South Park

Season 15 Episode 9

The Last of the Meheecans

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 12, 2011 on Comedy Central

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  • "worst episode ever"


    So basically stan got lost in the woods and become the king of mexicans or sumthin

    cartman played texans vs. mexicans

    and butters rode a doneky.

    Ever since season 2010 south park has been sliding...It soon will be dead, I fear. "Border Wars" was only slightly worst than last weeks asspergers feature...STEVEJOBSandtheSHITTYMILLIPEED (i don actually know what that episode was called) was bad as well like the rest of season 12. At least we got to see kenny a lot in this episode. I think just this season, in 2011, he is starting to become more of a main character. Then again, watching butters sit on a donkey wasnt all that entertaining. I miss when cartman was more evil and tried to exterminate the jews and kill hippies and the like.

  • Last of the Meheecans..OMG--This is the funniest and most racist episode since PEE !


    I loved it! This was incredibly well done, and funny as all hell ! A Major accomplishment. Butters is always used for comic relief but this one is the King Of All Butters Episodes.

    The BOYS play "Border Patrol". Butters takes on the role of a Mexican who turns into the Center of attention to convince all Mexicans to RETURN to Mexico because their jobs SUCK in the USA.

    meanwhile Butters is converted into a LEAF BLOWER by a couple who accidentally hit him on the side of the road. Butters escapes, goes down to Mexico and becomes a FOLK-LEGEND.

    This episode is LMAO funny and it has strong production values and very good writing. The BEST SP episode I have seen in years. Mexicans want to Cross the border BACK into Mexico. Butters becomes the most Spiritually influencial Mexican and a role model. Cartman really enjoys his role as a Texas border patrolman (a role he was born to play). How can anyone NOT like this one?

  • Classic cartman doing the roundup with the other guys.


    Classic cartman doing the roundup with the other guys. This is pretty funny and doesnt destory cultural or racial ties. It takes a spin as many of the episodes do and challenges the accepted norms of society. Yes, mexicans sneaking into america right past the border control is a norm.

  • Smart and funny as hell!


    I'm a big South Park fan; as such, I can also appreciate the episodes concentrating less on wits, and more on brutality & shock value. However, the episodes I enjoy the most are the intelligent and satirical ones, and this episode in particular is a great example of that kind! A couple of people said it's racist - no, it's not, it's actually smart! They exploit racial stereotypes to convey a strong and very intelligent socioeconomic, political and cultural criticism of contemporary USA. And they do it in the best possible way - by making us laugh really hard! Thumbs up, this is probably the best South Park episode since "You Have 0 Friends". And it has Butters, what more can you ask?! Watch it and enjoy it!

  • great


    what i liked- Cartman falling for the Butters pinata, "What did he say? I don't really speak Spanish", Cartman being all mad after his team lost, Cartman joining the actual Border Patrol, the ending of the episode, "Butters is one of those people who you can't really remember if he was there" (or whatever, Craig's line about if Butters was at dinner at Cartman's or not), Randy screaming "NO!",amongst other things.

    pretty good. I was expecting a slightly different episode, but this was fine. I laughed a good deal. It's nice, after You're Getting Old/Ass Burgers that we are getting more plots like this, that aren't mopey or make you think about the future of the series (Not that those two episodes aren't really good, of course). B- or so as my final grade. It was good but I would have liked the plot to be a little better. Something felt off to me.