South Park

Season 13 Episode 2

The Coon

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 18, 2009 on Comedy Central

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  • Every town needs a hero, every town needs a coon

    Quite possibly one of my favorite south park episodes ever. This is exactly why I keep watching, they're always pulling off something clever, which this episode definitely is! I absolutely loved butters. I'm 99% sure it was clyde, because he was sleeping in class the day during cartman's presentation. I haven't laughed this hard at an episode of south park since season 8 or 9. The episode is really set up as a dark knight spoof, it's really quite obvious, but it did a really good job of not being a by the books spoof. it was just good enough that people who had seen the movie would love it, and those who didn't see the movie would enjoy it too.

    Wish the seasons were longer :(
  • This episode was really one of the best episodes from the past 3 seasons of South Park along with Imaginationland, Tourettes, Major Boobage, and The List.

    Cartman becomes a lone vigilante who wipes out crime in South Park. He is praised as a crime stopper until another superhero (who appears to be a child) tries and succeeds in taking the Coon's place as the crime stopping icon. The other superhero's name is Mysterion. Butters makes a supervillian appearence as his former alter ego Professor Chaos, with his sidekick General Disarray. A running joke in the episode is the fact that Cartman can't be Mysterion because he's too fat. In return, The Coon's identity is mistaken for Bruce Villanch to South Park residents and not Cartman himself. At the end of the episode, Mysterion unmasks himself. However, it is unknown who he really is due to the similar faces that the male characters share. All that is known is that Mysterion is a student in Mr. Garrisons fourth grade class and Cartman correctly guessed who he was earlier in the episode. Overall amazing episode. Top 20 EVER!!!
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