South Park

Season 9 Episode 6

The Death of Eric Cartman

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 13, 2005 on Comedy Central

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  • the death of Eric Cartman. season nine s best episode.

    season nine. episode 6.The death of eric cartman.i have to say that this episode is killer and super entertaining.funny south park jokes and crude scenes.i l love it how they ignore cartman and he thinks he is dead. great starter.after the chicken skin eating scene.i knew that this episode is going to be BOOM !!!!!!!excellent episode.another great thing it is a butters/Cartman twist job into 21 minutes.excellent.i love it how cartman convinces butters to help him get into heaven.extremely original.and in my opinion, best of season 9.parker and stone really paid atttention to this episode.well done.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED episode.enjoy the 21 mins !!!!!
  • one of my favourite episodes!!!!!!!

    this episode is one of my favourite, cartman rules by my opinion and this episode is all about him. i was amazed how he wanted to make things right (aldough it was in his favour). the song playing in the background when he helps people is so klishe but it's just right and the creators of this show are pure genious. i love how they make fun of things and they have an excelent sence of humor. i hopre that cartman never changes and that they never stop making this show. south park rules, cartman rules... screw you guys, i'm going home :)
  • Thanks to Butters and Cartman, South Park's take on Sixth Sense is hilarious!

    "The Death Of Eric Cartman"

    GRADE: A*

    Ah, I was waiting for a South Park episode like this! A funny yet interesting take on Sixth Sense with Cartman and Butters as the main characters! Just goes to show, Matt and Trey haven't ran out of ideas yet! I found this episode hilarious because it shows Cartman's stupidity to the max, as well as Butters' as well!

    The story is strange but well executed. The boys come home to eat chicken and Cartman eats all of the good pieces and leaves the other boys with the bad bits. This angers the other boys (Stan, Kyle, Kenny) so much that they start totally ignoring Cartman the next day.
    While at the bus stop, Cartman tries to contact with the boys but they don't react or interact with him. This makes Cartman lead to the assumption that he is dead!
    As Cartman wonders the Earth thinking he is a ghost, Butters says hi to him. This makes Cartman happy, until he tells Butters he's dead and now a ghost. Butters runs inside scared and says to his parents that he "sees dead people" but they think he's just seeing things.
    Cartman keeps haunting Butters to help him move on to heaven, so he can also get $10,000 cash. At first, Butters suggests two things that might help him move on. None of them work and angers Cartman further as a ghost.
    They both see a psychic, who suggests that the spirit stays on the Earth because it has to stop a tragic event from happening first. Then on TV it is shown that a group of terrorists have held up hostages at the Red Cross. Cartman and Butters save the hostages and get the murderers by confusion, but then the other boys who ignored him tell Cartman that they're going to stop ignoring him now, for being so cool and becoming a changed person. Cartman vows to get revenge on Butters for being so stupid.

    Now this was an excellent episode and one of my favs simply because of how Cartman and Butters worked together so well. Also, the "Make It Right" song was excellent and when Cartman did the "Goodbye Butters" thing each time I couldn't stop laughing. The ways Cartman disturbed the murderers in the building was so funny and yet they never adknowledged him! It was all done so well and the parts where Butters was sent to a hospital and had that thing stuck up his ass was absolute hilarious too. This is a top episode, and probably the best Butters/Cartman episode yet.
  • The kids at school choose to ignore Cartman after he goes too far, causing him to believe he is dead. Enlisting the aid of Butters, who is not in on the plan, Cartman tries to make amends so that his soul will be at peace.

    Definitely on of the series' best episodes. After Cartman eats the skin of all the chicken Mrs. Marsh has brought home while everyone is out of the room. This pushes the rest of the boys over the edge, and they decide to just ignore him, rather than continually deride him since that doesn't seem to have much effect.

