South Park

Season 17 Episode 10

The Hobbit

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 11, 2013 on Comedy Central

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  • out loud laughs!

    A rare original SP episode these days. Even rarer besides smiling some lines had me actually laughing . It has been a LONG time since SP had me LOL . This was an important episode as well trying to show hat a stupid trend is just that STUPID. \

    . Butters was really funny "Im sorry I have high standards" LOL... the whole photoshop is a :LIE thing is SO fool the SELF and you start to beleive the HYPE

    KANYE could have been done much better. I was hoping he would sing GAY FISH again. and was hoping KIM would show up and we would get to see her big FAT UN photo shopped ass

    this was a good episode and funny. Oh I loved how they photo shopped under used TIMMY--they got rid of the WHEELCHAIR and gave him new hair has been a long time since they did a really good TIMMy and JIMMY episode. I guesss they gfot so much HATE mail for exploiting "disabled" really--they were some of th funniest episodes .

    So this sums up Season you wipe out the first two useless episodes we have a very good season. Really those fiets two episodes are a FAIL big time. can't watch them.

    Finally---I want o point out--that they habe CHANGED

    CARTM AN the final part of he GAME WARS of all peopke says "I can;t get the image of Bill Gates bashing that guys head" etc. Come is now the sensitive one with deep feelings? In the NSA episode he does NOT exploit could have stolen all the personal data on everyone is SP and used it. he does not. Sorry-I dont like the Milder CARTMAN. you want to keep doing CARTAMN LITE then you guys ar just big hairy UN photo shopped PU....