South Park

Season 9 Episode 6

The Death of Eric Cartman

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 13, 2005 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

At the Marsh residence, the boys wait for Stan's mom to return with Kentucky Fried Chicken. She finally arrives, but she tells them the only way to get the chicken is to bring the other groceries in the house. Cartman tricks them by saying that if they work together, it will be faster. Then, when they all go outside, Cartman eats all of the skin off the chicken. When Stan, Kyle, & Kenny come back, they are disappointed because they feel that the skin is the best part and now they only have the chicken part. Cartman does not care about them and goes home to sit on the toilet and read comic books. The next day at the bus stop, the three of them are still mad as they think Cartman went too far. They discuss what to do, as even when they make fun of him, he thrives on that. Stan then gets the idea to ignore him and they agree on it. Cartman shows up at the bus stop but they act as if nothing has happened, even when Cartman tries to make fun of them. Cartman starts thinking that they cannot see or hear him, which means that he must be dead. While everyone goes to school, Cartman runs back to his house.

At the Cartman residence (before Eric Cartman arrives), plumbers just installed a new toilet. Two other plumbers haul the old one away. Liane wants to thank the plumber, and they 'go to the bedroom'. Cartman arrives to see the two plumbers taking the old toilet outside, but Cartman thinks that it is his body. One plumber told the other that there were so much chicken in the system, it ruptured the insides, but Cartman thinks they were talking about how he died. Cartman hears his mother crying, but it is really her getting anal sex from the plumber. At the school during recess, Jimmy asks why Cartman is not with them, and they say that they are ignoring him because he is a fat racist self-centered intolerant manipulating sociopath. Suddenly, all the boys in the 4th Grade are ignoring Cartman. Cartman then arrives on the scene, and everyone ignores him. Cartman believes that he is a lost soul, and he starts sobbing and wandering the streets. They next day, Butters recognizes Cartman (he is not in on them ignoring him) while he is shoveling snow. Cartman is amazed that Butters can see & hear him. Cartman tells Butters that he is dead, and Butters runs to the safety of his house. Butters' parents (Linda & Steven) find Butters hiding under the sink. His parents say that ghosts do not exist and that he should worry about real things, like Super-AIDS, which is resistant to drugs, and you can die in three years if you have it.

Cartman visits Butters in the night. Butters screams about seeing a ghost. When his parents walk in, Butters tells them he just had a nightmare, but if he had another one, he is will be grounded. Cartman returns and says that Butters can talk to dead people, and for some reason, he cannot get to Heaven. Cartman tells him that he will not go to 'Heck' because he is not black. He also believes that he is trapped on Earth because he needs closure will all of his friends and loved ones. Since people cannot communicate with him, he will talk through Butters. Butters agrees to help, because Cartman will haunt him forever if he does not. The next day, Cartman (with him telling Butters what to say) tells his mother that he loves her and that he could have been a better son. He tells her that while he was trying for success, he took family for granted. Liane is moved. One of the other houses he goes to is the Broflovski house, where he (with him telling Butters what to say) tells Kyle that since God forgave the Jews, he should be able to forgive him. The next house they go to is Token's to apologize for all the black jokes. Stan, Kyle, & Kenny just think that he is apologizing so that they won't ignore him anymore. They don't forgive him. With that done, Cartman apologizes to Butters, and he tries to go to Heaven but nothing happens. Butters suggests that saying sorry wasn't enough. He tells Cartman that he must atone for all the bad things he did.

Cartman knows how to make everything right for all of the many things he did wrong. He gives the people he did wrong to a gift basket. He gives one to: Principal Victoria (because he crapped in her purse), Ms. Claridge (for putting her in her disabled state [Preschool]), the rabbi at the synagogue (for trying to exterminate the Jews [Passion of the Jew]), Scott Tenorman (for making him eat his parents [Scott Tenorman Must Die]), and the abortion clinic (for making a woman get an abortion just to make a Shakey's Pizza [Kenny Dies]). Cartman records the song that he has been singing and fixes Mr. Anderson's fence (that he broke). However, Cartman still does not go to Heaven. He gets mad and thrashes Butters' room. Butters is blamed for that. Linda calls a doctor while Steven grounds him. The doctor tells them that Butters has severe dementia. This is brought on from an event in the past. They run tests on Butters for 14 hours, with him getting an anal probe. Cartman visits Butters in the recovery room at night. He found a woman, named Dr. Lindsay, that can is an expert with the paranormal. Cartman pulls Butters out of bed to bring him there.

At the psychic's house, Butters explains the situation to Dr. Lindsay. She tells him that God is intending on using that soul to help prevent a tragic event. She tells Butters that he is not crazy as she sees ghosts all the time, but is then freaked out when she realizes Cartman is the ghost. The news comes on, and it says that three escaped convicts are holding 12 people hostage at the Red Cross. They demand $200 and a helicopter. Cartman thinks that this is the event she was talking about and rushes to the crime scene. Cartman goes in the Red Cross to scare them about being a ghost by shaking things and making noises (but really, he is just getting them confused). While Cartman is doing that, Butters goes in and frees the hostages. The police come in and arrest the convicts. Cartman tells Butters that they are friends now and tries to go to Heaven one last time, but then all the 4th Grade boys show up. They did not think ignoring Cartman would change him but it did. They thought it was really nice of him for saving the Red Cross and they all leave. Cartman is angry with Butters and plans on getting him back for making him believe that he was a ghost. To make things worse for Butters, his parents find him, which is never a good thing.
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