    Cartman's reaction to being ignored is hilarious. Circumstances help to reinforce his belief that he's dead. After enlisting Butters' help, he decides to make amends. We learn that there is more to Cartman than just a selfish, psychopathic little boy. He proves that he can be a sympathetic character and that he is capable of contrition. He also shows that despite that, he is still manipulative and vindictive as well.

    An important part of this episode is Cartman's relationship with Butters, who decides to help Cartman against his will because he is the only one who can "see" Cartman and is afraid Cartman will haunt him forever.

    There were no weak points in this episode. Everything from the set-up to the song ("Make it Right") were very well done. Episodes like this are what makes South Park special.
  • Cartman's "friends" decide to ignore him and not talk to him so he thinks he is dead. Butters does not ignore him so Cartman thinks that Butters can see ghosts. Both of them work to try to "make things right" so that Cartman's soul can go to heaven.

    Very, very, very funny episode. I love the making it right song. I also love how Cartman tries to vanish to go to heaven and nothing happens. It was great seeing all of the references from old episodes when Cartman tries to say he is sorry to everyone he was mean too. The episode had a great plot and it is always entertaining to have Cartman and Butters interacting with each other. I was dying of laughter when Cartman goes into the Red Cross acting like a ghost and the criminals are just completely confused about what is going on.
  • 9.5/10

    Funny as hell! Cartman thinks he's a ghost and only Butter's can hear him.

    The boys are waiting around the table for Kentucky Fried Chicken. Stan's mom finally gets home, and asks them to bring in the other groceries before eating. Cartman doesn't go, and eats all the skin off all the chicken. When they come back from bringing in all the groceries, Stan, Kyle and Kenny are mad at him. They decide to ignore them. At the bus stop, they pay no attention to them at all. Cartman thinks they can't see or hear him, so he thinks he's dead! Cartman runs home. He here's his mom crying, and thinks she's crying about him dying. She's actually having sex. Stan, Kyle and Kenny tell everyone to ignore Cartman. The only person who doesn't know to ignore him, is Butters. Cartman goes to school, and no one will talk to him, or pay any attention to him. He wanders off crying. He walks by Butters house, and Butter's starts to talk to Cartman. Cartman thinks that Butter's is the only one who can see him. He tells Butter's that he is the only one that can see him. He runs inside and tells his mom. His mom says it's his imagination. That night, when Butter's is in bed, Cartman sneaks in and tells him that the only reason he's still on Earth and not in heaven, is that he needs closure with everyone of his friends. He needs Butters to tell everyone for him (since he thinks he's dead). Cartman and Butter's go to everyone's house, telling everyone he's sorry. Then he finally apologies to Butter's, but he's still not going to heaven. Butter's thinks he has to do "more" then apologies, so they make a bunch of fruit basket's for everyone. They hand them out. Stan, kyle and Kenny just think he's trying to be nice, to get them to be friends with him again. He's still on Earth, so he gets mad at god, and smashes everything in Butter's room. He leaves, and Butter's tells his parents that Cartman did it. His parents say it's just in his imagination again, and they take him to see a doctor. They go through 14 hours of surgery just to make him stop imagining Cartman. Then after that, Cartman comes back again. He takes Butter's from the hospital, and takes him to talk to a fortune teller, and she thinks that he needs to help a bunch of people. Later that day, there are three robbers with a room full of hostages. Cartman decides to help them. Since Cartman still thinks he's a ghost and no one can see him, he starts making ghost noises and throwing things around the room (everyone can actually see him). The robbers are just standing there, watching Cartman running around the room like a retard While the robbers why distracted, Butters frees all the hostages. Stan, Kyle and Kenny see this on TV, so they come down to the store where all this happened, and tell Cartman what they did, and they'd stop ignoring him now. Cartman was surprised, then he blamed Butter's for telling him that he's a ghost. They all go home, except Butter's, who get dragged away by his parents.
  • I have to say that this is one episode when Cartman changes for the better, and it's been done right(then he changes back to being truly funny).

