South Park

Season 17 Episode 10

The Hobbit

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 11, 2013 on Comedy Central

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  • Crap ending of a good season

    One of the strongest seasons in years. "Let Go, Let Gov", "World War Zimmerman" and the epic, brilliant "Black Friday"-trilogy...

    Why then did it have to end with an extremely bland, lame episode like this?

    I thought "Goth Kids 3" would be the weakest episode of this season until this nonsense came along.

    Most annoying is that there is a good idea in there with a lot of possibilities but almost none are explored. The brilliant photoshop-criticism was very quickly worn out.

    The Kanye West character was not fun the last time and the little potential he had here was screwed by over-repeating a half-assed joke until it was nothing but boring. How could they even fail to do a decent parody of Kanye's crap music video???? Even the original is more of a parody of itself than this was...

    Lazy, half-hearted ending of a brilliant season....

  • EP - 1710

    I don't think that the South Park team spends enough time with its peripheral cast besides Randy and Butters. So when an episode like this comes along, it's almost bittersweet. But the episode itself wasn't.

    There are hilarious gags, such as Butters' standards for women, Kanye defending Kim the hobbit, and Lisa Berger training girls to photoshop themselves. But behind those gags, there is a social message. One that remains ignored by the common people of our country. We are a distracted nation, and we're so invested in little things that when a huge matter arises, we look the other way, and then we try to fix problems that can't be helped, and allow ones such as self-confidence of our citizens, to grow under our noses. I commend South Park, cause maybe this was an episode that we needed a few years ago, but better late than never.

    And South Park has been topical and directly relevant for a long time. I think that we can give them a break.

    The ending to "The Hobbit", despite its tragic nature, is one of the most satisfying endings for me. It's not an ending that puts a smile on my face, but instead, a thought in my brain.

    A great episode and therefore a great ending to a comeback season. Don't give up on SP. I can't think of another show that's been important for this long in a series run. I hope season 18 can prove SP hasn't gone downhill.
  • Image Crisis

    This was a very good season finale, to me what makes it really stand out is the fact that it's another Wendy centered episode. Wendy is one of my favorate characters in the show but I also think one of the most underrated and underused, here I think she really shines. It's also one that isn't all laughs and takes a really unfun turn which is a bit rare for the show.

    This episode really tackles a relevant issue on body image and the really stupid and unhealthy subculture that has surround it. I'll level with you I really hate this subculture because of how much it sells the false notions and conceptions on what true beauty really is supposed to be but also has created prejudicial attitudes toward anyone that doesn't look a certain way, that's just wrong.

    Wendy we see is just trying to as usual stand up for what's right, mainly the truth about what true beauty really is. But unfortunately we see her just getting crap canned left and right. From the amount of ignorance that is happening around her, it just makes me almost wants to get a bullhorn to everyone and say Wake up and smell the bull crap. From the amount of protest and truth she gives out she unfortunately keeps getting labeled as a hater, but in reality everyone is just afraid to face the truth about their own differences or features that make them imperfect. Sorry people of South Park and everyone but that's the cold hard truth that's science, imperfection is a natural part of life, it's existed in the beginning of time and it's here to stay so you better get use to it.

    I'll admit one moment which was suprising was what Stan said to Wendy about exchanging his old photos of her for the photoshop one's which I'll admit was really out of character for him. This made me really disappointed in him because he should know better but unfortunately even he has became brainwashed by the subculture. There are some people that exist that don't appreciate the women or men that pass by them everyday, but expect to have someone that looks like a supermodel to be their significant other for life, which is ridiculous because it's a fantasy their aspiring for and the people that pose for the magazines are all wearing make up and take it off afterward. Me I don't really care if my significant other is a supermodel or not, it's not the so much outside that I'm looking for but what's inside which is what counts more. Let alone I don't like perfume or make up, I like a girl that is all natural.

    It then comes down to an ending which to me is just heartbreaking let alone is probably the first time Wendy doesn't triumph. As we see from the amount of preasure Wendy is faced with and her protest adding up to nothing it, we see her sell out. Once she makes a photoshop image of herself, I was thinking Wendy don't do it, personally I think she's pretty just the way she is inside and out. But sadly she isn't seeing herself that way anymore, we even see her tear up just as she clicks yes, you can tell she didn't want to do it, this was hurting her soul. I'll admit this acutally put a tear or two in my eyes because what makes this ending all the more heartbreaking is it's something that's happening almost every day. Image truly makes us blind to true beauty which is the soul.
  • out loud laughs!

    A rare original SP episode these days. Even rarer besides smiling some lines had me actually laughing . It has been a LONG time since SP had me LOL . This was an important episode as well trying to show hat a stupid trend is just that STUPID. \

    . Butters was really funny "Im sorry I have high standards" LOL... the whole photoshop is a :LIE thing is SO fool the SELF and you start to beleive the HYPE

    KANYE could have been done much better. I was hoping he would sing GAY FISH again. and was hoping KIM would show up and we would get to see her big FAT UN photo shopped ass

    this was a good episode and funny. Oh I loved how they photo shopped under used TIMMY--they got rid of the WHEELCHAIR and gave him new hair has been a long time since they did a really good TIMMy and JIMMY episode. I guesss they gfot so much HATE mail for exploiting "disabled" really--they were some of th funniest episodes .

    So this sums up Season you wipe out the first two useless episodes we have a very good season. Really those fiets two episodes are a FAIL big time. can't watch them.

    Finally---I want o point out--that they habe CHANGED

    CARTM AN the final part of he GAME WARS of all peopke says "I can;t get the image of Bill Gates bashing that guys head" etc. Come is now the sensitive one with deep feelings? In the NSA episode he does NOT exploit could have stolen all the personal data on everyone is SP and used it. he does not. Sorry-I dont like the Milder CARTMAN. you want to keep doing CARTAMN LITE then you guys ar just big hairy UN photo shopped PU....
  • Wendy is my all time favorite SP character

    This episode had laughs and a great lesson. Photoshopping women to make them look beautiful is wrong. Every woman is beautiful in their own way. I feel so sorry for Wendy at the end. She shouldn't have give in to Photoshop herself to make her pretty. She's already pretty. Stan is nothing more than a fake. Wendy deserves a much better boyfriend. Lost all my respect to Stan. Great ending overall.
  • One of the best!

    I really loved this one. It was funny throughout the entire episode, but what really impressed me though, was the ending. One of my favorites. This is definitely gonna be a classic.
  • Heart-breaking ending - A great episode

    This episode was funny, clever, and I great ending to Season 17. Overall, I thought the season was good, but this episode was definitely one of the best. The ending was heart-breaking, and it made me have a tear in my eye.
  • Amazing ending to season 17

    This season start out weak, the only episode I like out of the first 5 was world war Zimmerman, the last 5 episodes have been great there hasn't one episode that I have disliked. My favorite part of the episode is Kanye west going around saying that Kim isn't a hobbit lol
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