South Park

Season 8 Episode 6

The Jeffersons

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 21, 2004 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • In the end when Mr. Jefferson is chasing the boys but gets cornered by the cops, the Stotches are seen walking out of a house that isn't theirs.

    • When Cartman plays the crane game at Mr. Jeffersons there are Chinpokomon toys in it from the episode of the same name.

    • The way the Sergeant came home to his wife and yelled at her but then explained to her why is like how Cartman did the same thing to his mom in in Lil' Crime Stoppers.

    • Actually, the first appearance of Kenny without his orange outfit (and completely naked) was in the toothfairy episode when Cartman tried to remove a tooth from him.

    • Mr. Jefferson is introduced as Michael,but he is Martin Jefferson on the filofax.

    • The real Blanket is only about 2 years old, but this Blanket they had in this episode was at least 6 years old.

    • While Stan, Kyle and Blanket were screaming in the bathroom, you'll notice that Stan's eyes aren't in a cross shape they usually have when they scream.

    • The Marshes invite the Stotches over for dinner, you see Mr. and Mrs. Stotch, but Butters is nowhere to be found.

    • When Kyle tells Blanket that they have to get out of his house beofer Mr. Jefferson sees them, you can see Mr. Jefferson's hair sticking out on the right hand side.

  • Quotes

    • Gerald Broflovski: So, Mr. Jefferson, did I hear you say you moved here from Kentucky?
      Mr. Jefferson: Kentucky. Yes.
      Randy Marsh: I heard people saying you were from Illinois.
      Mr. Jefferson: No. They're ignorant. That's ignorant.

    • Mr. Marsh: (knocks on door) Stan, time to get up for school. (partially opening the door) Stan? (fully opens the door) What the...Mr. Jefferson!
      Mr. Jefferson: (wakes up) Oh, ooh! We were just having a slumber party.
      Mr. Marsh: Mr. Jefferson, this is highly inappropriate!
      Mr. Jefferson: Inappropriate? No. You're being ignorant. They're my friends. You see, I don't have a childhood, so I'm really just a child myself. Here, everything's okay. I want you each to have $100!
      Mr. Marsh: Wow! I'm gonna buy that new sports coat I've been wanting.
      Mr. Jefferson: Come on, Blanket. We gotta go home and feed the animals. Goodbye Friends!

    • Cartman: Mr. Jefferson? It's your best friend in the whole wide world, Eric Cartman! Mr. Jefferson, we're going to sleep-over tonight, remember?

      (inside Mr. Jefferson's house)

      Mr. Jefferson: No, Dr. Nelson, I'm telling you. You have to fly here right now, my nose came off again! I know you live in California I'll pay for your plane ticket! But I'm falling apart. I need some more of that cream and the injections! I need to look young again! Oh, I'm melting!

      (outside Mr. Jefferson's house)

      Kyle: All right, thanks a lot for helping us, dude.
      Kenny: Yeah sure, whatever.
      Stan: You just gotta pretend you're Blanket until we can get the real Blanket somewhere safe.
      Kenny: Aren't I too big to be Blanket?
      Kyle: I don't think Mr. Jefferson pays enough attention to his son to notice, come on!

      (inside Blanket's room)

      Stan: Blanket, you in here?
      Blanket: Hi, guys!
      Kyle: Shh! Blanket, we're going to take you away for a little while, okay?
      Blanket: You are? Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!
      Stan: (To Kenny) Alright dude, get in his bed.
      Kenny: Alright, but you guys owe me for this.
      Stan: Dude, whatever, at least you finally get to do something.

    • Sergeant: Jesus Christ monkey balls!

    • Maggie: (Sergeant Yate's wife) Believe me I would love nothing more than to have you quit the force and no longer have to worry about whether or not you're coming home. But I know you. Framing rich black men for crimes they didn't commit is in your blood. Wiping that rich, smug smile off their faces is the only thing that puts a smile on yours. You're a good cop, Harrison Yates.

    • Sergeant: (referring to Mr. Jefferson) All right, people. Let's give Blacky a nice welcome home.

    • Sergeant: Twenty-five years I've been on the force. I've seen every kind of sick, depraved act known to humanity and still, when I see a black man walk by who has more money than me, I… want to vomit my gizzards right in the gutter. But why? Maybe there is no reason. Maybe there's just a big blue ball out there that's mostly covered with water and we're just goin' along for the ride.

    • Stan: Mr. Jefferson- Awww! It's 1:30 in the morning!
      Mr. Jefferson: Look at me, I'm Peter Pan. I'm a little boy forever.
      Stan: Mr. Jefferson, I have to go to school tomorrow!
      Cartman: (appears at the window) Oh, son of a bitch! I knew it! What the hell are you doing, Stan?! I'll tell you what you're doing! You're trying to steal MY best friend!
      Stan: He just showed up here.
      Cartman: Remember, Mr. Jefferson? You said we were best friends.

    • Officer: Take a look. Says here… he's black.
      Sergeant: By God, so he is. Black and rich. Time to take this Mr. Jefferson down, just like we did Kobe. Let's go people! We've got another rich black guy. I want him humiliated and dragged through the dirt, and I want it done by the books!

    • Mr. Jefferson: I just identify so much with children. Their innocence, their beauty. I think that God is in the face of every child.
      Randy: ….yeeeah.
      Sharon: …they are fun. (awkardly glancing away from table)

    • Blanket: I just moved here with my dad. Are you going to be my new friends?
      Cartman: Pfft, no!

    • Cartman: (in reference to the new neighbors) I hope they're not Austrian...that's the last thing this town needs...

    • Kyle: Dude, look who I found crawling around in my back yard.
      Blanket: Hi Stan!