    One of season nine's best episodes(besides The Losing Edge) has to be this one. It was an all Cartman episode, along with Butters, and never before have I've seen a plot so clever on this show. Cartman's friends ignore him after he ate the skin off of all the KFC chicken, so Cartman felt as he was dead to them. Butters talks to him and thinks he's dead as a dead person, making him crazy into thinking he's a ghost. For Cartman to be alive, he must say he's sorry to his friends for his evil ways, so he sends baskets to people who appear on the show a lot and one time characters in classic episodes(like Scott Tenorman). But for Cartman to really get his friends back and force Butters to stop thinking he's a ghost, they both ended up saving 12 hostages and putting 3 jail breakers away, and Cartman is alive again as his friends got back with him and Butters couldn't believe that he wasn't dead after all, and Cartman got pissed off about it. I've never seen Cartman so caring and kind before, it's like he's a different character even though he's really the same. There were many jokes to back it up, resulting in one of the best South Park episodes ever. It's not number, but it's really, really great. Overall, one of Cartman's best episodes.
  • You will be on the floor. Hilarious.

    This episode is funny from start to finish however the running joke of Cartman trying to crossover to the afterlife, with the cliche music cue, walking backwards etc throws it over the top. The waving hands animation on Cartman during these jokes was hilarious. This joke alone makes this episode a must see classic episode of South Park. I was on the floor every time. The voice performances by everyone are also excellent. The invention of the highly gullible Butters (Apparently inspired by someone on the South Park staff) is a perfect character for Cartman to interact with. This episode proves the that Trey and Matt can come up with a hilarious episode without being in their comfort zone of specifically satirizing real-life issues (which they, of course, do flawlessly).

    I loved this episode. A fantastic combination of how even someone as bad and conniving as Cartman has his moments and how Butters is always being punished for his innocent mishaps, even though it was Cartman getting him in trouble. Especially when he goes to "therapy" and recieves therapy that shakes him out of his illusions.
    Even though I love Stan and Kyle, this episode was complete without them having to play full roles. There was a clear and linear storyline with plenty of funny moments (Butter's therapy, Cartman rescuing hostages, the fortune teller, his sorry baskets)
  • Proof that Cartman IS in fact the character that makes this show funny.

    I am not going to lie, I am usually a very "politically correct" person, therefore I usually do not care too much for this show, but my brother and I were watching it the other day and this episode was on, and I have never laughed so hard in my life! The whole plot is so funny, pretty much because it is so stupid and unlikely (as are the rest of the episodes) but this one was different. The way it all pans out and cartman, as well as butters, actually believes that he is dead is priceless. Also the way Cartman's voice sounds when he says "Butters" is so funny..and lastly...making fruit baskets in order to repent?? Classic! Poor Butters, though, I actually kind of felt bad for him in this episode...more so than in any other one!
  • Lets ignore you...........

    This has to be one of the funniest episodes of this season!
    Eric after being mean and rude to the rest of the gang ,Kenny,Kyle and Stan start to ignore cartman who mistakes this for him being dead.Before arriving to the school the gang tells the others what theyre doing so they join in in ignoring Eric.
    Eric starts to wonder if he willl ever rest in peace, until Butters,who wasn t in school that day ,says hi to Eric
    This leads to an amazing and hilarious adventure where Cartman and Butters become mates and try and make Eric rest in peace from Butters suffering exams to a robbery that puts the kids dangers in life.
    This is a very good episode and should make more episodes where butters and Cartman allie together!
  • The Fat Boy who Thought He was Dead!

    After being such a fat, racist, self-centered, intolerant, manipulating sociopath to everybody, the boys have decided to ignore Cartman. They swore never to talk or even acknowledge to him ever again. I like the beginning in which Cartman ate all the chicken skin, and Kenny was crying. After being ignored by Stan, Kyle, and Kenny; Cartman assumed he is dead. The rest of the other boys also want to ignore the fat boy. While crying and wailing like a ghost, he passed Butters' house, and Butters actually spoke to Cartman. Cartman told him that he's dead, and Butters also believes he's a spirit. While Cartman thinks he's dead, the fat boy had to have Butters apologize for him to everyone he hurt, and offer gift fruit baskets to everyone he had brought pain and suffering to. Another one of my favorite part was Cartman destroys everything in Butters' room with a wooden baseball bat.

