South Park

Season 8 Episode 4

The Passion of the Jew

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 31, 2004 on Comedy Central

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  • Funny episode

    In this episode, Cartman causes Kyle to feel sorry for himself about his religion after seeing The Passion. Stan and Kenny went to see it, and find it to be one of the worst movies ever. Mel Gibson made me laugh with his insanity. Funny episode!!!
  • "That's... Mel Gibson?"

    I haven't seen "The Passion of the Christ", nor do I plan to (I love the soundtrack of that movie, though). I'm not religious either.

    I'm sure there are many religions and idealisms mocked in this episode, not to mention historical events. The theme was kind of nice: how different people see and react to one movie they've all seen. Some see violence, betrayal, and death. Some see a religious message.

    In the case of Cartman, you just see Jews.

    While Kyle is forced to reconsider his entire life and religion, Cartman is trying to mobilize a movement against Jews as a tribute to his "god", Mel Gibson.

    In the meantime Stan and Kenny, who didn't like "The Passion of the Christ" at all, are on a mission to get their ticket money returned from Mel Gibson - who doesn't seem to have all his marbles in one place. (I am not a fan of Mel Gibson either, so any and all references to his past movies are totally lost to me). The man definitely has a fixation on torture, though; true or not (most likely not), that was one of the funniest parts in the whole episode.

    The idea is good, but something just didn't click in this episode. There were funny moment but the plot wasn't overwhelmingly hilarious.
  • superb

    Cartman convinces Kyle to see The Passion of the Christ, and he does so. He is horrified by what is on the film. Cartman organizes a club for fans of the show, so he can wipe out all Jews, and Stan and Kenny disliked the film and all they want is to get their money back.

    It was pretty good. Till Mel came in, I did not like his portrayal, particularly the ending when he craps. But the rest of the episode is pretty good and definitely a 'classic' episode, as far as I am concerned. So because of all of this my final grade for this episode is an A- or so. It gets kind of bad when Mel enters, but it's not too bad
  • A silly movie causes some trouble

    Okay, I know that this episode is a bit religious and I'm an atheist, but the ep. kinda focuses on Kyle so I like it anyways.
    Kyle sees Mel Gibson's movie which causes him to feel guilty and ask the Jews the apologize. Meanwhile, Cartman worships Mel Gibson and, thanks to the fan club, he encourages a lot of people to try and exterminate the Jews. I liked the part when Cartman talks like Hitler To tell the truth, I know a lot about World War II and I think Hitler was a great man, only he should have stopped before attacking Poland. It's not the first time Cartman seems to be similar to Hitler he did almost the same in "Ginger Kids".
    Plus I share Stan and Kenny's POV about Mel Gibson's movie. And, you know, M. G. as a crazy masochist maniac is just AWESOME.
  • As a Christian, I find this episode necessary.

    I'll start my review by saying that I saw the "Passion of the Christ" in a group gathering with people from my church. Everyone else seemed to think the film was incredible, but I just saw a guy being tortured for two hours. I think the movie wallowed in uneccessary gore and didn't really point to God.

    Enter South Park.

    What Cartman thinks of the Passion: Greatest Movie Ever Made. He goes on a hilarious rampage to exterminate the jews and pulls in other passion fans, who think he's speaking Aramaic.

    What Kyle thinks of the Passion: He's shocked that the jews would kill Jesus and feels that they should apologize. What Stan and Kenny think of the Passion: They hate it and want their money back. All in all, I love this episode and it is among my favorites. I agree with Stan when he says "I go to church to find out about that stuff. I go to the movies to be entertained, and I wasn't entertained so I want my money back". He's also right later in the episode when he says "We should focus on the teaching of Jesus, not how he died".
  • Recommended to people who're "passionate" about the show

    Cartman leads a campaign against the Jews after seeing "The Passion of the Christ." When Kyle sees the movie and realises that it was the Jews who betrayed Jesus he is wracked with guilt. Meanwhile, Stan and Kenny try to get their 18 dollars back from Mel Gibson after not liking his movie and discover that he is completely insane.

    Trey Parker and Matt Stone basically take no prisoners when they're expressing their opinions; Christians, Jews, Germans, The Passion of the Christ and Mel Gibson, nothing is sacred and a lot of it comes off as blatant harshness. But for a show like South Park it can be forgiven and a lot of the time it's pretty hilarious; especially the Mel Gibson send - up. They're also fair enough to poke fun at themselves with the put - down of their fairly awful movie Baseketball.

