South Park

Season 13 Episode 1

The Ring

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 11, 2009 on Comedy Central
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Kenny decides that taking his new girlfriend to a Jonas Brothers concert might earn him a special place in her heart…not to mention other body parts. Unfortunately, his dreams are crushed when purity rings are handed out at the concert.

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  • good episode one of the best but it's insultful to christians

    This episode starts off season 13 ans kenny has a new girlfriend name Tammy. Then we find out that Tammy is a ungreatful slut she gives guys a BJ at T.G.I Fridays that place costs a lot good thing I can get in but thats a nother story. But Kenny is okay with that and it will work at a Jonas Brothers concert. Then they get these rings and Mickey Mouse is evil makes fun of christians I'll be mad but I'm not christian. And I like the part before the ending. And Kenny dies of a BJ is that badder that STDs or HIV ???moreless
  • better then the high school muscial parody

    Before i get to the review, let me say for the record that I truly have little respect for Disney channel, since they play very tasteless shows and to top it off don't actually have any talented music. Comparing the Jonas Brothers to the Beatles is like comparing tupac to Martin Luther King Jr. Now, i can rant more, but I really want to stick with the episode rather then about myself, but one last note, they really hit my last nerve when they turned toon Disney (decent channel with some good old Disney cartoons like Talespin) into Disney XD (or Disney Xcess Dump)and put on many of Disney channels garbage on it. But enough, as I said before: This is a review, NOT a ranting forum. We find Kenny trying to score, but after a trip to a Jonas Brothers concert, he ends up becoming a colossal bore when he puts on a purity ring. We also learn that the Jonas brothers are sick of wearing the rings, and the head boss (Micky Mouse in a business suit) is no doubt a ruthless business man who wants nothing more then money. Stan, Kyle, and Carman, fed up with Kenny being a total bore, Confront the Jonas Brothers in a crowd of people, only to be stopped by Micky, who darts them and then tries to kill them, suspecting they are sent by Dreamworks. However, when he is exposed to the crowd for his true intentions does he go berserk, transforming into a giant micky and breathing fire on everyone. I won't spoil the ending, but it was a good twist. I could care less of him calling Christians "Retarded", since South Park has busted on almost every religion. (Not sure if they busted on the Buddist or asian stuff) Anyway, yeah, good episode and Disney is really giving a punch in the face, considering just how money hungry they are.moreless
  • Mickey Mouse gone evil.

    Thinking it's his way into her heart and other body parts, Kenny takes his new girlfriend to a Jonas Brothers concert. His dream of taking their relationship to the next level is crushed when the Jonas Brothers give them purity rings. Here's my review:

    Everyone was contented about Kenny having girlfriend that who is poorer then he is, then all the sudden Butters tells them about Tammy give this guy a "B.J." at T.G.I Fridays ( actually feel bad for Kenny in my thoughts) and Stan, Kyle and Cartman tells Kenny about that rumor about his girlfriend without being too prompt to talk about it. To me Kenny seems energized of hearing that rumor and as perverted as he is, Kenny wants a B.J from Tammy. That sick Kenny: lol:.

    At the concert, all the girls went utterly wild after seeing the Jonas Brothers on stage. While they still screaming eagerly, Tammy finally aggress to give Kenny his B.J. but one of the security guard wants Tammy and some other fan girls to meet the Jonas Brothers back stage. The overweight girl consider that the JB going to give them each a B.J., Tammy and the other girls agrees not to have one. The Jonas Brother gives them a purity ring for them not to have sex or do any ill-disciplined things.

    Kenny agrees not to do anything to Tammy and not do anything.

    Cartman warning Kenny about unprotected sex running gag was priceless. Mickey swearing made tears coming down my eyes The Jonas Brothers' boss was…..Mickey Mouse, The Walt Disney Company cartoon character from the 20's or 50's, wants the boys to give more purity ring and get him more many. I think it was wrong where Mickey calls all Christian stupid and retarded on amplifier in front of the girls. Then Mickey come angry and transform into a large mouse and spitting fire, then floating on the air to destroy everyone.

