South Park

Season 11 Episode 14

The List

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 14, 2007 on Comedy Central

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  • sweet

    The boys discover that the girls in their class have written a list that ranks them from cutest, to ugliest. The boys steal the list, but are they ready to see the list? But wait, is the list they have really the list, or is it botched in favor of some people?

    Good episode. I loved it. I think the alternate ending would have made a better ending, but I'm not complaining, it was still a funny episode with a nice plot that shows how some kids can act. So, because of all of this, my final grade for the episode is of course, an A+
  • One of the best episodes!

    I personally loved this episode because it made such good use out of all of the characters. This episode wasn't just about Cartman or Stan, or Kyle, or Kenny. Everyone had a good role.

    And it sure brought back memories! Stan puking, Kenny dying, NOT being a spoof of some current event...If they had showed this episode back in season six, it would have fit right in. The only way they could have made it better was if they added in, "Oh my god, they killed Kenny!" Oh well, there's lots more episodes to come...

    My recommendation is that everyone watch this episode. You won't be disappointed.
  • Girls make a list of the hottest boys in class

    I didnt think much of this episode at all. sure it has a few good moments, such as Cartman at Kyles window in the middle of the night displaying his usually malice, but, for mine, i dont think it was that captivating. im also not really a fan of the girls characters and to have an entire episode with them in constant use was irritating for me. they arent funny, they dont have particular personalities, or flaws or hatreds off of which awesome jokes can be based upon like the boys, (ie, butters idiocy and cartmans racism). they used the cliche crap of girls being after material goods as motive n i think Matt Stone n Trey Parker r smarter than that n couldve thought of something way more ingenious. but, again, not a fan of this episode n i really dont know y ppl rate it so highly over some of the earlier season classics as it has nothing really memorable in it
  • Perfect; feels like a classic episode

    In this episode of South Park, the 4th grade girls have compilied a list of the 4th grade boys ranked from cutest to ugliest. Cartman leads the boys through a couple of failed plans to get the list, then they retrieve it, and Kyle (who made a big deal of saying he didn't care about the list) finds out that he's last on there! He is then filled with so much rage that he's prepared to burn down the school! Meanwhile Stan, with help from ex Wendy, learns that the list the girls stole was a fake! Can they tell Kyle before it's too late!? This episode was action-packed with laughs, suspense, and mystery. Definitly one of the best of s11. 10/10 A+
  • wow, i thought this was going to be a little weak, i was very very wrong.

    Before watching this episode i thought that it was a bad decicion to end the season with a storyline like this and that they should have used Imaginationland as a 3 episode season finally, but i really enjoyed this, there was tons of good humor, Abe lincon was funny in the end, and the best was the ending.
    The original plan to kick that girls "balls" Everyone's attitude after seeing the list.
    Stan liking wendy again- that will be interesting to see again
    And ofcourse Kenny died, and in an awsome way, wow, a headshot from miles away, and the poptart poping out afterwards, they finnally kill kenny in the best way, hopefully we won't have to wait another 2 seasons for it.
    Anyway great way to end a season.
  • Great episode in Season 11

    Dang girls making a list on who cute or lame. the boys find out that the girls made a list on who cuter. the part is when Cartman insults Bebe I hate that B**ch! Then Cartman has a plan then it fail cause girls don't had freakin' balls It's funny when Butter kick Nelly there. Then some how they got the list and read it and Kyle is the Uglist. Stupid Cylde think he'd all that because he's number 1 and Lincon is right he's a dounce. Then Stan gets help from Wendy. Then they find out that the list is fake then Bebe has a gun and Wendy fights her. It's so mess up that the bullet shoots Kenny in his house it's so very Mess up. Then Kyle burns up the list and Stan throws-up at Wendy.
  • fantastic episode.But fades away...

    this episode had a great start.The boys trying to get a list from the boys.they steal it and finds out kyle is the last one [so he was rated the ugliest].for the first 10 mins or so. it was perfect.but it had to get serious.a girl list commitee conspiracy.from that part.i was like "this is stupid" the ending was kinda lame and too serious.But the beginning was killer.mIDDLE was ok.... and the ending was plain dumb.But ! with cartman protesting that he isnt fat. and the plan to get the list from the girls.this episode is something to remeber.this 21 mins full of comedy, mystery etc. is an unique heritage to south park.
  • This episode is one of the funniest I've ever seen. Basically the story is about the boys trying to obtain a list from the girls that ranks the boys from cutest to ugliest. Unfortunately, Kyle is picked last.

