South Park

Season 8 Episode 4

The Passion of the Jew

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 31, 2004 on Comedy Central

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  • Recommended to people who're "passionate" about the show

    Cartman leads a campaign against the Jews after seeing "The Passion of the Christ." When Kyle sees the movie and realises that it was the Jews who betrayed Jesus he is wracked with guilt. Meanwhile, Stan and Kenny try to get their 18 dollars back from Mel Gibson after not liking his movie and discover that he is completely insane.

    Trey Parker and Matt Stone basically take no prisoners when they're expressing their opinions; Christians, Jews, Germans, The Passion of the Christ and Mel Gibson, nothing is sacred and a lot of it comes off as blatant harshness. But for a show like South Park it can be forgiven and a lot of the time it's pretty hilarious; especially the Mel Gibson send - up. They're also fair enough to poke fun at themselves with the put - down of their fairly awful movie Baseketball.

    This is one of the few episodes where i didn't find Cartman that funny; his hatred of the Jews and when he was playing Hitler was just distasteful but before that angry tirade there're a few one - liners from the King of the Brats. Stan and Kenny are basically the protagonists of this episode and are not only great but its proof that Kenny can be used for something other than being killed constantly. Even though this episode contains a lot more sophisticated animation especially in Kyle's dream sequence and some 3D effects; there's something lazy about using a real photograph of Mel Gibson rather than a drawing of his face when the best celebrity lampoons on the show had their faces sketched. Aside from an insane vocal performance as Mel Gibson; the audio is basically what you'd expect and it's important to add that their take on "The Passion of the Christ" was shockingly accurate.

    The Passion of the Jew is a brutal but frequently very enjoyable episode of South Park. Its faults can be blamed on the fact that Trey Parker and Matt Stone weren't given much time.
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