    Tammy and Kenny went to T.G.I Friday's and Kenny died of syphilis. What a good episode. 10/10

    ~ GlittersBlings

    12:16 PM

    March, 12th, 2009moreless
  • It's a tearjerker because I'm so upset at how poor South Park remains

    South Park did not return with a bang nor did it even return on current form having gone downhill somewhere after series 10. It's the same old stuff with overused topics and to much time tediously expressing a viewpoint on than trying to do comedy. Kennys death was a killer ending, the best joke in the episode but with the writers spending so much effort on making a political viewpoint on abstinace you have to ask what his death really means. Whatever the case the contradiction urked me even if it was very funny.

    My annoyance isn't enough to give this episode such a low score, that goes to this episodes sheer bad taste. South Park has always pushed the boundries of taste and taboo, it's always been controversial, yet this episodes attempt to to be funny by being shocking only ended up giving a insight into the perveted minds of whoever wrote this rubbish. I'm not a conservative person when it comes to comedy, and it's not easy to shock me, but this episode was simply too disturbing.

    The whole Jonas Brothers thing was just odd. To be honest I dont even know who they are! It wasn't funny.

    All this aside the 2.5 score it got does go to It having a few very funny moments. Kenny provided a lot of humour and Mickeys rant toward the end was a pretty good laugh despite all the politicising.

    I'm very tempted to do a comic book guy quote now, this episode was one of the worst.moreless
  • Funny in some ways, but awfully offensive to Christians, specifically me.

    Liked how they made fun of Disney being a Satanic-like organization, especially with all the conspiracy theories in the world today. But when they made Mickey Mouse utter those words about Christians, I offically said, "That's it! No more. I can't stand it!" No offense to the creators and the fans of the show, but if there was a way to remove shows like these, I'd be on board with the idea. All in all, it was funny up until the the slander about God. Perhaps if less religious slander was featured in the show, I'd watch it again, but until that happens, fare-thee-well South Park.moreless
Matt Stone

Matt Stone

Voice of Kyle Broflovski; Kenny McKormick; Leopold 'Butters' Stotch; Gerald Broflovski

Trey Parker

Trey Parker

Voice of Stan Marsh; Eric Theodore Cartman; Randy Marsh; Mr. Garrison

April Stewart

April Stewart

Voice of Liane Cartman; Principal Victoria; Sharon Marsh; Wendy Testaburger; Various Other Females

Mickey Ramos

Mickey Ramos

Voice of Unknown

Guest Star

Milan Agnone

Milan Agnone

Voice of Unknown

Recurring Role

John Hansen (V)

John Hansen (V)

Voice of Mr. Slave

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (14)

    • Cartman:Hey those Jonas Brothers are assholes!
      Stan:Yeah their purity rings turn are friend into a dosh!
      Kyle:What the hell you think your doing spreading this crap to kids!
      Mickey Mouse:Who the hell are these guys? Are they working for Dreamworks? Damn Dreamworks trying to hurt this company again ha-ha!
      Cartman:This whole thing is a freaking sham! I see want your doing now trying to sell sex to young girls and it confuse then to..(Cartman gets shot in the neck and gets knockout)
      Mickey Mouse: (reloading his gun) Your not missing this time Dreamworks Ha-ha.
      Stan:Dude who the hell did that?
      (Stan and Kyle gets shot in the neck and gets knockout)

    • News Reporter: Tom, the Disney Jonas Brothers 3D television special has failed, Costing the Disney company Millions and Once Again Mickey is pissed off and is throwing a fit.
      (Mickey is Flying like a Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Ballon)
      Mickey Mouse: Vengeance is mine! You are all ants and I am your Destroyer! Ha ha!
      (Mickey blows fire killing every person in his path)
      Reporter: The Disney purity ring venture will most likely now prove a marketing bust, as Mickey returns to Valhalla to slumber and feed.

