South Park

Season 11 Episode 4

The Snuke

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 28, 2007 on Comedy Central

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  • A Fluke,and The Snuke

    This is the one episode of South Park that I can honestly say bigotry helped save the day.I would'nt suggest using bigotry in real life to expose secrets.Cartman's suspicion of a Muslim Classmate was the catalyst to this episode.His suspicion of the Classmate was indeed an act of Bigotry.His suspicion of a terrorist attack was without a doubt,a Fluke.This act would lead to a real terrorist threat,on South Park.Hilary Clinton would be the target used in the attack.She is unknowingly carrying a bomb Snuke in her snatch.When the plan was exposed,and the bomb disabled,South Park was saved.Cartman tries to take credit for saving South Park,crediting Bigotry.Kyle however does not agree.I,myself would have to say that Cartmans way,in a sense won out.I would never want what happened in this episode,(Cartmans bigotry) to be practiced.Cartmans suspicion was what I said earlier,a Fluke.
  • Nothing great.

    This episode was not funny, although it had a plot and kept to it, it really didn't make me laugh. It was sort of humerous that Cartman thought it was the Muslim kid who was the terrorist and kept at it and it turned out that there was a terrorist, although it wasn't the Muslim kid or his parents and it turned out to be the Russians who set up a diversion for the British to attack. It had a clever plot, but was not executed very well at all. That is why I give it the low score of 4.
  • pretty fun episode

    Cartman suspects a new Muslim student, Bahir, is a terrorist who plans to blow up South Park during a Hillary Clinton campaign rally. Cartman needs to hurry up and come up with the sinister plan before it is all too late and everyone in South Park is killed by the bomb (if there is one).

    Good 24 parody. I never watched 24 but I still thought this was a fun episode. The only thing keeping it from being an A+ in my book is that the middle of it feels kind of boring. But overall a pretty good episode from the 11th season of south park. Grade: A-. Pretty good, albeit a bit boring in the middle methinks
  • The citizens of South Park are getting ready for the arrival of Hillary Clinton for campaign rally. Meanwhile Cartman suspects that a new Muslim student is behind a planned terrorist attack. In serch of proof Cartman uses his own interrogation methods.

    This is a fine example of the South Park series, as it was funny, silly and a bit racist. I've got to say that there isn't a South Park sereis ever made with no episode that is a bit racist.
    Anyway, the idea of Hillary Clinton having a nuclear device up her vagina is very funny. The guy treating this problem got eaten alive by something in her vagina and never came back. I wonder what is up Hillary Clinton's vagina I guess we could ask Bill Clinton about that.
    If he was strait he would know. I'm not saying he's gay but he should inspect Hilarry's vagina sometime.
  • A parody of 24 whats with that

    In this episode a new student is in the class and Cartman think a terrorist attack is going to happen due to the fact Bahir is a Muslim. Then Cartman calls Kyle to check MySpace to check out this Bahir. Then Cartman makes a report to the Cops and we learn that these bad guys somehow planted a bome on Hillary Clinton's snuke how did did the guys who made South park got her to led then air that on tv. Then Something about the British. Then Cartman farts on Bahir's mom and dad then Kyle found out who is the cause of the terrorist attack and Bahir and his Mom and Dad move out of South park
  • The Snuke vs 24

    south park and 24. think about it mixed up in to a classic episode about a bomb up hillary clinton thing... good old south park with its crude jokes and its continuing racism and a a message."suspecting people might lead you to honor". The Snuke is one of my favorite episodes and a very shocking ending.That left me,saying "cool". and with a great 24 style. it makes this episode look cool and me,you do not want to miss this spectacular moving episode.a uphill achievement for season 11.i took more liking to south park after i watched this is very cool and it !
  • So prejudice and bigotry saved America?

    I'm really suprised at cartman at his episode, he really hates people from the middle east, Judging Bahir by what people say about Muslims. The 24 parody was really funny,Russians and the British working together was unexpected.

