South Park

Season 13 Episode 2

The Coon

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 18, 2009 on Comedy Central

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  • Combining equal parts Dark Knight and Watchmen, South Park becomes the battlegroung for a super battle.

    He lurks at night, raiding through the trashcan of society. He is the Coon, South Park's lone superhero. But who really is this masked man? Bruce Vilanch? Henry Fierstein? Or perhaps Eric Cartman?

    After a somewhat average twelth season its nice to see the 13th season starting as great as it has. The Coon takes equal parts Watchmen and the Dark Knight and creates a great episode. The premise is very simple in its design. A chubby super hero known as the Coon fights crime in the city of South Park, stoppinng rapists, helping the police, and handing out 'Who is the Coon?' t-shirts. However things are not all good as a new superhero named Mysterion appears and threatens the fandom of the mighty Coon. This is one of the best Cartman episodes in the series. Cartman as always just wants the attention for the things that he does, but amazingly no one really cared about the Coon. It was hilarious what Kyle said of the Coon, and Cartman's priceless reaction to it (butt-pirates everywhere are offended). Cartman is prepared to do whatever it takes to find out who Mysterion is and get all the attention back on to him. I was really hoping that Mysterion might be Butters, but they did something even better, bring around the return of Professor Chaos and General Disarray. The Coon and Chaos formed an alliance to defeat Mysterion and ultimately let to a clash between Chaos and Mysterion where the Coon betrayes Chaos and is able to force Mysterion to unmask himself. We never might truely know who Mysterion is, but either way, this episode was truely great either way.