South Park

Season 13 Episode 12

The F Word

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 04, 2009 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

The boys are relaxing and getting away from it all, when suddenly the peace and quiet is disturbed by the passing of a large number of Harley riders. The Harley riders are making noise everywhere in town. The Harley riders like it when people are paying attention to them, so even when they aren't on their bikes, they make bike noises. Cartman confronts the Harley riders and informs them that everyone thinks they are Fags. The Harley riders are confused, but wherever the Harley riders go, they are being called Fags. The riders decide the solution to their problem is to just get louder. They kick it up a notch, but they are still fags. The boys call a meeting to discuss the Harley problem. Only Butters thinks they're "neato", for the very reasons that Harley riders do. Butters is ejected from the meeting and the boys come up with a plan and execute it. Stan and Kyle have spray painted slogans around town and Cartman has shit on the seats of all the Harleys. The riders decide to search for those responsible and see slogans spray painted everywhere. The boys think everything is going to be okay, and it might have been until Mr. Slave and Big Gay Al see the "FAGS GET OUT!!" message spray painted on the side of a building they become concerned, they thought we were long past that. At school the Mayor McDaniels, Principal Victoria, Mr. Mackey and others hold an assembly; they've heard children were responsible for the spray painting. The boys readily admit they did it; they want the fags out of town. The adults have their old definition of what fag means and of course the boys have their own definition. The boys are called into the mayor's office.

The Harley riders do research at the library on what faggot means; they follow the word's meaning throughout the years and still don't understand how it applies to them. At city hall the boys explain their meaning of fag, which really comes down to anyone being an "inconsiderate douche-bag". With a couple of examples they soon get the adults on their side. Knowing that the word fag will never go away, Big Gay Al brings the South Park Gay Men's Advocates together to lend their support to the boys. The movement in South Park is getting some attention and the mayor signs a new city ordinance, fag now means "annoying inconsiderate Harley riders". Everything seems perfect until Mayor McDaniels starts getting some backlash; she's worried that their town will be considered a collection of "gay-bashing redneck homophobes". Stan's simple solution is to try getting the dictionary definition of fag changed. Outside of town the Harley riders decide they need to take action.

Dictionary officiates have come to South Park and former child star Emmanuel Lewis is the head editor. Emmanuel Lewis wants the new definition for fag to be both discerning and undisputable. But before the boys get started, the Harley riders swarm into town and start causing trouble. The Harley riders have the boys cornered in an alley and are convinced the boys won't think they are fags anymore. But by their definition, the boys can't help but think the Harley riders are fags. They don't understand, even when Butters (who is bike-curious) explains what being a Harley rider is all about. Big Gay Al and the "Gays Against Fags" have weapons pointed at the Harley riders and the head Harley rider finally admits they are fags, total fags. They embrace their new label and ride out of town. Stan closes their argument for the new definition of fag and Emmanuel Lewis endorses it.

Fag (Făg) n. 1. An extremely annoying, inconsiderate person most commonly associated with Harley riders. 2. A person who owns for frequently rides a Harley.
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