    This is one of the few episodes where i didn't find Cartman that funny; his hatred of the Jews and when he was playing Hitler was just distasteful but before that angry tirade there're a few one - liners from the King of the Brats. Stan and Kenny are basically the protagonists of this episode and are not only great but its proof that Kenny can be used for something other than being killed constantly. Even though this episode contains a lot more sophisticated animation especially in Kyle's dream sequence and some 3D effects; there's something lazy about using a real photograph of Mel Gibson rather than a drawing of his face when the best celebrity lampoons on the show had their faces sketched. Aside from an insane vocal performance as Mel Gibson; the audio is basically what you'd expect and it's important to add that their take on "The Passion of the Christ" was shockingly accurate.

    The Passion of the Jew is a brutal but frequently very enjoyable episode of South Park. Its faults can be blamed on the fact that Trey Parker and Matt Stone weren't given much time.
  • Poor Kyle

    After weeks of pressure from Cartman, Kyle finally sees "The Passion." Cartman's dream comes true when, as a result of seeing "The Passion", Kyle has to admit Cartman has been right all along. Inspired by Kyle's change of heart and a powerful love for Mel Gibson, Cartman incites many of the film's hardcore fans to band together and carryout its message. Meanwhile, Stan and Kenny also see the movie and embark upon a quest to find Mel Gibson. I felt sorry for Kyle feelign the way he did. It was still a very very good episode even though it had its flaws
  • While Cartman loves Mel Gibson's "The Passion Of The Christ" and thinks that it's a call to a new holocaust, it makes Kyle feel guilty. He thinks that the Jews should apologize for killing Jesus. Stan and Kenny just think the film sucks.

    I love "South Park". It's probably the smartest show on TV and it happened so many times that its creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone find a new perspective on any kind of controversies. They changed my view on things more than once!
    I was really looking forward to watch "The Passion Of The Jew", their take on Mel Gibson's "The Passion Of The Christ". Unfortunately it didn't hold up the expectations. In fact, it just reached the level of "Family Guy".
    It started great, when everybody seemed to see something else in Gibson's film. It renewed some people's faith on Christ, some people critized its anti-semitism, Cartman wanted to destroy all Jews because of it and Kenny and Stan just wanted their money back from Mel Gibson, who turned out to be insane. So far it was a funny episode. As usual they made fun of different lobbying groups. But in the end it all led to the conclusion: "Who cares about that film? Mel Gibson is an idiot, because he made that film."
    Sorry, but this isn't smart or funny, it's childish and dumb. Something I would expect from "Drawn Together". Trey, Matt, I know you can do better! What was your problem?
  • Kyle sees the "The Passion".

    Kyle sees the movie: "The Passion" and now knows why Cartman rips on him for being Jewish. Stan and Kenny go to see the movie and thought it was awful and they go to Mel Gibson to get their $18 back. It turns out Mel Gibson is a crazy man and chases them. Cartman dresses up as a dictator and sets out to exterminate the Jews. Another great episode from Matt and Trey! Good job!
  • Exterminate the Jews!

    In this episode we meet the mentaly unstable Mel Gibson and Cartman gets Kyle to see "The Passion of The Christ", the "Vulcan Jew" tells Cartman that he was right. Stan and Kenny also want their money back. This was one of the funniest episodes I have ever seen, Cartman speaking Aramaic, Mel Gibson's insanity, and Cartman just being at some of his racist best. Great episode.
  • Cartman rips on Kyle for being a Jew, and tells him he should watch the Passion. Kyle does, and is horrified by what his people were portrayed doing. Meanwhile, Kenny and Stan find the movie a snuff film and go after Mel Gibson to get their money back.

    This episode is one of the few where a celebrity is portrayed with their actual face. This in turn causes for more hilarious results, such as with Saddam Hussein.

    This episode was extremely funny. From the Passion being portrayed as two hours worth of torture with Jesus howling the whole time to Mel Gibson being made to look like some crazy whacko, this episode gave me plenty to laugh about.

    I am not religious, so I was only humored by the way they made Jesus go \"non! non! uh! Waaaaah!\", making the movie lose all seriousness, even with the characters being horrified. It was nice to see Kenny get more lines and screen time as he went off with Stan to watch the Passion and try and get his money back.

    The Mel Gibson part was the funniest part of the movie. The way he hops around in his underwear and seems like a maniac as he drives a truck carrying a giant tank of gas shouting \"Give me back my money!\" and making a retarded face is priceless. The whole time, I can\'t imagine what Mel Gibson himself would think to see himself portrayed like a nut, and this sort of portrayal and humor is exactly what I watch South Park for. This episode was awesome!

