South Park

Season 15 Episode 14

The Poor Kid

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 16, 2011 on Comedy Central

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  • The Triumphant Return of Mysterion

    After a few abysmal episodes, "1%, Bass to Mouth, and Funnybot." The season ends with an awesome episode.

    Cartman, being the usual jerk, records the McCormic's getting arrested, then whines about being poor, (based on the information Butters gathered on all the kids at school.) (Of course, if you are a hard core South Park fan, you might remember Cartman and his mom going to the welfare office in the episode "Here comes the neighborhood.") Then framing his mom for running a meth lab just so he can be placed in a nice foster home. (Of course that doesn't work out as planned.)

    The hard core agnostic family that takes Kenny and his sibs in, they were somewhat disturbing. I found it hilarious when Cartman was at odds with them.

    Then there were the Penn State jokes, which of course are recycled catholic jokes, but still very timely.

    And of course, Mysterion returns. The first time, (and so far the only time,) Mysterion appears in an episode without the Coon.

    I hope they do more episodes featuring Mysterion in the near future.
  • Kenny has a sister?


    And a brother in tonight's episode. Not that I mind, just a little odd. I've never seen them before. The cartman story line reminded me of the episode where he tricks butters into letting him put his penis in his mouth. Mysterion makes a lame but successful appearance as the hero. Kenny's parents get arrested for yelling too loud... What was with the agnostic family? what is that referencing?

    So 20 seasons of south park, just confirmed. I guess they dont want to let the simpsons take a run, but Matt and Trey seem like they are done with south park. Maybe its just me but I just cant laugh at it any more.

  • A great capper to a decent season! It was funny, featured my favorite character, and was surprisingly sweet.


    I was so happy that they ended the season like this. It combined all the classic and new elements in one episode. I've said this before but I find Kenny the most interesting character of the show and I loved following his story about him protecting his sister, Karen. I cheered as Mysterion appeared in the window to comfort Karen, and I cheered even more when Mysterion beat up that chick who was bullying Karen. Once again the Mysterion persona develops Kenny more as a character. We also have great moments just as Kenny himself especially in the end where we are treated to one of the funniest Kenny deaths of all time! It was completely random but it closed off the season in such a hilarious fashion! Cartman's story was also great with the gut wrenching jabs with the Penn State controversy yet I still wanted a bit more Kenny since Cartman pretty much dominated the entire season. However, like I said this was an awesome episode and is probably my favorite of the season. The ending alone can make the entire episode because of how random it is XD

  • A Very Good Episode and Good Ending for the 15th Season!! :)


    I Didn't expect for this Episode to be this Good I thought it would be a Decent Episode at First! The Episode was Overall Great From Start to Finish!! An Episode about Kenny's Sister was a Big Surprise for me, Somewhat, And the Mysterion Appearance was also pretty Cool! Kenny's Death was Random and just came out of Nowhere, which was pretty funny!! Though Adams' jokes seemed recycled; at first they were good, but just ran dry throughout the episode. And the Yo Mama Jokes were alright too!! Not one of the Funniest Episodes that I have seen, but still the Story and Plot was Fantastic, and the Episode ran through smoothly!! This is without a-doubt my Favorite Episode in the Season, Next to City Sushi! :)

  • perfect


    what i liked- Kenny being Mysterion for parts of the episode, like showing up to comfort Karen at night, beating up that one girl at school, etc, some of Cartman's "Your momma so poor" jokes (only some), "Joe Paterno DOESN'T walk into a police station", the ending where Kenny is died, Stan says "What the (Bleep)", and Cartman is upset because he is once again the poorest in the school, amongst other things.

    good episode. if there was anything that would bring my score down, it would be the repetitiveness of the Penn State jokes and Cartman's yo momma jokes. but the rest of the episode was so funny and creative i felt, that these two things did not detract. great season finale, this has been a solid run of episodes. A+