    One of the more logical reasons a spirit remain earthbound is because he/she is intended to be used to prevent a tragic event. Therefore, Cartman must find someone or something to rescue. He was making everything moves at the Red Cross such as flipping pages in the book, shaking the desk, tossing shhets of paper out of the file cabinet, and ringing the bell. After he and Butters saved the innocent people, Cartman feels like that he can finally go to everlasting peace, eternal rest, and $10,000 cash. Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and the other boys saw Cartman on the news, told him that it was really cool what he did, and decided to stop ignoring him now. Cartman was really angry at Butters for thinking that he was ghost, and swore revenge against him someday.

    This was one of the funniest Cartman episodes in the series. I'm proud to see the fat boy making everything right for everyone and himself. However, he went back to being a bad kid again. I can't wait to see what he intends to do to Butters after believing he was a spirit.
  • Everyone stops talking to Cartman and he thinks he is dead. No one tells Butters and when Butters talks to Cartman, he think he can see ghosts.

    Everyone gets mad at Cartman and stop talking to him. He thinks he has died and he is a ghost. No one tells Butters and when Butters talks to Cartman, he think he can see ghosts. Cartman gets Butters to go tell everyone he is sorry so he can get his soul to go to heaven. When that doesn't work, he sends fruit baskets to everyone he has did something to. Then, when that doesn't work, he gets Butters to help him free hostages from a bank robbery. They do, and then Cartman learns he isn't really dead. He gets mad at Butters and tells him that it was his fault that he thought he was dead.
  • Sweet......

    The Death of Eric Cartman

    After eating the chicken skins of the KFC at Stan\'s house everybody starts to ignore Cartman. Which puts Cartman into panic thinking he's dead. One Day as he Strolls by Butters house he notices that Butters has noticed him. So Eric asks Butters for help so he can have his soul rest in peace

    This episode was hilarious! Cartman being ignored by people and thinking he\'s dead PRICELESS!!!! oh man this is a series classic for me. Then nonetheless Cartman finds out he is not dead and gets angry at butters ha! this episode was great and the cameo appreances was also good
  • Cartman is ignored by the rest of the kids leading him to think he is dead.

    The Death of Eric Cartman starts with Cartman annoying the rest of the gang for the last time. The boys are so annoyed with Cartman that they refuse to talk to him at all or even acknowledge his existence. Cartman goes to school and starts being ignored. This leads to him thinking he is dead. He goes on a series of events to confer his reasoning. So, now faced with "death", Cartman wonders why he is still here. He passes Butters, who is the only person who can see the "dead" Cartman. Cartman implores Butters to help him rest in peace. Butters and Cartman set off to atone for all of Cartman's wrongdoings. And the rest is all hilarity.
  • 131st Episode

    As usual, there's a lesson in this episode that there's nothing to be afraid of... except Super Aides! Oh, and armed with the weapon of confusion, two fourth graders can free a bunch of hostages.

    This is one of my favourite Cartman episodes along with Scott Tenorman must die, another classic episode.

    Cartman and Butters, possibly the two funniest characters in this show, have some classic scenes such as the "Make it right" song, the therapy, the list of bad things and eating the chicken skin.

    Overall, this episode is one that's hard to beat with a hilarious plot with many side-splitting jokes.
  • Interesting.

    Once I have seen the episode, it was 50% good and 50% bad. It was average and some people said that it was one of the worst episodes in the whole entire world. I agree with that, but I think it's a misunderstanding that some scenes are r******d. Like the chicken problem, and the fake death scene. Well, it was a funny sex scene in the Cartman house that they have anal sex, and my sister got grossed-out. I don't really like this episode, and some people think it's funny or not. It's a decision that this may get worser and worser through out the season.
  • Another poor, not very funny episdoe.

