South Park

Season 6 Episode 16

The Death Camp of Tolerance

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 20, 2002 on Comedy Central

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    You do all realize LEMMIWINKS is probably the funniest and sickest gimmick ever in South Park. The song is even better. This episode would probably NOT be allowed to air today.. all the PC people would come out "OMG you are so anti- GAY". Garrison is a 4th grade teacher doing SICK sex acts in front of 8 year olds. he is TRYING to get fired. But MR such a great character. He's a total submissive and loves it. You do all realize Lemmiwnks had to push his way past all the OTHER dead animals left in Mr Salves ass LOL. TRY and do this today.
  • Although the Mr. Garrison/Mr. Slave plot is fantastic; this episode really belongs to Lemmiwinks the Gerbil.

    Mr. Garrison is re - hired as 4th grade teacher when the School accepts his homosexuality but when he learns that if he's fired for that reason again he can sue the school for millions of dollars. Bearing that in mind he starts to act openly gay with a new assistant and the two of them try desperately to get fired for being gay Meanwhile; the boys have trouble coping with their behaviour but are sent to a camp for tolerance instead.

    This episode has you laughing in the first minute and after that there's nothing remotely unfunny about the episode. From Mr. Slave's freaky introduction to the Museum of Tolerance to Lemmiwink's journey in Mr. Slave's insides to the take on Schindler's List until the final twist; everything is gold.

    Once again the absence of Kenny takes it's toll as neither Butters nor Tweek makes for a suitable replacement and watching Kenny react to what's going on would've been the icing on the cake. On a better note; Chef is given a generous amount of time on screen even though he doesn't sing nor does he affect the plot; it's one of his most effective appearence since way back when he was more prominent and Isaac Hayes is at his best.

    The episode manages to capture differently odd locations through it's great animation; the Death Camp and Museum of Tolerance look very nice and realistic but Lemmiwink's journey in Mr. Slave has the best detail. The vocals are on - par with the usually solid voice work but Trey Parker as Mr. Garrison and John "Nancy" Hansen as Mr. Slave take the cake as well as other things.

    The episode effectively combines a great plot with hilarious moments and equals one of the greatest South Park episodes of all time.

    In this Episode, Mr. Garrison is re-hired as the fourth Grade teacher, accepting of his homosexuality. Garrison soon learns that he can earn a ton of money for being fired for being gay so he devises a plan to get fired for being gay along with the help of Mr.Slave, Garrison's partner. Immediately, this episode goes from crazy to absurd to offensively crazy, all while keeping laughing immiment. All 3 of the main plots were funny, but my favorite was the Lemmiwinks side-story. I know it's based off the Hobbit or something like that, but I could not stop laughing (and that theme song wasn't helping). Overall, this is without a doubt one of the most offensive episodes of South Park, but it's also one of the smartest and funniest ever. 10/10
  • Enter Mr. Slave!

    A new character is upon us... enter Mr. Slave, Mr. Garrison's new teacher's aid. In a meeting with Principal Victoria about his new promotion (back) to 4th Grade Teacher, Mr. Garrison finds out that if he gets fired for being gay he can sue the school for a TON of money! Mr. Garrison hires Mr. Slave and proceeds to perform several (SICK) homosexual acts on him in front of the class. The students tell their parents about these acts and get taken to the Museum of Tolerance to learn tolerance towards homosexuals. This is a hilarious episode filled with some sick scenes between Garrison and Slave... you will be SHOCKED!!! Geesus Chrys!!!
  • Dude...this episode is gay lol

    Mr. Garrison wants to get fired so he can make 25 million dollars and to do that he has to pretend that he's gay. He brings a homosexual named Mr. Slave to his new 4th grade class. The students are left in disbelief at Mr. Garrison's actions, including shoving their hampster Lemmiwinks up Slave's @$$. That's where things get even weirder. They show this whole retarded thing with Lemmiwinks trying to get out of Slave's @$$. What's even more sad is that there the hampster wasn't the only animal shoved up Slave's @$$. He's confronted by several spirits who help him find the way out. At the end, he's eventually spit out the gay retard's mouth and all the spirts are freed....or something like that.

    The Sciendler's List imitation, yeah that movie was out there. It's too bad Kenny wasn't alive in this season because it would have been cool to see him executed. Aw well, really good and funny episode just the same.

  • 93rd Episode

    I didn't understand the whole Lemmiwinks journey (though it's obviously a parody of some movie) but that doesn't mean it wasn't hilarious, the song being classic as the gerbil travels through Mr Garrisons teacher's ass.' (as he likes to call assistant) ass.

    The tolerance camp is also pretty funny as is everyone believing Garrison to be courageous for sticking a gerbil up Mr Slave's ass and for spanking Mr Slave - he truly is "super gay" as Stan puts it.

    Overall, Lemmiwinks' survival is successful and Garrison gets what he deserves by getting sent to the tolerance camp about himself.
  • Lemmiwinks the the gerbil has to brave the innards of a gay man's ass while, part of the plot of Mr. Garrison's to get fired and receive his 25 mill

    Lemmiwinks is what makes this episode one of the most memorable Southpark episodes, through all of his trials and perils he manages to make it out of a gay mans ass(incredible in my opinion). Position #7 as Mr. Garrison calls it inclines Mr. Slave to bend over the desk pulling down his pants and proceeding to have a glass tube inserted into his ass and the classroom gerbil Lemmiwinks almost pays the price for Mr Garison\'s greed for, \" 25 mill. here we come\" Of course Lemmiwinks and a couple other sickening gay plots are the plan for Mr. Garrison to get fired and sue the school receiving his 25 million dollars. Throughout this episode everyone in town is being extremely tolerable but as the Camp of Tolerance guy explains intolerance will not be tolerated. In the end Mr. Garrison and Mr. Slave get sent to tolerance camp for not being tolerant of themselves or their own kind and lemmiwinks makes his escape. Superb episode
  • Lemmiwinks boosts this episode into all time status.

    This episode you could tell was going to be good enough when Mr. Garrison brings in Mr. Slave the teachers assistant (or as he likes to call him, Teachers Ass"), as he tries to get fired for being gay. After some unscuessful attempts to get fired, he sticks a rat named Lemmiwinks up Mr. Slaves ass. The rest is TV history.this is an all time classic South Park episode.