South Park

Season 13 Episode 2

The Coon

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 18, 2009 on Comedy Central

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  • Who is Mysterion, seriously?

    "The Coon"

    Grade: A

    One of the funniest and best parodies of Dark Knight and Watchmen. South Park's The Coon had you guessing, and tricked you at the end cleverly with no resolution, but nevertheless the episode was well plotted, had good quotes, and funny moments.

    The story begins narrating from Cartman about a superhero who stays at night cleaning up the garbage, dressed as a raccoon, called "The Coon", who incorrectly mistakes crimes at non-issues (people kissing normally as "raping" for example). "The Coon" tells the police about the town's situation of South Park. "The Coon" is of course Cartman, but nobody cares or wants to know who his real identity actually is.
    The next morning, Cartman does a presentation on "The Coon" and tells him if they want to meet him, then they tell them to meet him on the rooftop. Cartman as "The Coon" shows up, and discovers another person in a costume. This person claims to be "Mysterion" and Cartman assumes its Kyle, Craig, or Clyde. Mysterion never reveals himself and guesses "The Coon" to be Cartman straight away because "he's fat".
    Cartman, annoyed by the next day, of not knowing who Mysterion is, decides to focus on setting up a "Coonicon" on where "The Coon" shows at at a comic-con like convention. Nobody shows up and the staff already know who he is, which annoys him.
    At night, Cartman notices Mysterion telling the police about the status of the town, and confronts Mysterion to stop and reveal himself. Mysterion throws some fireworks on the floor to get away, and Cartman says they are illegal in Colorado.
    Back at school, Cartman questions everyone on who Mysterion is (with Wendy opening a possibility of Mysterion being a girl as well) and doesn't find the answer, so he decides to go to one person who might know the answers: Professor Chaos.
    At Professor Chaos' hideout (Butters) Cartman wants to get rid of Mysterion, but Chaos doesn't know if he should trust him. They decide to team up and Chaos claims to be getting closer in finding who Mysterion is, again also looking on who "The Coon" is (with only 3 identities to pick from, one of them being Cartman). Cartman has a plan to get rid of Mysterion once and for all.
    Meanwhile, Mysterion enters Kyle's bedroom and asks for his help, due to being the "smartest kid in the class", and needs some information from him.
    "The Coon" and "Chaos" are at a hospital with explosives (similar to The Dark Knight) and demand that Mysterion reveals himself, otherwise the hospital will blow up. Mysterion shows up and asks Chaos why he is doing this. Mysterion and Chaos end up in a small fight, when Mysterion seemingly is "killed". Mysterion gets back up and "The Coon" shows up, telling him he wants to stop Professor Chaos as well, and they hit him on the nose, making his nose bleed and run away as a result.
    "The Coon" tells Mysterion that he needs to reveal his identity, because the longer he doesn't, the more crimes will be comitted due to wanting to find out his identity, and for the "greater good". Mysterion reveals himself at the end, but because his/her face is similar to every one in South Park, there's still no way of knowing who it is. Cartman goes "I knew it was you" and Mysterion gets arrested for being a vigilante, allowing "The Coon" to stay as the main superhero of South Park.

    So this episode was very good, and the music they used on it worked to demonstrate the atmosphere of super hero movies, as well as using it in the tone of South Park. Full of good jokes, references, and a workable plot. "The Coon" is a pretty good episode, and is not to be missed.