South Park

Season 15 Episode 14

The Poor Kid

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 16, 2011 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

It's another regular night at home for Kenny; his dad and brother are fighting and his mother, holding the youngest child is trying to break it up. Kenny tries to ignore it all by watching television, but the program he is watching "White Trash in Trouble" shows him a familiar scene. His house is being seen live. Kenny looks out the window and sees the camera crews. He tries to tell his fighting family that something is going on, but they aren't listening. The police and TV crew come into the house. Kenny's parents are placed in one squad car and the Kenny and his siblings are placed in another. All the commotion outside their house brings out the onlookers, including Cartman who is taking delight in the fact that Kenny will probably be sent off to a foster home. At the Park County Police Station, two officers talk about the fact that while Kenny's parents might be let go in a couple of days, Child Protective Services (CPS) is going to put the kids into Foster care. The CPS guy is having fun at the kids expense, by telling Penn State jokes and what not. At school, Stan and Kyle talk about what's going to happen to Kenny and if there is anything they can do about it. Cartman interrupts them with his theory that Craig is now the poorest kid in school. When Craig happens to walk buy, Cartman starts cutting him down, just like he used to do with Kenny. Meanwhile, Kenny and his siblings are brought to a foster home that is run by an agnostic couple that isn't sure of anything. In the computer lab, Butters is helping Cartman to determine who is the poorest kid in school. When Butters crunches the numbers, it turns out that Cartman is the poorest kid in school, now that Kenny is gone. This does not sit well with Cartman. He is convinced that Kyle, the heartless Jew, is making similar inquiries and will find out the truth. As a countermeasure Cartman goes out in the school hallway and starts making poor jokes about himself. When Cartman's mom gets home he has a talk with her. Later that night he wishes he was "put a cool foster home like Kenny." At the foster home, Kenny's sister, Karen receives a visit from Mysterion and he gives her the reassurance she needs. The police station is called and the Cartman home is raided, it seems there was a meth lab in the backyard. Cartman is packed and ready to go to a foster home, Hawaii is his first choice.

At the Park County Police Station the CPS guy is again trying to have fun in his interview with Cartman; both of their attempts at humor aren't making the other laugh. Cartman, who expects to be on his way to Hawaii is taken to a place that is the exact opposite of Hawaii (it even says so on the sign) Greeley, Colorado. At Kenny's foster home, the kids are doing an agnostic job of cleaning when the doorbell rings. Cartman has been brought to the foster home where Kenny lives. Cartman is shown where he is going to sleep and realizes that he actually had it pretty good back in South Park. The next day at Greeley Elementary Cartman is worried about being at a new school. He worries at soon put to rest, when he finds out there is someone at the school who's much poorer than everyone else. In fact he does a 20 minute song and dance number about the kid, complete with 47 "your mama so poor" jokes and a fireworks finale. Cartman is the principal's office when the CPS guy, his caseworker arrives with more Penn State jokes, which Cartman notes are really revamped Catholic jokes. The meeting is interrupted by a kid who tells the principal there is going to a fight in the playground. Outside an older girl wants Karen to give up her doll, but Karen's guardian angel is on the scene and gives the older girl a beating telling her that Karen McCormick is off limits.

At the foster home, the family sits down to dinner with an agnostic version of saying grace; when one of the kids mentions Karen's guardian angel. The foster parents are incensed with all this talk of the certainty of an angel existing. They send all the kids downstairs to the punishment room. They start spraying one of the kids with Dr. Pepper trying to get to be more indecisive about the existence of an angel. The torture is interrupted by a knock at the door, Cartman has been brought back to his foster home by the CPS guy, who is disturbed by the fact that the kids are only being given soft drinks as their beverage. This confrontation is interrupted by a noise from upstairs, the foster parents go upstairs only to be confronted by Mysterion, who like a little agnostic angel, flies around the room and leaves them with a note to "look in the fridge." In the meantime, the CPS guy starts having a look around the foster home, including the basement and realizes he's done a really shitty job looking out for these children. The foster parents go and look in the fridge and find that all the Dr. Pepper they expected to see has been replaced by one can of PBR. They start sipping it and before too long the police are called and the foster parents are being arrested. The foster parents as well as Cartman are each made to say "I'm white trash and I'm in trouble" as they are arrested; Cartman's offense, filing a false police report. We learn that we are all one PBR can away from being "White Trash in Trouble." At South Park Elementary Kenny is welcomed back and Cartman has been released from jail. Once again Cartman is delighted and starts singing that he is no longer the poor kid at school. But it's only true for a few minutes as a large bird breaks through the roof of the school and kills and eats Kenny. Now as the poorest kid in school again, Cartman starts telling poor jokes about his mother and begins crying.