    My favorite parts was when Kyle is buying all of the flammable liquid at the store and the old cashier checks in the last item "...and a box of matches. Will that be all little boy"?
    Also when on the rooftop when Bebe and (Stan and Wendy) fight for the gun the gun fires and randomly kills Kenny while he's having dinner and let's not forget the beginning of the show during the first plan to take the list away from the girls.
    "Cannot possibly fail" and they planned the girl would fall down to the grown when Butters kicks the girl in the "Balls".
  • good episode with classic cartman-kyle moments

    This episode was a good conclusion to one of the greatest seasons of south park ever, season 11. The idea of a list where they rank the boys cuteness was great and the fact that stan and wendy teamed up made this episode even better. It did have some stale moments in the episode which brought it down to the 8.4 i gave it. For example, when wendy was trying to fix the list and finds out that bebe is involved because of shoes i found that non interesting, but the fact that kenny died for once is awesome. The best part is kyle hanging out with the ugly people and cartman rubbing in the fact that hes ahead of kyle on the list.
  • Awesome

    This episode is one of the best to come out in years. The girls in the class make a list rating hottest to ugliest. The boys devise a scheme to get the list and succeed. The list has Clyde number one, and Kyle number sixteen, dead last. Kyle then gets really depressed and starts to hang out with the other ugly kids at the school. Stan talks to Wendy about the list, and they find out it was fake. As Kyle is about to burn the school down, as one of the ugly kids mentioned he'd like to do, Stan shows up with Wendy. Wendy and Bebe get into a fight. A shot is fired from Bebe's gun, and after seeing they're not hurt, we see Kenny eating pop tarts and a bullet flying through the window, killing him. This is my favorite episode of the whole series and the end is an absolute classic the way Kenny died. 10/10
  • Awsome season finale!

    "The List" was an awsome episode. It will always be a South Park classic.It was also a great way to end season 11.Graet ending to a great season. It was a really fnny episode as i'd really come to expect from 'South Park".Like most other episodes,it was really well,twisted. I love episodes of South Park that are twisted and awsome.Well,make that any show.Any show thats twisted is awsome.I cant believe Kyle got voted uglyiest! I wouldve expected it to be butters.. No on really likes him. The only reason hes in the show is because hes funny. Still,a classic episode. 10/10
  • Trey and Matt hit us again with a great episode

    Now I was a bit surprised when I heard this was the season finale for season 11, but that didn't change anything.

    In the beginning, Butters tells the boys about a list the girls made rating them all by their looks. Once the boys get ahold of it, they find out Clyde is number 1. Kyle, who is yet again the buzzkill who says things like "It's just a stupid list. How cares?" finds out he's put as the ugliest kid. Heartbroken, he stays in the bathroom looking at it. The next day of school Clyde is all dressed up like a popular boy would dress, flirting with all the girls. Kyle is still shocking by being voted the ugliest boy, so Stan talks to Wendy who made the list and asks her if she could change it. After a long discussion, Wendy gets Stan to go to her next girl meeting.

    The 'girl meeting' ends up being like a court. The leader of the committee is Bebe. When Stan and Wendy find out more about the list and who voted for Clyde. Later they found out it was a set up to get shoes. At the end, Kyle trys to burn down the school, but Stan and Wendy stop him in time. Bebe finds out their there and has a gun, about to kill them. The police come and take her away.

    Wendy had the real list, which Kyle had the idea to burn. So they do. Later, it has their old-fashion gag where Stan pukes all over Wendy when their about to kiss.

    Now to be honest, I don't think this was a good season finale, but it was still one of the best. I hope Trey and Matt give us more episodes like this in Season 12, which is about to air soon.
  • Are you on THE LIST?

    Overall, this turned out to be a very good 11th season of South Park. This show may not be as controversial as it was last season (excluding this season's premiere of all things *cough*naggers*cough*), but it's usually that all seasons of South Park have a 50/50 rate of good episodes and so-so episodes. This season felt more like 80/20, maybe even 90/10, good and so-so represented respectively.

