South Park

Season 11 Episode 4

The Snuke

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 28, 2007 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • When the people are behind the glass looking at the person with the Snuke, you can see that there is one person who doesn't have a mouth.

    • When the security guards, meant to protect Hillary Rodham Clinton, were searching for a bomb, would a bomb-stiffing dog work a lot better than a pig. Pigs do have a sensitive sense, but of taste not smell.

    • Enemies of the USA that Cartman lists:

      Russians (Soviets): The Cold War, 1945-1990.
      Germans: World War 2, 1939-1945.
      Germans (again): World War 1, 1914-1918.
      British: The American Revolution, 1774-1787 AND the War of 1812.

    • When the power goes out and resets the bomb timer to 12:00, it is a joke about VCRs and other electronic devices and clocks that also reset to 12:00 when power is cut.

    • When Hillary Clinton is speaking at her rally, fans cheer for her with dog masks on shouting "Hildog!". Cleveland Browns fans are known for wearing dog masks to their games.

    • The new Muslim kid's name is Bahir Hakeem, but when Cartman has Kyle to check Bahir's myspace page, it lists his name as Bahir Habeem.

    • Vladimir Stolfski's YouTube Information:

      Username: Vladimir Stolfski
      Style: Documentary
      Joined: July 15th, 2006
      Last Login: 2 days ago
      Country: Russia
      Subscribers: 25
      Channel views: 56,179

    • The exaggerated animation of Hillary Clinton's ass seems to be a reference to the Southpark episode Simpsons Did It where the news anchor reports: "But Hillary Clinton's ass just keeps getting bigger." Not to mention the fact that there's a Snuke up there.

    • When Cartman talks to Barbrady he says that it takes place between Recess and Geography but when it goes back into his class Mrs. Garrison is preparing to teach History.

    • The Myspace page for Bahir lists him as 8 years old, but no one under 14 is allowed a Myspace account.

  • Quotes

    • Older CIA Agent: We have reasons to believe that Mrs. Clinton has a nuclear device up her "snatch".
      Agent Jeffery: A what!
      Older CIA Agent: A snatch, it's a technical term for vagina.
      Agent Jeffery: NO, I mean what kind of nuclear device!

    • Kyle: Yeah, it just proves we don't need to profile one race of people because actually most of the world hates us.
      Cartman: Well Bahir, I was thinking I owe you an apology.
      Bahir: Really?
      Cartman: Yes, but then I realized that technically I don't because being suspicious of you I saved your life and everyone else's so really you really owe me an apology, but that's cool.
      Kyle: You didn't save everyone, I did. You were just out harassing Muslims.
      Cartman: But, if I hadn't called you in the first place to check out the Muslim, you would have just stayed in bed sick all day, right?
      Kyle: Maybe...
      Cartman: Maybe?
      Cartman: If I didn't call you, you wouldn't have been on your computer checking out the Clinton rally. That means that my intolerance of Muslims saved America.
      Kyle: That is so missing the point.
      Cartman: Me being a bigot stopped a nuclear bomb from going off, yes or no?
      Kyle: That's not the right way to look at it.
      Cartman: YES or NO KYLE!!
      Kyle: No, not, not like your saying.
      Cartman: But that's all I'm saying today, bigotry and racism saved the day. Bahir you get this right?

    • Staff Assistant: Sir, these kids are right. We've just received intel that Russian Terrorists are believed to be responsible for the threat.
      Staff Head: Where's the intel from?
      Staff Assistant: We just read it on Drudge Report.

    • Mr. Hakeem: Bahir, get away from that disgusting child! (points at Cartman) Get back home and start packing your things. We are leaving this whole intolerant country!
      (the Hakeem family walks off)
      Butters: Aw...
      Cartman: Okay, who got rid of the Muslims, huh? That was all me. A simple thank you would suffice.