    Kenny - Yeah!
  • 114th Episode

    In the 9th season, Cartman finally gets his revenge on hippies. In the eighth season he attempts to get his revenge on jews though this time it is not successful.

    This episode is ridiculous, though the crazy episodes are sometimes the funniest, this being an example with Kenny and Stan spending 87 dollars to get 18 dollars back from the mental Mel Gibson while Kyle has doubts about his faith and Cartman leads a mob to exterminate the jews, the mob not even realising this.

    Overall, an episode like this can't be considered the best but it is very funny and has great shots at Mel Gibson.
  • This episode is possibly my favorite of them all!

    This episode is to funny to miss! Kyle sees The Passion to make Cartman shut up about it, but it end up making him want to convert to Christianity because it makes him feel that Jews are bad people. Meanwhile, Stan and Kenny see it, and want their $18 back, and must go visit Mel Gibson and try. They find out Mel is phychotic. Cartman feels Mel Gibson is godlike and starts "Mel Gibson's The Passion Fanclub" and gathers a bunch of people but tricks them into being part of a Nazi march. Watch it yourself to find out the rest. Funny all the way through!
  • An absolute Godsend! This episode of South Park is excruciatingly funny!

    I believe that this is probably the greatest South Park episode to date. Not only has it successfully and justifiably rubbished the views of people like Mel Gibson, but it has hit the nail home on a topic that is very close to my heart. My opinion of 'The Passion of the Christ' has always been that it is and was an entirely unnecessary movie. I'm an atheist, but I think that any sensible Christian would have to agree that a movie as violent and unneeded as this one has no place in mainstream cinema. To paraphrase what Stan says at the conclusion of the episode, we - and I'm not just talking about Christians - need to focus on the good things that Jesus did, not on how he died! An absolute gem of an episode; I've never laughed so hard as I did when Kyle is watching the film in the local cinema. Brilliant satire!
  • Kyle goes to see Passion Of the Christ and is horrified to learn that Jews tortured Christ. He wants the Jews to apologise to Christians. Meanwhile, Stan and Kenny absolutely hated the movie and goes to Mel Gibson (who's a complete whacko) to get their mo

    See this episode for one good reason: Mel Gibson. He is a complete weirdo and crazy-ass here. Matt Stone and Trey Parker are complete geniuses taking the crap out of the most famous people in the world: The Simpsons, Michael Bay, Tom Cruise and now Mel Gibson. Of course, it's not to be taken seriously and we all know Mel isn't like that in real life (or is he?), but it's still very funny to see him spoofed.
  • The Passion of the Jew is a yet classic episode but also a fear episode

    After watch the movie Passion of the Christ, Kyle not gone to asleep and make nightmares about the Jesus's death by Jews. I know it's a Jew, but it's a creepy idea that Cartman declares Mel Gibson like a God. I find hilarious the Mel Gibson appearence in this episode. But i not like that he's start to become crazy and fool, same such scenes remember Daffy's performances in Yankee Doodle Daffy (the Boom-Boom Shik-a-Boom per example). And i love too that Cartman wear of a Fuhrer's dress
  • Another great episode from season 8 where the boys become affected by Mel Gibson's "The Passion".

    Cartman persuades Kyle to see "The Passion, and after Kyle sits through the whole movie (which is too horrific for him), he finally admits to Cartman that he was right all along. However, Stan and Kenny hated the movie, and decide to get their ticket money back from Mel Gibson. One of the reasons why this remains a classic is for the side-splittingly funny scenes of Mel Gibson acting like a total nutter, along with Cartman's impersonation of Hitler as he leads his army of Passion fanatics. One of THE very best from season 8.
  • In this episode of South Park each of the boys are affected by Mel Gibson\'s movie, \"The Passion\". Kyle feels guilt about the way Jesus died, while Cartman worships the film. Meanwhile Stan and Kenny hated the movie and try to get their money back.

    Absolutly Hilarious! Definately one of the greatest episodes of South Park. This is a fine example of why South Park is such a successful show. The way Mel Gibson acts in this episode and all the crazy things he doesn and says will keep you rolling on the floor. This kind of humor is loved and held dear by all South Park fans. This episode also teaches a nice lesson in the end like most episodes of South Park. This episode is definately a classic and will be remebered by all the show\'s fans for a very long time. If you haven\'t seen this episode you are missing out on a great experience!