    But down to the episode...seems as though there's a list of boys in the class being passed around by the girls listing them from cutest to ugliest. Turns out Kyle is last (what?!) and asks the gals to reconsider. Turns out there's a huge conspiracy and the head chicks altered the list because someone had a thing for a certain someone...

    ...which leads to a rooftop battle, a gun, and a bullet exiting Kenny's head as he's eating dinner with his family. Oh my god! They finally killed Kenny, again. Not for good of course, but a hilarious ending nonetheless.
  • A great ending of season 11!

    The List was one of the best episodes of season 11, ranking a little bit behind the Imaginationland trilogy, le petite tourette, and with apologies to jesse jackson. A lot of South Park classics reappeared for this episode, which i appreciated. For example Stan finally threw up on Wendy again, which could mean there is hope for their relationship lol. kenny died and the girls were a big part of the episode. I just felt so bad for Kyle when he was voted the ugliest. leaving the true list to be unknown was a great choice, but I think the alternative ending should have been aired. All I can say is this episode sparkled with me!
  • Funny season 11 ending

    his episode will be very highly reviewed by fans of South Park who have been watching from the beginning. This episode felt like an older episode of South Park, not parodying anything in particular and relying on the characters, along with a funny plot.

    In this hilarious episode, the boys manage to steal a list of their rankings from cutest to ugliest from the girls. When Kyle finds that he is last on the list, after Cartman, he becomes depressed and begins to hang out with the ugly kids. Meanwhile, Stan and Wendy try to find how this could have happened, and find a huge conspiracy. Not that this should have any effect on my rating of this episode, but it felt like an old episode in so many ways. Stan (along with Wendy) and Kyle had the main plots, while Cartman, Kenny and Butters had a sub-plot at the beginning of the episode, so all the boys have screen time. Kenny, after nearly 40 episodes, finally does die again, in one of his most hilarious deaths. This episode finally felt like it was about the boys, and they didn't just throw them in to make a viewpoint. I think the main thing that this episode had, that has been missing from almost the entire eleventh season, is the innocence of a child.

    Humor can be just as funny mixed with emotion as it is in non-stop ripping on someone or something else.
  • In this episode the boys of south park elementary steal a list from the girls rating the cuteness of each boy from 1 to 16 (Kyle). Clyde's ego increases and he transforms into a womanizer until it i revealed that the girls planted a fake list to get shoes

    This episode elevates the bar for series finales in the south park tv series. Firstly Kyle and Cartman continue their rival which is very enjoyable throughout the episode especially when cartman loses and realizes that he's ugly and a horrible person on the inside. Secondly the main story line which is the girls planting a fake list to get free shoes from Clydes store is interesting but didn't quite live up to the hype expected. Furthermore the cliff hanger was fantastic when you realize that in season 12 we will probably see more of Stan and Wendy together again this was evident when Stan threw up when Wendy held his hands nearing the end of the show which hasn't happened since season 2. Finally the fact that Kenny dies from a stray bullet is very funny and shows that the writers aren't afraid of using old jokes such as Kenny dieing in every episode. This episode leaves much to the imagination and is a fantastic finish to the series.
  • Great episode.

    In this episode, the girls which usually are Wendy, Bebe, and the others made a list of the cutest boys. The boys of Cartman, Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and some others wanted. They eventually captured it and Kyle was dead last. Even Cartman was higher! Clyde was number one. Kenny was number eight, and Stan number three. Bebe Stevens was the leader. Wendy found out something was wrong. It was a fake list. Bebe was on the roof of South Park elementary with Wendy and Stan, she pulled a gun out. She shot Kenny by accident. Kyle was happy it was a fake list. Overall, I give it a 9.4.
  • Ending Season 11 in the old school style.