    • Mr. Jefferson: (singing with music) Would you like to ride on the train with me, and start a magical journey? (music stops)
      Cartman: (singing) Yes, I would, Mr. Jefferson, you're so awesome, Mr. Jefferson.

    • Cartman: Mr. Jefferson is the best thing that happened to this town in a long time, and if you mess this up, so help me GOD I will rip your balls off with my bare hands! WITH MY BARE HANDS GOD DAMN YOU!!

    • Sharon: Boys, I do not want you going over to Mr. Jefferson's anymore. Do you understand?
      Stan: You don't have to tell us twice, Mom. That guy is a freak.
      Cartman: Not go to Mr. Jefferson's anymore? Well, excuse my French, Mrs. Marsh, but you can suck my fat hairy balls.

    • Mr. Jefferson: You're being ignorant, they're just being ignorant.

    • Kyle: (referring to Mr. Jefferson) What's wrong with his face?
      Stan: Be cool, dude. I, I think maybe he's a burn victim or something.

    • Kyle: All right, let's just say all the bad things said about Mr. Jefferson are lies! Let's say the police department does just go around spending their time framing people for crimes they didn't commit! Let's say it's all made up, and Mr. Jefferson is just a nice guy who's trying to be a child because he never got to have a childhood. Well that's fine, except for that he has children now! And when people have children, they have to grow up!

    • Mr. Jefferson: Look Blanket you can fly!
      Blanket: Ahhhhhhhh! (starts crying)
      Mr. Jefferson: Blanket, look, I got your nose... (pretends to take off Blanket's nose)
      Mr. Jefferson: You see I got your nose.
      Blanket: (starts laughing)
      Blanket: (walks up to Mr. Jefferson and pulls off his nose) Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Mr. Jefferson: No, stop Blanket, you're being ignorant

    • Cartman: Mr. Jefferson, I wish I could be around you all the time. You're awesome.
      Mr. Jefferson: I think you're awesome too, Cartman. (they start to get closer)
      Cartman: Yeah?
      Mr. Jefferson: Yeah.
      Cartman: Yeah?
      Mr. Jefferson: Yeah.
      Cartman: Yeah?
      (they are about to kiss, but Stan wakes up from his dream, screaming)
      Mr. Jefferson: What's the matter, Stan? Did you have a bad dream?
      Stan: Yeah. A really bad dream.

    • Randy: Mr. Jefferson! This is highly inappropriate!
      Mr. Jefferson: Inappropriate? No, you're being ignorant.

    • Cartman: Your name is Blanket. Right. Well, Blanket, I'm Howdy Doody, and these are my friends Timsy, Winky, and Nod. Unfortunately, we have to be off to the Land of Booger Trees, so we'll be leaving now.

    • Kenny: What the hell is going on, you guys?
      Mr. Jefferson: My Blanket! Let's play, Blanket!
      Kenny: No, no, no wait, I'm not Blanket!
      Mr. Jefferson: Wee, he can fly! He can fly! (tosses Kenny in the air a few times while Kenny screams; Kenny eventually dies after hitting the ceiling)
      Stan: Oh my God, they killed Kenny!
      Kyle: You bastard!

    • Mr. Jefferson: (singing in Peter Pan costume) Look at me, I'm Peter Pan! T-shamon! I'm a little boy forever. Hey!

    • Blanket: This is my dad, Michael Jack -
      Mr. Jefferson: Jefferson! Michael Jefferson.

    • Mr. Jefferson: (singing) Have you been up my ...Wishing Tree? Tuh!
      It's where I come to think and dream.
      And now I'd like to show you my ...Wishing Tree. Jam on!
      Where we can laugh and giggle and scream. Hee hee!
      Imagination is the key.
      Won't you imagine along with me?
      We can be spacemen, or pirates on the sea. Chucka jam on!
      Yes we can do everything, and I mean, everything! Chucka jam on!
      Up in my Wishing Tree! Hee hee! Oooh!

  • Notes

    • A few hours before the episode aired, there was breaking news that Michael Jackson was indicted on child molestation charges.

  • Allusions

    • Urban Legend:

      The scene where Mr. Jefferson is in his room calling his plastic surgeon, we see a statue of a clown. Its possible that its a reference to the urban legend where a baby-sitter finds a clown statue, which turns out to be a pedophile, thats either in the parents' or children's room.

    • The Jeffersons:

      The title of this episode is in reference to the hit TV show The Jeffersons, which ran from 1975 to 1985.

    • The Sound of Music:

      Cartman talks about the town not needing Austrians.(see Quotes).

      This episode was shown after "The Passion of The Jew," where we learn that Cartman is a Nazi. This quote is referring to the 1965 classic film "The Sound of Music," when a naval captain refuses to join Hitler's navy. The Captain was Austrian, and that is what Cartman is referring to.

    • Michael Jackson:

      Stan: Be cool, dude. I..I think maybe he's a burn victim or something.

      This is a reference to in the early 80s how Michael Jackson's hair was set on fire while filming a Pepsi commercial.

    • Thriller:

      At the end of the episode, Michael Jackson is wearing the same red jacket from his hit song "Thriller.''

      For most of the episode he is also wearing his red pants from Thriller.

    • Let's Climb A Tree:

      The tree-climbing spoof is a reference to an embarrassing TV interview with Michael Jackson where he says his favorite things to do for fun is climb trees and have water balloon fights.

    • Plastic Surgery/Dangling Son:

      There are many references to events that involved Michael Jackson, such as dangling his son from outside a window, having children sleep over and/or molesting them, and the many times he went through plastic surgery.

    • Neverland Ranch:

      Michael "Jefferson"'s train ride and all the stuff in his backyard is parody of Michael Jackson's "Neverland Ranch."

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