South Park

Season 13 Episode 2

The Coon

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 18, 2009 on Comedy Central

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  • Cartman has watched The Dark Knight one time too much, while he tries to figure out who Mysterion really is. With a little help of Professor Chaos and General Dissoray

    A good episode, but not as interesting as the previous one.

    I don't like it when a South Park episode evolves around one storyline in particular, and though it was good to see Butter's alter ego and his minions again, it couldn't keep me interested. Maybe because it wouldn't be a big shocker if we would have found out who Mysterion was anyway.

    What made it good, was that it was a Cartman-centric episode and his disappearing act at the police station was priceless too. And last but not least, you have to admit: the kid knows how to immitate Batman's screwed up low voice.