    The list is a pure classic, old school stuff. I wish Chef was in that episode.
    The boys are all together trying to get the List of the cutest boys in school that the girls have and this lead to a typical South Park episode we all like. Kenny dies again, great! I wish I would hear the "Oh my god, they kill Kenny" phrase again...too bad it was not the case but I hope Kenny start dying again.
    Stan and Wendy are back together, I love the ending with Stan vomiting again, it`s so classic.
    I really like to see all the boys all together in one adventure and no centric episode. I think people saying South Park is no longer the same will like this episode, it bring back some memories.
    Season 11 ends perfectly. Certainly not the best season. A rather average first part with a couple of "roll eyes" episodes. However the second part was pretty awesome, this episode, the imagination land trilogy, Le Petit Tourette and even more crap were great. The List, Imagination 1 and 2 will go as classics as far as I am concern and are in my best of.

    I hope Season 12 don`t contain that certain "not the same South park" feeling that was present at the start of Season 11, I hope the episodes will be in the same philosophy of this genius season finale, The List.
  • Perfect way to end the season.

    This episode made my top favorites for sure. Some old classic things come back from the old episodes like Kenny dieing and Stan throwing up on Wendy. After the girls make a list the boys want to see if their the cutest or the ugliest. Kyle finds out he is the ugliest kid in the class he hangs out with the ugly kids and gets ideas of burning the school down. Clyde was voted the hottest but only because his dad owned the shoe store. But before Kyle could go threw with burning down the school he finds out the list was fake and the real one gets burned so we will never know what the list is for real.
  • A great season finish that will keep you watching!

    The girls have made a list of the boys from the cutest to the ugliest and the boys despretly want to find out whats on it.This one has a lot of surprises.It is just like one of the classic older episodes.Some of these things thhat make it like them is Stan and Wendy getting back together.It also features the first Kenny death in two years.It has cartman ripping on Stan and kenny just like the old episodes.It also features the first appearence of the ulgy kids.This episodes is a fine piece to the season and probaly one of the best.IF your new to south park this is one you will have to check out and if your a southpark veteren than you might one to watch again.
  • If your new to South Park, you'll like it a lot. If you've been watching since the begining, you'll love it!

    Have you ever seen the first season of South Park? If so, you'll fell right at home. This episode is set up just like the old ones were. First of all, Cartman. Seeing him make fun of Stan and Kenny is classicly funny. Second, Stan and Wendy are teamed up. Seeing them working together again isn't really humorus, but it's still nice to see and sets up a good ending (Stan barfing on her, classic SP) One thing that will make everyone laugh is Butters. It's funny to see how excited he gets over being #11. And last, but ceartinly not least, Kenny. Lately it seems he's been in the background, don't you think? (Note: during the show's first five seasons he died in nearly every episode) Well 22 minutes in it looks like that's the case again. However when Bebe's gun goes of guess who's shot. Not Wendy. Not Kyle. I'll leave this one for you to guess.
  • How Kyle got voted last, and Stan & Wendy's reconciled love relationship

    As the boys were having lunch at the cafeteria, Butters rushed over to the other guys and informed them about the list that the girls made rating the boys in class from cutest to ugliest. Then the guys intended to steal the list of cutest to ugliest boys away and find out. The paper stated that Clyde is the number one cutest boy in the fourth grade and Kyle is last. After looking at his name on the bottom of the list, Kyle felt so devastated. At first, he thought it was just a stupid list that doesn't mean anything until the moment he saw his moniker below the paper. Afterwards, Cartman started ripping on him, as usual, for being the ugliest boy in the school.

    While Kyle is forced to hang with the ugly kids, Stan realized how miserable Kyle is for thinking he's hideous. So Stan spoke to Wendy for the first time since the episode about gay marriages. Even though he swore that he'd never talk to Wendy again, it wasn't about their previous love relationship. He was willing to restore Kyle's confidence and find out why the girls voted the Jew to be last. Meanwhile, Kyle is in his bedroom considering about committing arson at school until the spirit of Abraham Lincoln appeared, and showed him why cuteness and ugliness shouldn't be an issue to anyone. He explained that those who are believed to be cute doesn't stay as pretty as they can be when they reach the age 40. Also, he enlightened Kyle that those who are ugly shouldn't care about the way they look and find an activity that'll help accomplish their goals, such as practicing the piano, so that one day their talents will be paid off. However, Kyle refused to take Abe Lincoln's word for it.