    The way they portray Hilarry Clinton was ... disturbing, her butt really looks big (since the snuke was in her snatch, Even though south park mocked her in this episode, she really looks true to her responsibilties in this episode.

    I was really confused at the ending, even though it was proven that bahir was'nt a terrorist, Cartman says that racism, prejudice and bigotry saved America, contrast to Kyle's speech, Kyle says that people should'nt be suspicious of one race of people "because most of the world hates America"
  • 24 meets South Park.

    "The Snuke" was my favorite episode of South Park. i couldn't have asked for better. I liked the computer parts fo it with Kyle and the guys from the CIA. For some reason,, I like episodes and shows that ahve to do somewhat with computers. I also liked how it was a 24 and South Park crossover. Well not really a crossover, but a parody. I can't believe Cartman was so smart and figured out what was going to happen. I would never expect that from him. Ok maybe I would. He is pretty smart. It was a really,entertaining,action-packed,funny episode. Best....Episode....Ever
  • Parody of a great show

    Hilarious episode. I've been impressed so far with the whole 11th season, but this episode is by far my favorite. Where the WoW episode was the favorite of the 10th season, I must say this will most likely be the 11th season favorite. can't say it for sure yet, but it definitely contends w/ WoW.

    This episode is amazing. Loved the heavy ticking of the clock. The splitscreens, and then the joining of one when Cartman is on the phone. It pulls attention to itself and laughs at the technique, and so did I. Cartman diving through the window, his apple juice farts, hilarious. The very end is awesome. The VERY end, what Cartman says.
  • 24 Parody.

    So South Park goes 24. I was pretty much excited about this. The lord of the rings parody they did in season 6 is one of my favorite episode ever.....well this 24 parody was good...some big laughs but yet nothing really memorable
    I love the "these events take place between recess and the Geo class" really got be LMAO. The torture scenes and a couple of others were great. I love Cartman, TV`s ultimate bad boy but i think things are actually a bit too Cartman centric...Kenny was not in it and even if Kyle had a major role, I would have love to see more of Stan.
    But overall it was a pretty good episode....could have been better tho.
  • The snuke

    Obviously not my favorite at all.
    This episode just really didn't hit the spot. Sure, I liked Cartman's racism a lot but I do get his life philosophy (and share some)anyway. And I liked the 24-style stuff. Also this episode has Hillary Clinton in it but the way she was portrayed didn't satisfy me : Making fun of that obviously fake accent was great and the pig commiting sexual harrassment on her was fun too but, well, she should have died a bloody death. I hate Hillary Clinton (and there's NOT gonna be a female president, deal with it) though I'm not into politics. But I really hate her so she should've been mocked much more.
    I guess it's the episode when the queen of England shoots herself ? Well, that's great !! (If I had to pick my favorite part of this episode, the deadly shot would be it !)
    I'm not really a fan of season 11 (But I love season 9 !!) and you can see why.
  • A funny, although understated spoof...

    This episode spoofed one of my favourite TV shows - 24. It was inevitable, really, and the end results were pretty fun. Far more could have been done with the concept, with considerably less repetition of the clock etc, yet this was still an above average episode.

    The idea of the "snuke" was hilarious, and moreover, how nobody wanted to venture into the recesses of Hilary Clinton's snatch to retrieve the suitcase nuke.

    The episode could have been better given its excellent premise, yet it was still a fine addition to the show's repertoire, and a fine example of how excellent Season 11 has been so far.
  • South Park does '24'

    Basically, a new Muslim kid joins the class. Cartman suspects something, so he calls Kyle *who is sick* and has him do a search on the new kid *hes called Bahir*. Cartman believes what Kyle found doesn't add up with what Bahir said, so he calls Officer Barbrady to evacuate the entire school. Cartman finds out there's a Hilary Clinton rally in south park on the same day, so calls the CIA to help Hilldog. A bomb sniffing pig finds a bomb in Mrs Clinton v@gin@. Its a snuke. Cartman then takes Bahirs parents hostage until Bahir calls his mom to tell them hes at Butters' house. Cartman goes there, chases Bahir until they are captured by the real terrorists. It turns out they are only hired assassins hired by the british. Omg! CIA makes it in time to stop the snuke, save cartman and bahir and defeat the british once again. the queen then blows her brains out. the muslims then move. gr8 episode!
  • Wow. Season 11 has been nearly perfect at the moment.

