South Park

Season 9 Episode 6

The Death of Eric Cartman

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 13, 2005 on Comedy Central

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  • Thanks to Butters and Cartman, South Park's take on Sixth Sense is hilarious!

    "The Death Of Eric Cartman"

    GRADE: A*

    Ah, I was waiting for a South Park episode like this! A funny yet interesting take on Sixth Sense with Cartman and Butters as the main characters! Just goes to show, Matt and Trey haven't ran out of ideas yet! I found this episode hilarious because it shows Cartman's stupidity to the max, as well as Butters' as well!

    The story is strange but well executed. The boys come home to eat chicken and Cartman eats all of the good pieces and leaves the other boys with the bad bits. This angers the other boys (Stan, Kyle, Kenny) so much that they start totally ignoring Cartman the next day.
    While at the bus stop, Cartman tries to contact with the boys but they don't react or interact with him. This makes Cartman lead to the assumption that he is dead!
    As Cartman wonders the Earth thinking he is a ghost, Butters says hi to him. This makes Cartman happy, until he tells Butters he's dead and now a ghost. Butters runs inside scared and says to his parents that he "sees dead people" but they think he's just seeing things.
    Cartman keeps haunting Butters to help him move on to heaven, so he can also get $10,000 cash. At first, Butters suggests two things that might help him move on. None of them work and angers Cartman further as a ghost.
    They both see a psychic, who suggests that the spirit stays on the Earth because it has to stop a tragic event from happening first. Then on TV it is shown that a group of terrorists have held up hostages at the Red Cross. Cartman and Butters save the hostages and get the murderers by confusion, but then the other boys who ignored him tell Cartman that they're going to stop ignoring him now, for being so cool and becoming a changed person. Cartman vows to get revenge on Butters for being so stupid.

    Now this was an excellent episode and one of my favs simply because of how Cartman and Butters worked together so well. Also, the "Make It Right" song was excellent and when Cartman did the "Goodbye Butters" thing each time I couldn't stop laughing. The ways Cartman disturbed the murderers in the building was so funny and yet they never adknowledged him! It was all done so well and the parts where Butters was sent to a hospital and had that thing stuck up his ass was absolute hilarious too. This is a top episode, and probably the best Butters/Cartman episode yet.