South Park

Season 11 Episode 14

The List

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 14, 2007 on Comedy Central
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Episode Summary

The fourth grade girls have compiled a secret list that rates all the boys from the cutest to the ugliest. But when the boys steal the list, the results are not what they expected… The boys are about to find out just how manipulative and crazy little girls can be.moreless

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  • sweet

    The boys discover that the girls in their class have written a list that ranks them from cutest, to ugliest. The boys steal the list, but are they ready to see the list? But wait, is the list they have really the list, or is it botched in favor of some people?

    Good episode. I loved it. I think the alternate ending would have made a better ending, but I'm not complaining, it was still a funny episode with a nice plot that shows how some kids can act. So, because of all of this, my final grade for the episode is of course, an A+moreless
  • One of the best episodes!

    I personally loved this episode because it made such good use out of all of the characters. This episode wasn't just about Cartman or Stan, or Kyle, or Kenny. Everyone had a good role.

    And it sure brought back memories! Stan puking, Kenny dying, NOT being a spoof of some current event...If they had showed this episode back in season six, it would have fit right in. The only way they could have made it better was if they added in, "Oh my god, they killed Kenny!" Oh well, there's lots more episodes to come...

    My recommendation is that everyone watch this episode. You won't be disappointed.moreless
  • Girls make a list of the hottest boys in class

    I didnt think much of this episode at all. sure it has a few good moments, such as Cartman at Kyles window in the middle of the night displaying his usually malice, but, for mine, i dont think it was that captivating. im also not really a fan of the girls characters and to have an entire episode with them in constant use was irritating for me. they arent funny, they dont have particular personalities, or flaws or hatreds off of which awesome jokes can be based upon like the boys, (ie, butters idiocy and cartmans racism). they used the cliche crap of girls being after material goods as motive n i think Matt Stone n Trey Parker r smarter than that n couldve thought of something way more ingenious. but, again, not a fan of this episode n i really dont know y ppl rate it so highly over some of the earlier season classics as it has nothing really memorable in itmoreless
  • Perfect; feels like a classic episode

    In this episode of South Park, the 4th grade girls have compilied a list of the 4th grade boys ranked from cutest to ugliest. Cartman leads the boys through a couple of failed plans to get the list, then they retrieve it, and Kyle (who made a big deal of saying he didn't care about the list) finds out that he's last on there! He is then filled with so much rage that he's prepared to burn down the school! Meanwhile Stan, with help from ex Wendy, learns that the list the girls stole was a fake! Can they tell Kyle before it's too late!? This episode was action-packed with laughs, suspense, and mystery. Definitly one of the best of s11. 10/10 A+moreless
  • wow, i thought this was going to be a little weak, i was very very wrong.

    Before watching this episode i thought that it was a bad decicion to end the season with a storyline like this and that they should have used Imaginationland as a 3 episode season finally, but i really enjoyed this, there was tons of good humor, Abe lincon was funny in the end, and the best was the ending.


    The original plan to kick that girls "balls" Everyone's attitude after seeing the list.

    Stan liking wendy again- that will be interesting to see again

    And ofcourse Kenny died, and in an awsome way, wow, a headshot from miles away, and the poptart poping out afterwards, they finnally kill kenny in the best way, hopefully we won't have to wait another 2 seasons for it.

    Anyway great way to end a season.moreless
Trey Parker

Trey Parker

Voice of Stan Marsh; Eric Theodore Cartman; Herbert Garrison; Officer Barbrady; Terrance; Timmy; Ned Gerblanski; Satan; Randy Ma

Matt Stone

Matt Stone

Voice of Kyle Broflovski; Kenny McKormick; Gerald Broflovski; Pip Pirrup; Jesus; Jimbo Kearn; Phillip; Saddam; Various Others

Mona Marshall

Mona Marshall

Voice of Sheila Broflovski; Linda Stotch; Various Others

Paula Holmberg

Paula Holmberg

Voice of Unknown

Guest Star

Jessie Thomas

Jessie Thomas


Guest Star

Adrien Beard

Adrien Beard

Voice of Token Williams

Recurring Role

Jennifer Howell

Jennifer Howell

Voice of Bebe

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • When Stan said "I don't think that sparkled with her, did it" to Wendy, he sounds like Clyde.

    • Stan's vomit looks more advanced in this episode then in previous times when it was just a blob of brown with little chunks of food in it. Then again Stan has not vomited on Wendy since the movie, when animation was not as advanced.

    • This is the only episode this season in which Kenny dies. In fact, he hasn't died since "Best Friends Forever".

    • Right after Kenny is killed with the stray bullet, pop-tarts come out of a toaster, which is a call-back to Cartman's comment on why girls wouldn't like Kenny. 'Girls don't want to eat pop-tarts for dinner.....'

    • Gerald said that Kyle has his mother's nose. In the realistic police artist sketch of Kyle in "Free Wilzyx", (season 9) his nose was no were near as prominent as his mother's, or in any way similar.

    • The cashier who sold Kyle lots of flammables is the same one that sold the boys lots of toilet paper in the season 7 episode Toilet Paper.

    • The fake list reads as follows:
      1. Clyde
      2. Token
      3. Stan
      4. Bradley
      5. Leroy
      6. Jason
      7. Kenny
      8. Tweek
      9. Kevin
      10. Jimmy
      11. Butters
      12. Craig
      13. Timmy
      14. Francis
      15. Cartman
      16. Kyle

      Apparently Pip is no longer in the class.