    In this episode. The citizens of South Park are gearing up for the arrival of Hillary Clinton for a big campaign rally. Meanwhile, Cartman suspects that a new Muslim student is involved in a possible terrorist attack. Every minute counts for Cartman as he uses his own interrogation methods on his suspect. But could the plan to target Clinton be just the tip of the iceberg?

    Great episode, loved the storyline and the humor.

    Plot: Great. Loved the plot. It was original and hilarious. I mean, Cartman trying to protect the USA from a terrorist attack.

    Humor: Loved it. Great episode for the humor part.

    I recommend this episode. It was fantastic.
  • This parody of '24' sees Cartman trying to stop a Muslim terrorist attack plot that involves a bomb being hidden in a very personal place inside Hilary Clinton, in this rather straight and humourless installment...

    Well, I'm afraid to say, this episode didn't really do much for me.

    It started off promisingly enough, with Cartman taking an instant suspicious dislike to a new Muslim classmate. But from a couple of minutes in, it all started to go downhill.

    Admittedly I don't watch '24', but I don't think even if I did, that I would like this unfunny episode much more. Although not a '24' viewer, from what I've seen of it, a parody was ripe for the picking, but they just seemed to totally miss the target on this one.

    Yes it had the drama, but that's just it - where on Earth were the gags? They were so thin on the ground. About the most there was, was Cartman farting at the captured parents of the Muslim boy, which I found to be childish and unfunny, and much below 'South Park's usual sharp standards.

    It was vaguely amusing that, out of all the possible enemies, the British turned out to be behind it all. (I'm British myself and didn't take offence to it in the slightest).
    [spoiler] But I did feel that the Queen blowing her brains out at the end was just a lame episode desperately trying to be controversial. It added nothing to the story. [end of spoiler]

    I can't say it's the worst ever episode, but this one really didn't grab me much at all.
  • I love 24 and South Park. So this was my favorite episode.

    I really liked this episode. For one reason I am a really big 24 fan and the second reason is that I don't really like Hillary Clinton. The episode was very good Kyle and Stan being CTU going on Myspace and Google, then Bahir allegadly being the terroist, and Cartman interrogating Bahir's parents by farting in there faces then injecting himself with apple juice to give him more bad gas. There was also all the action like the real 24, the suitcase nuke in Hillary Clintons vagina (suitcase nukes were the current threat on 24). Overall I think this episode is really good and if you like South Park and 24 you will love this episode.
  • The "Snuke" episode brought my very masculine self to brink of tears from the comedy. The Snuke was based on the hit fox show "24" in which a new kid bahir moves to the hilarious town named South Park just as Presidential candidate comes. Very comical.

    The "Snuke" episode brought my very masculine self to brink of tears from the comedy. The Snuke was based on the hit fox show "24" in which a new Muslim kid bahir moves to the hilarious town named South Park just as Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton comes to gain support from a rally in South Park. Eric Cartmen suspects Bahir as going to try and bomb the rally, when really the Russian's are going to bomb and kill Hilary. The Feds come to South Park and all heck breaks loose. The bomb is in Hilary's snuke. The feds then try to remove the snuke and some of the Feds puke from the sight of her snuke.
  • This is one of the best South Park episodes ever, and produced the most "laugh out loud" moments of any in my recent memory.