    • Older Agent: Look, your little game of goin' over people's heads is over! You could still work, but from now on you answer to ME, you got that?!
      FBI Leader: 'Scuse me, who's in charge here?!
      Older Agent: I am!
      FBI Leader: (more people come in) Yeah well not anymore you're not. This apartment has just been assigned to the FBI.
      Older Agent: That's outrageous! On whose orders?!
      FBI Leader: On order of the Secretary of Defense! You had your shot, now I'm in charge!
      ATF Leader: (more people come in) Not anymore you're not! Orders just came down from Central! They want ATF handling this on all fronts! All right people, from now on you're answering to me!
      Secret Service Leader: (more people come in) Not anymore they're not! Orders from the President: he wants this handled by his staff personally! Now Nelson is in charge.
      Nelson: (bursts into the scene) Not anymore I'm not! (everyone else falls silent)

      (later in the episode)
      Kyle: Look, we already have the guy's blog. Maybe we can find an address and check it out on MapQuest.
      New Agent: We do this my way! I'm the one in charge!
      Kyle: (he and Stan look at each other) ...Not anymore you're not.
      New Agent: Oh, snap. (walks off dejected)

    • Cartman: Do you know what this is?! This... is apple juice. It gives super bad farts. (injects himself with the syringe into the right arm and hops up on the stool next to Mrs. Hakeem)
      Female Agent: Did he just inject himself with apple juice?

    • (Cartman and Mr. Thompson are talking on cell phones)
      Cartman: Yes, Mr. Thompson?
      Mr. Thompson: Well, we've just arrived in your town.
      Cartman: Why? Did you find something?
      Mr. Thompson: Yes. There's a suitcase nuke in Ms. Clinton's snizz.
      Cartman: A snuke?
      Mr. Thompson: That's right. It's controlled by a remote detonator. We have to locate the terrorist before he sets it off.
      Cartman: I have the address of the house the terrorist moved into. I'm almost there now; where are you?
      Mr. Thompson: We're on the town's main street, right by an ice cream shop.
      Cartman: Oh dude, I'm, I'm right next to you.
      (the framing for the two scenes is removed to reveal the one image of Cartman standing next to the CIA agents. They look at each other)
      Mr. Thompson: Oh, hey.

    • Bahir: Please. Think about what you are doing. The British are just using you; you're going to die.
      Vladimir: Yes, but we will be rich.

    • Alan Thompson: If we don't find that detonator, everyone in the town of South Park is going to die (pauses) ....forever.

    • CIA Agent: We can't wait for them to find the detonator. If we can get to the bomb, then maybe we can deactivate it. Can't somebody go and take a look inside Mrs. Clinton's snizz?
      Officer: I'm not sending any of my men in there.

    • Cartman: Mr. Thompson, you have to call off the Clinton rally. There's a terrorist in South Park.
      Alan Thompson: What do you know?
      Cartman: He just showed up out of the blue. I need to speak with the president right away.
      Alan Thompson: I'm the head of the CIA. You can tell me.
      Cartman: I said I will only talk to the president.
      Alan Thompson: Look, if you have information of a threat, you should-
      Cartman: Lalalalalala-
      Alan Thompson: I will have you arrested for it-
      Cartman: Lalalalala...Can't hear you...only the president...lalalalalala.

    • Head officer: We know about everything. Your diversion to help the Red Coats is over!
      Vladimir: It doesn't matter, the detonator is on a timer. You are too late, in 3 minutes.
      (Camera pans to the timer, which counts up at 12:56:57, until it says 12:57:00, suddenly, the power goes out)
      Vladimir: What the hell?
      Officer: The power went out!
      Other officer: So then what time is it?
      (Power comes back on, with 12:00:00 flashing.)
      Vladimir: Oh crap.

    • Terrorist: Get in the van.
      Cartman: That's cool, I'm not playing anymore.
      (3 Terrorists cock their guns)
      Terrorist: Get in the van!

    • Hillary Clinton: What's going on, Brian?
      Brian: Ms. Clinton, it appears that the terrorists have snuck a snuke up your snizz.
      Hillary Clinton: Oh, my!

