped by Spielberg and Lucas... sure the movie was complete crap, but really? They needed to visualize that kind of imagery. I think any movie or show that uses that is just using shock value... South Park dropped the ball on this one..
  • Not that good..

    This episode wasint that funny as the rest of the Aouth park episodes.. its about when Cartman has been plagued by persistent nightmares about the Chinese ever since he watched the opening ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympics on TV, and then he asks kyle ans stan to help him destroy the Chineese but their upset about their friend that got raped( Which was Indiana Jones). Cartman convinced Butters to go with him couse if he didnt his parents wwould get murrdered.. The funny thing in this episode was when everybody was upset about Indiana Jones getting raped ... lol
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