    This is a perfect example of why South Park is such a great show! Both South Park and The Simpons had 24 parodies this season, and IMHO, this was the better of the two. The constant references to "Hilldog", the constant takeovers of Kyle's room by higher and higher organizations until Kyle himself figures out that all he has to do is tell someone they aren't in charge anymore, the use of just about every internet resource known to man (nobody uses "Ask Jeeves" anymore!), and the classic scenario of cartman's perverted racisim actually saving everyone in town (in a roundabout way) are all great examples of why I keep watching this show! I haven't laughed so hard at a South Park ep in years! Love it guys, keep eps like this coming!

    They snuck a snook in her sniz! Hahahahahahaha!
  • This is a perfect example of South Park being overly-dramatic in their parodies. What happened to the days when South Park tried to be funny?

    Episodes like this make me miss the good old days of the eariler seasons of South Park when it was funnier and less overly-dramatic. As a fan of both "South Park" AND "24" I expected better out of this. Matt and Trey tried way to hard with this ep. Instead of making a parody of a show and making it look funny, you'd think they were seriously trying to make a drama instead of a comedy. I only laughed maybe once or twice during the whole ep.

    Although far from the worst episode ever, I'm still baffled at how this made #3 spot on the top episode list. I know several are gonna disagree with my review, but when you make the parodies too obvious and try too hard to make overly-dramatic things look funny, it's just not good comedy anymore.
  • Hillary Clinton plans to have a rally through South Park, unknowing that terrorists are plotting against her and the rest of South Park. But Cartman is on their trail, in his own racist way.

    This has got to be the best episode in Season 11, with the first episode (With Apologies to Jesse Jackson) coming in at a close second. The country hiring the terrorists was a good twist (I was kinda shocked, but that's South Park for you), and the episode also pokes fun at racial profiling and the show 24. Even if you haven't watched an episode of 24 in your life, but at least watched a commercial or two, you'll get the full effect of this episode. Overall, it was a really good episode, and should be a candidate for best episode of the season, or something.

    I love 24, it is my favorite show! And this south park episode was hilarous, its a perfect episode that just makes me love south park even more, i even enjoy it more than family guy these days. The jokes that were made relating to scenes in 24, were just genius, for instance cartman's interigation and different agencies taking over the previous, and the continuous use "not anymore you're not", was hysterical . i would love to see more south park episodes that parody great tv shows, those are my favorite! And of course catman always being the main charatcer, he's just the best!
  • this episode is about terrorists taking over southpark

    I hate this episode and it is exstremely painthul to and it is probabaly to all brittish people because southpark acused them of being terrorists . but that is deffinatly not the worst part the worst part is that they made it look like the brittish could be killed so easly and also that they make it so the queen shoots herself . it is an okay episode apart from the fact that they humiliated brittish people. I now going to name one thing that was good about this episode and that would probabaly be everything apart the bit were they insalted the brittish.
  • Doesn't get much better than this. One of the best episodes ever, a must see.

    This episode is beyond great... I don't really have a word for beyond great but you can imagine what that's like. I think this is one of the funniest parodies that South Park has ever done. I mean Matt & Trey sure do have 24's number. They could probably take over making 24.

    This episode has so many great lines, such as "Everyone in South Park will die... Forever!" Just brilliant. Cartman playing Jack is great, I mean his torture tactics... farts I loved that. And Kyle in his room on his computer cross referencing information with Google and Myspace was really funny. This episode had so many great parts but the highlight would be when new agencies come in and keep taking over Kyles investigation. "I'm in charge here" "Not anymore your not!". Also a big shout out to the HillDog gaga. Loved that.

    This is a must see people, it proves that South Park is still great after all these years.


    Here are a few quotes

    Cartman: Okay, who got rid of the Muslims, huh? That was all me. A simple thank you would suffice.

