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South Park

Season 9 Episode 5

The Losing Edge

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 06, 2005 on Comedy Central
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Episode Summary

The South Park boys are playing the final Little League game of the season. They win, and are glad to be done with it. But they soon find out that winning was only the beginning, now they're forced to play in the National circuit, and risk wasting their whole summer. There's only one way out: Lose, and lose big.moreless

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  • weak main plot, Great side-plot

    In this episode, the south park boys try to lose their baseball season so they can spend their summer goofing off again. However, the other teams want to lose just as bad, and are even better at losing. This plot was ok, some strong points, some weak points, but I kinda thought the plot was overused and unoriginal. However, the side-plot with Randy is this episode is this episode's redemption. In this wacky parody of Rocky, Randy fights the other dads to make their team look better. It's odd yet hilarious, and the very ending makes it even better. Overall, I'd recommend it for the Randy plot. 8.5/10 B+moreless
  • hilarious

    The boys want to purposefully lose a baseball game so they can be done playing it for the season, but the other teams also want to lose because they too hate the game. Randy keeps getting in fights with other dads and keeps getting arrested.

    Great episode. The main plot was funny and had a good plot, but the plot with Randy was absolutely hilarious. "Oh I'm sorry I thought this was America!" I think I laughed at almost all of Randy's lines in this one. Overall a hilarious episode with a fun plot, my final grade as a result of this is of course an A+moreless
  • Baseball wrecks the summer.

    I think that this episode shows the same thing that is in real life. All the kids just want to get the season over with and all the parents want them to keep winning. Then when the parents get really wild and excited, they get into fist fights. Stan's dad, Randy Marsh, is the Rocky of the baseball bleachers, ready to take anyone on and he does it for respect, which I think is funny because It's the total opposite, people lose respect for getting drunk and fighing. Randy Marsh is in fact, my hero. Stan and the kids baseball team is so good that they can't lose even when they try. I think that it's great that all of the teams they play against want the same thing, baseball to end and summer to start. In the end, Randy is forced to fight a man that is a true challenge, The Bat Dad, and Randy ends up disqualifying Stan's team. So after all that, Randy does get the respect. Awesome episode.moreless
  • Whada Gonna do? Whada Gonna do?

    Let's hear it for south park again, coming through with another gem!

    They are awesome at making us remember our crappiest moments from childhood. This one focused on everyone's hatred for little league. From the kids being bored out of their minds while playing to the parents being overly aggresive and down-right crazy over it. Every team they played being similar to their own was a nice touch.

    Randy Marsh fighting another dad in every town was way too funny. When he learned spanish to talk smack was really good. and what south park is complete with out a montage or two? Wonder were they got the idea for Bat Dad?moreless
  • Boys playing basketball and Randy fighting with other adults, simply love it

    Like any other south park episode I love this one too, I thought the boys wanted to win at first, but it turns out they wanted to lose, and Randy, on the other hand, wants to beat up and defeat the fathers of the opposing baseball players, he's either using the boys to meet opponents or he simply to wants to rub it in that they lost. And yes, baseball is kinda boring sometimes. I love it when they say that they have to lose or they'll never have summer again, simple jokes can be at it's best when used by kids.moreless
Trey Parker

Trey Parker

Voice of Stan Marsh; Eric Theodore Cartman; Herbert Garrison; Officer Barbrady; Terrance; Timmy; Ned Gerblanski; Satan; Randy Ma

Matt Stone

Matt Stone

Voice of Kyle Broflovski; Kenny McKormick; Gerald Broflovski; Pip Pirrup; Jesus; Jimbo Kearn; Phillip; Saddam; Various Others

Isaac Hayes

Isaac Hayes

Voice of Jerome "Chef" McElroy

Mona Marshall

Mona Marshall

Voice of Sheila Broflovski; Linda Stotch; Various Others

Gracie Lazar

Gracie Lazar

Voice of Liane Cartman; Wendy Testaburger; Shelly Marsh; Sharon Marsh; Various Others

Adrien Beard

Adrien Beard

Voice of Token Williams

Recurring Role

Juan Kimmelini

Juan Kimmelini

Voice of Unknown

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (22)

    • Timmy makes a brief appearance with the team in the restaurant, before disappearing in another shot of the members.

    • Jersey numbers:
      1 - Butters
      2 - Cousin Kyle
      3 - Jimmy
      4 - Token
      5 - Stan
      6 - Clyde
      7 - Cartman
      8 - Kyle
      9 - Kevin
      10 - Francis
      11 - Craig
      12 - Tweek
      13 - Kenny

    • In the "breaking news" piece, when Bat Dad is first presented to us, Sheila asks, "Who is that?" a woman replies, "That's Tom Nelson..." however later in the episode at the actual baseball game when Bat Dad is talking trash in the stands, his wife says to him, "CHRIS, sit down."

    • When the South Park team is shown playing the Pueblo team Pueblo, Colorado is shown to be drier than the rest of Colorado and their little leauge team is made entirely of Mexican-Americans. Also, Randy has to use an English-to-Spanish dictionary in order to trash-talk them.

    • Conifer is the first team that South Park plays during the episode. Conifer is actually the town where co-creator Trey Parker was born.

    • It's one thing for Coors Field to advertise for the game, but how would they have the field empty for several days? The Rockies weren't even mentioned.

    • As to the Ft. Collins game, the goof is that South Park is listed as the home team. At the start of the last 1/2 inning, the announcer said that they were in Ft. Collins, and therefore S.P. should be at the top of the scoreboard instead of the bottom. This happens in several of the cities that the boys visit. Worse, at the Ft. Collins game a S.P. police car is taking Stan's dad away.

