South Park

Season 15 Episode 14

The Poor Kid

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 16, 2011 on Comedy Central

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  • A great capper to a decent season! It was funny, featured my favorite character, and was surprisingly sweet.


    I was so happy that they ended the season like this. It combined all the classic and new elements in one episode. I've said this before but I find Kenny the most interesting character of the show and I loved following his story about him protecting his sister, Karen. I cheered as Mysterion appeared in the window to comfort Karen, and I cheered even more when Mysterion beat up that chick who was bullying Karen. Once again the Mysterion persona develops Kenny more as a character. We also have great moments just as Kenny himself especially in the end where we are treated to one of the funniest Kenny deaths of all time! It was completely random but it closed off the season in such a hilarious fashion! Cartman's story was also great with the gut wrenching jabs with the Penn State controversy yet I still wanted a bit more Kenny since Cartman pretty much dominated the entire season. However, like I said this was an awesome episode and is probably my favorite of the season. The ending alone can make the entire episode because of how random it is XD