    Older Agent: Look, your little game of goin' over people's heads is over! You could still work, but from now on you answer to ME, you got that?!
    FBI Leader: 'Scuse me, who's in charge here?!
    Older Agent: I am!
    FBI Leader: (more people come in) Yeah well not anymore you're not. This apartment has just been assigned to the FBI.
    Older Agent: That's outrageous! On whose orders?!
    FBI Leader: On order of the Secretary of Defense! You had your shot, now I'm in charge!
    ATF Leader: (more people come in) Not anymore you're not! Orders just came down from Central! They want ATF handling this on all fronts! All right people, from now on you're answering to me!
    Secret Service Leader: (more people come in) Not anymore they're not! Orders from the President: he wants this handled by his staff personally! Now Nelson is in charge.
    Nelson: (bursts into the scene) Not anymore I'm not! (everyone else falls silent)

    Bahir: Please. Think about what you are doing. The British are just using you; you're going to die.
    Vladimir: Yes, but we will be rich.

    CIA Agent: We can't wait for them to find the detonator. If we can get to the bomb, then maybe we can deactivate it. Can't somebody go and take a look inside Mrs. Clinton's snizz?
    Officer: I'm not sending any of my men in there.

    Cartman: If I wasn't serious would I be talking like this?
    Officer Barbrady: Like what?
    Cartman: Whispering, but whispering really loudly for dramatic effect.
  • Very funny episode.

    I really liked this episode. For one reason I am a really big 24 fan and the second reason is that I don't really like Hillary Clinton. The episode was very good Kyle and Stan being CTU going on Myspace and Google, then Bahir allegadly being the terroist, and Cartman interrogating Bahir's parents by farting in there faces then injecting himself with apple juice to give him more bad gas. There was also all the action like the real 24, the suitcase nuke in Hillary Clintons vagina (suitcase nukes were the current threat on 24). Overall I think this episode is really good and if you like South Park and 24 you will love this episode.
  • Had its quirks but failed to provide many quotable moments. If you've never seen 24 before the episode won't really make much sense.

    If you're a 24 fan you'll definately admire the numerous amounts of references to the show, including the split screen cellphone scene which was my personal favourite. I thought the episode would have alot more to do with the whole "Muslim prejudice issue" than it actually did, which dissapointed me slighty. Also, through the middle of the episode Cartman acts akwardly out've character while trying to parody 24. For being such central characters, the Kyle and Cartman fights were really lacking. The episode was certainly not a catastrophe, but besides a few moments that left you with some brief chuckles, it's easily forgetable.
  • Cartman races against time to save South Park from a nuclear bomb hidden in Hillary Clinton's "snatch." But, who is really behind this plot? The new muslim student at South Park? Communist terrorists? Or is it America's oldest enemy out for revenge?

    Very entertaining episode. I liked the end a lot as well as all the "Not anymore you're not" jokes. I also liked the reference to Hillary Clinton changing her voice when she makes speeches in small towns. I also thought the whole "Hildog" thing was great. Matt Stone and Trey Parker always talk about how their best episodes are when they don't try to do too much and don't have an A story and a B story. I think this episode succeeded because it had one story and although their where partial different stories (ie Stan and Kyle, Cartman, and the Mrs. Clinton Story) they all flowed well and made a successful cohesive episode.
  • Hillary Clinton, a guy that looks suspiciously like Colin Powell, Cartman and his antics, and Kyle in his PJ's...Beware: spoilers...

    First of all, I am still realing from last weeks brilliant and hysterically funny episode. Of course, it comes as no surprise to me that Matt Stone and Trey Parker have come back with another comedic genius episode. There were so many fall to the floor laughing type moments tonight.

    The first time I did a spit take (no not that kind of spit take, you dirty minded people!) was when Cartman backed out of his desk after the new student was introduced. His whole, "No, no, no, no" while laughing had me laughing. I did feel bad for the new kid, of course. It's gotta $uck going to a new school where everyone judges you. Oh wait, that's pretty much everyone who has had a childhood...

    Cartman calling Kyle was great. I loved it when Kyle just kind of rolled his eyes at the idea at first. I loved all of the cross references on the computer. You know kids now adays are always on the web. Cartman called everyone, including the president. That was great. So great that I don't even have words to describe it.