    • In the Ft. Collins playoff game, South Park is the home team on the scoreboard, which registers their winning run in the bottom of the ninth. However, the endgame scene shows the team in the field, thowing down their gloves when they win. South Park should have been batting when they won.

    • At the beginning of the episode, a dad for the team opposing the South Park team complains about an umpires strike call. But the batter actually swung at the pitch and missed, so there is no way the fan could have reasonably complained about it.

    • Also if you hit 2 batters in a row you're thrown out of the game. Response: Is this a rule specific to little league? We're talking about 9 year olds who have little control over their pitching. It's reasonable to expect them to hit 2 batters in a row without raising suspicion. In fact, I saw a college baseball game a few weeks ago where a pitcher hit 5 batters in one inning (one short of the college baseball record) without getting tossed. Other errors: (1) Coors Field has green seats, not red seats. (2)
      The stands were pretty crowded in the championship game. Coors Field holds over 50,000 people, and given that this was a little league game, there is no way that 30 to 40 thousand people would be there. (3) They don't play 9 innings in little league games. They generally play 6 innings. (4) There is no way that they'd be selling alcoholic beverages at little league games. Alcoholic beverages are generally only sold at professional sporting events. (5) There is no way that Stan could be the only pitcher for South Park. Most little leagues prevent coaches from allowing pitchers to throw more than a certain number of innings per week (6 or so), in order to prevent the chance of a player throwing his arm out.

    • I can't believe no one noticed -- when Randy first gets out of jail, he gets 2 beers handed to him. Seconds later it zooms in and out showing only 1 beer in his hand. - JB

    • Response to beaning: Also if you hit 2 batters in a row you're thrown out of the game.And they could easily swing at pitches that would probably hit them.

    • When South Park plays Denver,the last batter is black and has black hair.But then when Randy is fighting a dad of a Denver kid,the batter is white and you can't see his hair

    • If all the parents wanted their teams to win, why didn't any of them notice that their children are deliberatly sucking out on the field?

    • Response to home team being on the bottom: Some little leagues have each captain grab a bat at the top and slowly each alternating fist grabs the bat directly under the last fist. The last person holding the bat gets to decide who bats at the top or bottom of the inning..

    • Response to beaning goof: They didn't just start beaning kids because they wanted to look like they were trying to win so they didn't disappoint their parents. If you nail batter after batter, the parents (and umpires) are gonna catch on that you're throwing the game.

    • When we first meet "Bat Dad", we're told his name is Tom Nelson. But when he is at the game with his wife, she calls him "Chris".

    • At the Fort Collins and Pueblo games, South Park is on the bottom of the scoreboards. Despite the fact that they are the visiting team and should be on the top.

    • According to the announcer at the second game, South Park is the visiting team at Fort Collins. But Stan's Dad is arrested after the game by the South Park Police.

    • In the first airing of the episode, towards the beginning, one of the visiting team's fathers complains about a called strike saying "Come on, ref! You call that a strike?!" Stan's father overhears it and says "Good call, ref. Good call." In reruns they changed it to "Ump" instead of "Ref", as it should be. They're not referees, they're umpires!

    • In Response to Mr. Marsh getting arrested by the South Park police even though the game was in Fort Collins. To the best of my knowledge, The Fort Collins police did arrest Mr. Marsh as he was placed in a police car labeled Fort Collins. The goof actually occured at the Greeley game. He was placed in a South Park police car even though the game was in Greeley.

    • in the first game they were trying to throw, South Park won by 1 in the bottom of ninth. However, Stan was seen standing on the center field as a pitcher at that moment. They can't score when they are pitching!

  • QUOTES (18)

  • NOTES (2)


    • Macho Man:

      Bat Dad's "Oh yeah, Oh yeah," sounds very much like the same phrase used by pro wrestler "Macho Man Randy Savage."

    • Danny Almonte:

      The pitcher on the Denver team (with the mustache) resembles Danny Almonte, the fourteen year old kid who pitched a "perfect game" in a little league game.

    • Batman:

      Bat Dad is an obvious spoof of Batman.

    • Rocky:

      Randy's attempted training montage is a reference to the 1976 film, Rocky.

      Randy wakes up early wearing a hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants. He cracks open some eggs and pours them into a blender as if to drink them like Rocky did, but then he pours them in a frying pan to make an omelette.

      Also an off-key version of "Rocky's Theme" can be heard playing at certain parts throughout the episode.

    • Rocky V:

      The fight between Randy and Bat Dad is referencing the 1990 film Rocky V.

      When Randy gets knocked out fighting Bat Dad, he sees Mickey, Rocky's dead trainer, yelling at him to get up and wife screaming at him. There's a circle of people watching the fight and Stan is cheering his dad on.

      Also, the freeze frame at the end is pretty much how every Rocky movie ends.

    • Rocky III:

      The conversation had between Randy and Sharon in the bedroom is referencing the 1982 film Rocky III, when Rocky said he wasn't going to fight.

      The scene on the beach is also a reference.

    • The Karate Kid:

      The song, "You're The Best," was played in the 1984 film The Karate Kid when Daniel went through the tournament.

    • Resident Evil 4:

      While the kids play in the little league they visit a town named Pueblo.

      Pueblo is the village in which Resident Evil 4 takes place and Matt Stone had just finished playing the game a few days before this episode aired.

      Pueblo is also a city in Southern Colorado; probably the largest in that region that is primarily inhabited by Hispanics, which is why Randy is speaking Spanish.