South Park

Season 12 Episode 8

The China Probrem

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 08, 2008 on Comedy Central



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    • Butters: I can't stop the Chinese tonight, Eric. I'm suppose to make a model car with my dad.

    • Butters: So wait, that's it? What about the Chinese invasion?
      Cartman: I really don't care anymore, Butters. You see, I've learned something today. As Americans, our fear of seeing another country become powerful can turn us into monsters. Watching how crazy you went, watching you just shoot people in the dick like that, it made me realize that I want America to be safe but not at the cost of losing its dignity. I'd rather us be Chinese than a nation of unethical dick-shooters. (turns to walk away and points at Butters) You think about that.
      (Cartman walks away)
      Butters: Can't believe they put 'em in jail. I thought that movie was pretty good.

    • Cartman: Aww.. dude. You shot him in the dick.
      Butters: Huh?
      Cartman: That's not cool Butters. You don't shoot a guy in the dick.
      Butters: But I was just tryin to stop him 'n you said--
      Cartman: It doesn't matter Butters! You never shoot a guy in the dick! Everyone knows that! Shooting a guy in the dick!? That's just.. that's just weak. ..I can't believe you Butters.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics:

      What was seen in Cartman's dream is the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games, held in Beijing exactly 2 months prior to airing of this episode.

      Performers from the countdown, type blocks, Kunqu opera and martial art segments were featured.

    • During the reference to The Accused there are a Willow arcade cabinet and a Howard The Duck Pinball Machine in the room. Both of these are films that George Lucas was attached to. He wrote the story to Willow and was the executive producer on Howard The Duck. However, while Willow actually had an arcade game, Howard The Duck never got a pinball machine.

    • Accused and Deliverance

      The rape scenes with the pinball machine and the squealing pig are from Accused and Deliverance respectively.

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