    When Wendy discovered that the list the other girls made was a forgery, she and Stan rushed over to find Kyle and tell him that it was counterfeit. Kyle's new ugly friend, Jamal, told them Kyle is at the elementary school trying to burn it down to the ground. Stan and Wendy finally explained to Kyle that the list the boys saw wasn't authentic. Bebe was seen pointing a gun at Stan, Kyle and Wendy forcing them to stop what they're doing. Just when it looked like that Bebe is about to kill them, the police that Wendy called has arrived to the school to arrest Bebe for becoming pure evil and taking advantage of Clyde. The whole time Bebe and the other girls, except Wendy, wanted to move Clyde up the list because his dad is the owner of the footwear company, and Bebe wanted fancy new shoes. When Wendy and Bebe had a diminutive showdown, the gunshot was made, but nobody got hurt, except for Kenny as the bullet traveled all the way from school and hit Kenny by the head. It was the very first time Kenny died since the episode about the PSP. Anyway, Bebe finally got thrown in jail for taking Clyde for granted. After everything Stan and Wendy went through to show that Kyle is not the ugliest boy, Kyle has decided not to know if he's good-looking and become a totally smug person when he grows up. The best part of this episode is when Stan and Wendy finally reconciled their love relationship, and it was really hilarious how Stan got to puke again since the second season and the feature movie.

    There was a special deleted, alternate ending after the season finale episode. As the list kept on burning, Kyle felt like everyone is going to wish who was really last on the cute to ugly boy list. Wendy confessed that she looked and it revealed that Cartman is the ugliest boy in the class, apparently. And so, the fat jerk is forced to sit with the other ugly kids, and Butters ripped on him. The comment Butters made was really good and Cartman almost became a good guy after saying what matters is what kind of person he is on the inside. Until what he said, Cartman was totally ticked off.

    This season finale episode is the best one ever. Not only we get to see Stan and Wendy together again, but Stan got his vomiting ability back. I think that Stan has changed in such an awesome way that makes Wendy want to be his girlfriend again. The alternate ending was great because Cartman is the last boy to be totally revolting. This is what the fat boy gets for being the rudest, most offensive, and biggest jerk in the entire world. And I like how Butters ridiculed Cartman because the little sissy should say something mean to the evil fat ass.
  • The season finishes on this enjoyable tale, as the boys discover that the girls of their class have drawn up a list rating the most attractive. Kyle falls apart when he finds he's at the bottom...

    This is another good episode, and rounds off the season well.

    The first act concerns Cartman's plans to steal the list from the girls. After they have got it, the focus changes slightly, as Kyle falls apart after finding that he his botttom of the list - even lower than Cartman!

    Worried about his friend, Stan goes to Wendy for help. It is quite a time since we have seen Stan with Wendy, or Wendy even doing or saying much for that matter.

    The girls' list society was amusing, and not far off from some of the weird things the girls did in my old school (I went to weird school!). The ending became a bit more far fetched, but not enough to spoil this enjoyable episode.

    Roll on next season.
  • Move over John Grisham and James Patterson, there's a new thrill writer in town!! (well, no, not really, but it sounded cool, right?)

    As a fan of thrillers such as "the pelican brief" "along came the spider" and such, this one had me hooked, and innocent man convicted for a crime that didn't commit,being shunned by society and a conspiracy to cover it all, Heck, we even had a murder!!!

    I never thought Bebe would be such a cold person, to the lengths of incriminate some one he liked years ago (Kyle), make him an scapegoat and even pointing a gun to her best friend Wendy,but then again, Wendy called her a S..t when she developed chest, oh well.

    I guess kyle isn't so innocent either, just being considered ugly turned him to the dark side and try to burn the sacred school grounds he normally defends (he's a nerd in the core), I mean he never though of doing that for being riped on for being Jewish, what's up with that??? And although we didn't saw it, it's very probable that Wendy and Stan will date again, any girl that can stand that you trow up in her presence, let alone in her face it's worth keeping, let's hope Token it's out of the picture for reals and not become a shadow in the future.
  • Reminds me of the older ones.

    this was definately one of the funniest episodes of the new season. it wasnt completely out there (like the imagination invasion ones) and really gave a sense of realism. cartman of coarse steals the show in the humor department (big surprise). the whole episode revolves around a list the girls made up listing the guys of their class and how good looking they are. after a really ill-conceived plan by cartman, they end up stealing the list where we find out kyle is the ugliest kid in school. this eats at kyle, while stan and wendy try to uncover why he was determined the ugliest. from there it dives into a plot of deception, cover-ups, attempted arsen, and death.
  • Classic Cartman and Classic South Park! I loved it!