    • Mickey Mouse: Where would you be without me, Jonas Brothers? Ha ha! Your music sucks and you know it, haha! It's because you make little girl's gineys tickle, and when little girl's gineys tickle, I make money, ha ha! And that's because little girls are fucking stupid, ha ha! And the purity rings make it OK to do whatever I want, ha ha! Even the Christians are too f*cking stupid to figure out I'm selling sex to their daughters. I've made billions off of Christian ignorance for decades now, ha ha, and do you know why? Because Christians are retarded, ha ha! They believe in a talking dead guy! Ha ha!

    • (Mickey Mouse kicking Joe Jonas causing his nose to start bleeding)
      Mickey Mouse: You don't - f*cking - talk to me - like that - haha! - you little - piece of - sh*t!-haha! Get the f*ck up! Get the f*ck up-haha!

    • TV Host: That's great, boys. You like taking the Jonas Brothers' hot foam in your faces, girls?

    • Joe Jonas: Look, we just want our concerts to be about our music and not about purity rings.
      Mickey Mouse: Oh gosh, fellas, let me explain this to you one more time. You have to wear the purity rings because that's how we can sell sex to little girls, haha! See, if we make the posters with little girls reaching for your junk, then you have to wear purity rings or else the Disney Company looks bad, haha!

    • Cartman: (to Kenny) Well well well, here he comes, it's B.J. McKay and his best friend Bear.

    • Butters: A ring that says you'd be together but not have sex. Isn't that called a wedding ring?

    • Cartman: Kenny, you're gonna let a girl put her mouth on your wiener? Do you know how disgusting that is? Girls' mouths are full of germs!

    • Jimmy: Kenny deserves to know, fellas. If you guys found out my girlfriend was a raging whore, I'd want you to tell me.

    • Kenny: I'm gonna buy this great new DVD.
      Cartman: Grey's Anatomy!?! Kenny! What kind of douche-bag garbage are you watching!?!
      Stan: Come on Kenny, this isn't you! We want you back, dude!
      Cartman: Kenny? (snapping in Kenny's face) Kenny? You wanna look at Playboy? You wanna get high sniffin' paint? Kenny?

    • Cartman: Your girlfriend is a slut, dude.
      Kenny: Woohoo! (He runs off jumping for joy)
      Cartman: He took it pretty well.

    • Father Maxi: (Addressing Kenny's funeral gathering)...and so as we commit this young child to the earth, let us All be reminded, that syphilis is still a deadly disease...
      Cartman: I told him...woman's mouth is the most germ-ridden place on earth I said, statistically the most unsafe place for a man to put his penis I said...
      Kyle: Well, now we know.....
      Cartman: And knowing is half the battle.

    • Mickey Mouse: You think God is in control here? I'm in control. I've been in control since the 50s, in case you haven't noticed! points to the Jonas Brothers) You three faggots are going on stage, (points to the boys) and you three faggots aren't going to stop me! I have worked too long and too hard for anybody to f*ck this up!!

  • NOTES (3)


    • Tammy: You see, I was watching the Disney Channel, and that show came on with the Jonas Brothers.

      The show mentioned is JONAS, despite the release of the said TV series was 2 months later after this episode's airdate. It could also mean the short series "Jonas Brothers: Living the dream".

    • Grey's Anatomy:

      Grey's Anatomy is a Prime Time drama about a group of surgeons in Seattle, Washington and it's also the show all the kids with the purity rings were watching.

    • Netflix:

      Netflix is mentioned numerous times in this episode. Netflix is a popular online DVD and Blu-Ray disc rental service.

    • G.I. Joe and Transformers:

      Cartman: And knowing is half the battle.

      This quote came from the 1983 G.I. JOE series and the 1984 Transformers series.

    • Concert Posters:

      Felines: Cats
      Kanye West
      Joey and his Crazy Colored Morning Jacket: Jospeh and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
      ABBA MIA!: Mamma Mia!
      Phantom of the Soap Opera: Phantom of the Opera
      Celine Dion
      Britney '08
      Boulevard P: Avenue Q
      Giggity Goop Floon's Poop: Seussical the Musical!

    • Jonas Brothers 3-D Concert Movie:

      When the Jonas Brothers spray foam on the crowd of girls when they're in Denver is direct from the Jonas Brothers 3-D Concert Movie when they did the same thing to a crowd of preteens.