    • There are 16 boys in the class.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Stan: Uh Wendy. Could I talk to you?
      Wendy: Of course, Stan.
      Stan: Just for a minute. Over
      here. (takes her aside, to a tree nearby)
      Lola: (to Red) You think he's gonna beg her to 0ome back to him?
      Wendy: This is a nice surprise. I thought you were never speaking to me again.
      Stan: Yeah well, I wanna talk to you about this list you girls made.
      Wendy: Which one? We make lists all the time.
      Stan: The one where you rated the boys' looks in the class. Look, it really messed Kyle up, okay? How could you vote him the ugliest?
      Wendy: (walks off a bit) Look, personally, I didn't vote him the ugliest. My vote was for Eric Cartman. But enough of the other girls must have felt he was-
      Stan: (walks up next to her) So it wasn't unanimous. Maybe you can just change the list.
      Wendy: Change the list?! Do you have any idea what that would take?! Maybe you don't understand how important list-making is to girls! It's just not something we do flippantly! There's protocol!
      Stan: Can't we just talk to all the girls who made the list and find out why they voted Kyle last?
      Wendy: All right, I'll try and get you into our next list-making meeting. But it won't be easy.

    • Wendy: Wait a minute. Wait, Stan, I think I've got something! Take a look at this; during final deliberation of the list for cutest boy, seven girls gave Clyde a glitter rating of only one sparkle.
      Stan: I have no idea what you're talking about.

    • Kyle: I'm sure. Abe Lincoln was right: I don't wanna find out I'm good-looking and become a total sh-thead when I grow up.
      Stan: ...Abe Lincoln?

    • Kyle: I'm last? Last?
      Stan: Dude, it's just a stupid list, remember?
      Kyle: I got voted the ugliest boy in the whole class?
      Stan: Who cares what dumb girls think, right?

    • Jamal: I just wanna bwurn the school down to the gwound.

    • (From the alternate ending)
      Kyle: You know, I'm glad this is over. But I feel like everyone is gonna wish they knew who was really last on the list.
      Wendy: Well, I guess we'll never know...except that I looked and it was Cartman.

    • (In the alternate ending, Cartman is sitting at the ugly kids table)
      Cartman: This is bullcrap!
      Butters: (from across the room) Hey, Ugly Mugly! Did Adolf Zit-ler launch a zits-krieg across your face? Ahahaha!
      Cartman: Oh well, that's fine! What really matters is the kind of person I am on the inside!
      (He thinks about it)
      Cartman: Aw, God damn it!

    • Cartman: (banging on Kyle's window in the middle of the night) Kyle! I'm better looking than you! Kyle!

    • Butters: You don't think they said I'm the ugliest boy in the class, do ya ... ohh if they did my parents will ground me.

    • Butters: Mom, I'm not the ugliest kid in the class, Kyle is!
      Linda: Good for you butters.
      (Butters walks out of the room)
      Steven: Good, we don't have to ground him.

    • Cartman: Ok, our mission failed but we learned a lot. Primarily that girls do not have balls.
      Butters: (beaten up) They sure don't . . .

    • Craig: You're just saying that because you know you're gonna be very last on the list!
      Cartman: Oh please, I don't think so Craig! Chicks think I'm waaay hotter than you!
      Craig: You don't think they'd put the fat tub of lard at the bottom?
      Cartman: No, because chicks know I'm not fat, I'm buff. They probably put you at the bottom of the list because you have f**ked up teeth! Or Kenny, coz he's poor.
      Kenny: They didn't put me at the bottom!! Did they??
      Cartman: Kenny, face it, girls don't wanna eat pop-tarts for dinner every night when they get married!

    • Cartman: You're last, Dude!!!
      Kyle: No way!!
      Cartman: Yes way!! Check it out!!! (laughs hysterically)
      Stan: Cartman!! Lay off!! You're next to last!!
      Cartman: So?! I'm hotter than Kyle!!
      (singing) I'm better looking than Kyle!! YES!! I'm hotter than Kyle, I'm hotter than Kyle!!!

    • Cartman: Alright Bebe, let's see the list.
      Bebe: What?
      Cartman: You know what I'm talking about bitch! The list where you rate the looks of each boy in the class!
      Bebe: That's not for boys to look at. It's a secret girl list and you can't see it!
      Cartman: Craig is on the bottom right? Or is it Kenny because you'd be eating pop-tarts for dinner if you married him?

  • NOTES (2)

    • There is an alternate ending of this episode available online. In it, after the list is burned Wendy confesses to Stan and Kyle she looked and Cartman was actually the last person on the list. Then the shot goes to Cartman sitting at lunch with the ugly kids and Butters yelling remarks at him from across the room.

    • One of Kenny's and Cartman's lines from the trailer was deleted before the episode aired.


    • The bag that Bebe's shoes come in, white star on red background, is one of the bags that Macy's issues.

    • Jurassic Park: The piano tune played while Kyle is trying to cheer up the ugly kids from the school is part of the theme from Jurassic Park.

    • Pulp Fiction:

      The part where Kenny dies (and the waffles shoot out of the toaster) is probably an homage to Vincent Vega's death in Pulp Fiction where his killer, Butch Coolidge, puts two slices of toast in the toaster, you see an Uzi with a silencer on it, and Vincent comes out. And as the toast popped out of the toaster, Butch shot Vincent in the stomach killing him.

    • Celebrity Posters:

      The following celebrities posted on the girl's conference room walls are as followed:

      Corbin Bleu
      Zac Efron
      Orlando Bloom
      Joe Jonas
      Justin Timberlake

    • Homestar references:

      Kyle's ugly friend, Yamal, has an under-bite and the same speech impediment as HomestarRunner from the website of the same name. Also, the bag with Bebe's shoes in it, is a white star with a red background just like Homestar's shirt.