South Park

Season 13 Episode 2

The Coon

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 18, 2009 on Comedy Central

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  • The Coon vs. Mysterion

    This has got to be another one of the fat ass' wacky antics. I swear, he just gets stupider everyday. I'll bet the next thing he will be doing is petitioning the government to make littering legal or better yet convince the whole world to dump garbage on Kyle Broflovoski so he could get a laugh. Anyway, as this new episode in HD begins, Cartman is heard narrating what is happening in the city of South Park. He said that Barack Obama wouldn't make a better president than George W. Bush because he assumes that African-American people aren't meant to run for president. While wandering around at night, Cartman poses as a superhero named "The Coon." At the park, the fat retard thought the man and woman making out together is a rape. Also at school, he was giving out a very boring presentation about the Coon causing others to fall asleep. Later another night, Cartman met another vigilante called "Mysterion." The tubby crybaby wants to find out who is Mysterion. At first, he believed it was Kyle, as always. It seems to me that Cartman has Kyle on the brain. It's as if he is gay for Kyle and constantly talks about him. He can't even recognize Kyle's voice at all. Another day has arrived allowing Cartman to open up a Coonicon 2009 at the Airport Hilton where he recreated the Ginger Separatist Movement. The guy who kept coming in and bugs the hell out of the fat ass is the same man from before. Experiencing failure at the convention, Cartman watched the news that Mysterion is the greatest dark child vigilante, and the retarded fatso vows to get revenge.

    When the Coon sneaks around the Self Storage area, Butters as Professor Chaos and Dougie as General Disarray ambushed the fat vigilante until Cartman asked for help. Butters led Cartman to his secret lair, which happens to be the storage Dougie's grandmother let him use. Butters narrowed down the possible fourth graders posing as Mysterion, but hadn't got anything. He already crossed out Cartman because he knows that he's too fat to be Mysterion. Cartman intended to lure Mysterion by making a video threat that he'll blow up the hospital that isn't finished yet. When Mysterion showed up at the unfinished hospital construction site, he, Professor Chaos and General Disarray begin to battle in a sissy way. But then, the Coon appeared about punched Butters in the mouth in order to make it look like that he and Mysterion both defeated Professor Chaos. In the near end of the episode, Mysterion revealed himself, but hasn't told them what his real name is. Afterwards, he gets thrown in jail and Cartman leaves to cause more harm.

    Too bad nobody got to learn the real name of Mysterion. It is possible that it could be either Clyde, Wendy or the new fourth grade kid who came to school. When I thought it was Clyde, it's because he was pissed off when Cartman interrupted his sleep during the fat ass' boring speech. When Wendy said that Mysterion could be a girl, it's possible that it could be Wendy. She must have bought a strange device allowing her to change the tone other voice to avoid suspicion. But in conclusion, it must have been the new kid nobody knows about. Also, I really, really, really, really, really wished that Cartman as the Coon got locked away instead of Mysterion. The police wouldn't have known that he'll be causing more troubles like he always does on a daily basis because he is either like a supervillain or an anti-hero.