    As Comic Book Guy would say: "Worst. Episode. Ever."
    Yeesh, first off the boys flip out just because Eric ate the chicken skin. They make a big deal about that, yet they should be making a bigger deal about the worser stuff Eric has done to them before, like ripping on their religion (Kyle).
    Furthermore I can't beleive Butters, he's so stupid. Why would he beleive that Eric is dead, and why would he bother to help him after all the nasty things he's done in the past(especially to him); Butters' clearly not very smart.
    I'd also like to know why Eric was trying to make up for all the bad things he did. After everything he's done, there is no way in hell he can get into Heaven, ever. And Eric killed Scott Tenorman's parents, so why didn't Scott try to kill him, instead of forgiving him (I didn't see that, but I assume he did)? Surely he'd want to get revenge against Eric. That was probably the dumbest thing in this episode.
    The convicts at the Red Cross are just as stupid. Jeeze, a kid is running around the room, acting like a ghost and they can clearly see him. If they were smarter (and if this was real), they would have captured him, or relentlessly shoot him, instead of standing there brainlessly.
    There was barely anything to laugh about in this episdoe, other than the Super AIDs joke. OMG everyone in this episode was so dence. Yet another season nine episode I won't bother to watch again. >8(
  • What's the deal with Butters? He's one of the most overrated characters in South Park.

    Easily one of the worst episodes of the series, much less Season 9. Butters is good in small doses, or an occasional episode or two ("Butters' Very Own Episode" being the best, then "AWESOME-O"), but this was too much for me.

    Again, Stan, Kyle and Kenny play a relatively small role in this episode, which is one of the main differences between classic South Park and the new episodes, and the end (already done in "Freak Strike") probably winds up with Butters getting grounded...again.

    In my opinion, there just wasn't much to laugh at in this one. Sure, lines like "You call the doctor. I'll ground him" were good for a chuckle, but Butters getting a big whirling drill shoved up his ass just didn't do it for me.
  • The Best in season nine so far!

    This out of the six first episodes in the so far Disappointing season nine, is easily the best. After Cartman Eats all the chicken skin off the KFC all four boys were waiting for the other three guys decided to ignore Cartman. All the kids on the playground also agree to this plan. Cartman convinces himself that he is dead and that he is a spirit trapped on earth. Butters is the only person who can see Cartman (or so he thinks) So Eric and Butters try get Cartman to heaven. After trying and failing they go to a psychic and she tells them that often a spirit stays on earth because he is meant to stop a devastating event. So Eric and Butters go to a hostage situation and they are going to attempt to free the hostages. Eric still believing he is invisible goes into the Red Cross. He distracts all the Criminals while butters free them. After Cartman fails to get sent to heaven a third time all the kids from school come and say they won’t ignore him anymore. He blames it all on butters and swears revenge against Butters. Overall this episode is one of the first “Good” Episodes of season nine. I highly suggest you watch this episode as it is a great installment.
  • One of the best!

    Leopold sees Cartman one day and says hello. Cartman acts amazed and says that he died and that he's a ghost. Leopold helps Cartman's ghost get to heaven by saying goodbye to his friends, atoning for his bad deeds, and stopping a disaster from happening. But is Cartman really a ghost, or is this just a trick?
  • Another wacky Cartman/Butters adventure never displeases!

    This would have to be one of the best episodes of Season 9, along with the two episodes that premiered before this one. In this episode, Cartman believes he has died because all the chidren start to ignore him. Butters doesn't know what was going one and talks to him, and Cartman assumes he can talk to the dead.

    Not as good as AWESOME-O but still exellent. The Make it Right Song was hilarious and it showed some continuity in the series. It was nice to see Sally Struthers and Scott Tenorman again. The best parts in this episode were Kenny crying, Cartamn vs. the criminals, and when cartman thought his mom was crying but she was really having sex with the plumber. Another great episode.