    I love episodes where Cartman takes charge and the whole "Cannot possibly Fail" scene was brilliant! "Butters will go up and kick Nelly in the Balls" Next scene "Cannot possibly Fail a second time" "Our mission failed but we learned a lot, primarily that girls do not have balls" CLASSIC South Park. I just love they take kids steriotypes so strickly. "Maybe you don't understand how important list making is to girls" and the list making meeting scene was hilarious. If it pleases and sparkles and a confirmation sunshine!. Loved Stans statement to Wendy later when confronting another girl about a discrepency in the list and she tells Wendy stay out of this! Stan says very calmly "That didn't sparkle with her did it." OMG definately a hilarious episode. It sparkled with me for sure.
  • wow I was wrong about this season

    This was a cleverly plotted episode with twists and turns that you might never see coming

    the episode starts off when the boys want to get a list on who is the cutest boy in the class. when they do kyle finds out that he is least attractive boy in the classroom.

    clyde is now the most attractive boy in school and his ego inflates just like his popularity.stan is very worried about kyles spiral into depression,so he asks wendy to help alter the list for she is supicous about this to.

    at the meeting wendy attempts to make the girls change there minds but they refuse until they find evedince that the list has been altered. after studying closly wendy finds out that clyde cannot be the most attractive boy for 5 girls gave him a ratin of only 1.

    meanwhile kyle is plotting to burn down the school and buy enough flamible material to blow up half town.

    stan and wendy comfront the 2 chairman of board to tell them that the list has been tampered with. one of the girls tells wendy that they tampered with list so then there popularity wouldent sink wehn they dated clyde for shoes.

    wendy and stan to the list keepers house beat her andv then run to the school to find kyle ready to create a massive explosin just as they finaly stop him. bebe comes in with a handgun and points it at them wendy tells bebe that she has already called the cops and they are ready to arrest her bebe gives up and stan offers kyle to look at the real list kyle declines and says if he knows his ego will inflate and will spoil his pesonality
  • Absoloutly Fantastic

    This defenatly why i watch South park, it is in my opinion probaly one of the best episode of all the show ! ! Every moment there was a look of shear enjoyment on my face, either about Cartman thinking girls have b*lls or the mysteries behind the list that Wendy was not supposed to find out. The only one slight thing that i did not like about it was why would Kyle burn down the school because he was not good looking . . . It just did not make sense to me ! I will advise people to watch this episode.
  • Awesome way to end a awesome season!

    This episode was great. Espically because it brought back some old moments from the older episode; Cartman making fun of Kenny 'cause he's poor, Stan and Wendy together, and Kenny dying! The girls make a list which rates the boys in the class from cutest to ugliest and it turns out Kyle is last. Stan teams up with Wendy after he suspects that was a fake list and the two undercover a dypolical plot the girls are in, to get shoes. Meanwhile, Kyle becomes misreable and debates buring down the school and Butters is happy because he was #11 (out of 16). In the end, the list was compromised. As seen in the alternate ending, it turns out Cartman is the ugliest.
  • Where did the girls rank Kyle in the (real) list of hottest boys?

    Thos episode is about the boys finding out the giurls made a list of the boys ranking them on how hot they are. the boys finally get the list, and clyde is 1, token 2, stan 3, kenny 7, butters 11, cartman 15 and kyle 16. Kyles devestated that hes last, so he hangs out with the ugly kids and decides to burn the school down. clyde acts like a total d0uche after finding hes number 1. stan and wendy try to get the list redone, but find out the list was a fake. kyle wasn't really bottom. they go to kyle where bebe has a gun ready to kill wendy with. someone got shot, but it wasn't anyone on the roof as the bullet richoched and killed kenny! yay! bebe gets arrested and the real list is burned, ending the episode with stan puking on wendy. classic!
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