    Then Hilary Clinton comes to South Park. And a bomb sniffing pig? Oh my. But wait, there's more: Hilary has a bomb up know what. The entire scene with her assistant going up to try and deactivate the bomb was ridiculously hysterical (am I the only one who had a Grey's Anatomy flashback there?). I really want to be introduced to the little monster that killed him!! They should do a whole show about it (heck, they did head lice last week. Why not Hilary's monster?)!

    The scene where people keep coming into Kyle's room and taking over the situation was so very true that it's not even funny. But when Kyle turned around and told that guy he wasn't in charge anymore ("Not anymore you're not!"), the "Oh snap" comment had me rolling.

    So the Muslims aren't behind it. The French aren't behind it (they aren't even mentioned, but of course I had to thorow that in there), the German's aren't behind it, and the Russians aren't behind it. Seeing the British coming over on the boat was funny. But, thanks to the kids, the British fail to attack America and Cartman (believe it or not) in his own twisted bigoted way, saved America. Kyle fumes at Cartman's victory.

    And the Queen blowing her brains out had my mouth gaping open in shock, laughter, and whatever else emotion I was feeling after a long day at work. Brilliant, just brilliant.

    Can't wait for next week's episode. My question is: When the heck are they going to make fun of American Idol?! Come on, the show deserves a good lashing! They did one Fox show tonight (24), why not spoof another? They're on a roll!
  • Introducing a friend to 24 for the first time? Just stick on this episode of South Park instead.

    Loved this episode. Loved it. I am an avid watcher of 24 but I don't think you have to be one to get the jokes in this episode. 24 is basically the ultimate action movie in a tv series, so the jokes within this episode are accessible to anyone I think.

    It's basically a twenty minute course in 24. It has everything - the racial profiling; the inexplicable ties between Eastern European, Russian & British terrorists; the inevitable involvement of people from inside the government; the chaotic amateurness of the running of CTU/Kyle's bedroom with people frequently taking over control.
    Cartman's impression of Bauer was geniously funny and there were some lovely silly moments like the British coming in their redcoats and cannons.

    My flatmate had never seen 24 up til recently. I lent her series 1 as our constant quoting of 24 ("I'm on it!", "I doin't have time to explain right now!") frustrated and confused her. Next time, I'll just show somebody this episode of South Park instead. It is the ultimate 24 episode wrapped up in one lovely neat little twenty minutes of animated hilarity.
  • Brilliant

    To all of you who don't watch 24, get out of here. You need to watch 24 to understand the majority of the jokes in this episode, which are truly hilarious if you understand them. For example, "The bomb will go off...WITHIN THE HOUR!" This is a perfect example of a joke for which you need to watch 24, because whenever a character in 24 is saying when something is going to occur, its always "within the hour". This is one of the best episodes ever in my opinion, and I hope they can keep up the good work (I'm sure they can).
  • The Snuke is an excellent parody of the TV series hit 24. It has a classic interconnection with Hillary Clinton and the already much talked about 2008 Presidential Election with blend of 24 and terrorism.

    The Snuke begins with the class meeting a new Muslim student, who is suspected by Cartman as a terrorist. He starts an inquiry on the new student mocking the TV series 24 by calling Kyle and trying to find information on the new student. They find out that Hilary Clinton, nicknamed Hilldog, is coming to South Park for a campaign rally. The two boys find out that Hilldog is a target in a terrorist plot. Cartman and the CIA join forces only to learn that Hilldog has a nuke in her genital. It is up to the boys to discover and find the terrorists involved. They first suspect the Muslim family, but they were never involved. “Talk or you will get some serious apple juice farts.” In the end, it was a group of Russians, who joined forces with the British reds, who wanted to put an end to the American Revolution. The nuke in Hilary was only a distraction from the real attack. Overall, it was a quite hilariously episode with the parody of 24.
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