    • Cartman: Look further down the page. Does he list his favourite band?
      Kyle: White Stripes.
      Cartman: That's funny...
      Kyle: What?
      Cartman: He told everyone in class today his favourite band was Blink 182.

    • Mrs.Garrison: Welcome to our class Bahir.
      Bahir: Thank you.
      Cartman: Dude, dude! Not cool!

    • Cartman: If I wasn't serious would I be talking like this?
      Officer Barbrady: Like what?
      Cartman: Whispering, but whispering really loudly for dramatic effect.

    • Cartman: (Cartman narrating like Jack Bauer)The following takes place between recess and Geography class.

    • Mrs. Garrison: Eric, what the Hell is wrong with you?
      Cartman: Whats wrong? Has he been checked for bombs?
      Mrs. Garrison: Eric, that's enough, not all Muslim people are terrorists.
      Cartman: No, but most of them are, and all it takes is most of them.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Apple Computers:

      When Kyle's room is absorbed by Homeland Security, they bring in a lot of equipment, some of which clearly features the Apple symbol if you look close enough.

    • Monty Python's Flying Circus: The scene where several agencies enter to take over Kyle's operation is similar to a Monty Python episode which contains the popular "Argument Scketch". At the end of the skit - and even throughout the episode - several policemen enter one at a time to interupt the previous speaker and shut the show down for various absurd reasons.

    • Ferris Bueller's Day Off:

      They way we first see Kyle in his bed is similar to the way we first see Cameron sick in his bed in the 1986 cult classic, Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

    • Internet:

      The idea of Kyle and the feds in his room using various common websites (Myspace, Youtube, Ebay, Mapquest, PayPal) to learn valuable information that they need is a parody of today's belief that anyone can figure out anything by using the internet.

    • Various 24 Allusions:

      1. The part where Cartman is torturing the boy's father by farting in his face saying "Tell me what the plan is" it is probably making fun of Jack Bauer's first torture scene in Season 4, when he is interrogating a terrorist who plans to kidnap the Secretary of Defense.

      2. The part where the agent says "This agency is being absorbed by Homeland Security" is a reference to "Season 5: 7 PM - 8 PM" when CTU is absorbed by Homeland Security due to a gas attack that had just occured in the building.

      3. The part where the FBI arrests the boy's father and the father insists that his son is at school refers to the Season 6 premiere of '24' when the father of terrorist Ahmed Amar is arrested for being of Middle Eastern descent during a time of crisis. 4. Split screens, an electronic clock counting down to ominous sound effects and the phrase "the following takes place between..." - all these elements are in every episode of '24' and spoofed here.

      5. Cartman's voice is harsh, just like Jack Bauer's.

      6. All the cell phone ringtones are exactly like the CTU one. 7. Kyle seems to be playing the part of Chloe O'Brian, Jack Bauer's techie.

      8. The head of the CIA looks a lot like Bill Buchanan.

      9. Cartman injecting himself with apple juice resembles Jack's heroin addiction during Season 3.

    • Blink 182 / The White Stripes:

      Cartman tells Kyle that Bahir told the class his favorite band was Blink 182 even though it says The White Stripes on his MySpace page. Blink 182, formed in 1992, is a punk rock band that broke up in 2005. While The White Stripes are a blues rock band that was formed in 1997.

    • Google:

      Kyle suggests that to search for information to just 'google it'. Google is one of the most popular search engines on the internet. It was created in 1998.

    • YouTube:

      One of the search engine used by Kyle is YouTube. This site is one of the most popular video sites on the internet, where users can upload their own videos. Ironically enough, YouTube is being sued by Viacom (who own Comedy Central) for copyright infringement from posting, among other things, clips of South Park.

    • MySpace:

      Cartman asks Kyle to search Bahir Hakim on MySpace. This is a reference to the massively popular online profile site MySpace and the myth that everyone has a MySpace profile.

      The creators of South Park even made a MySpace page for Bahir. It's

    • Current Events/Hillary's Accent:

      Hillary Clinton using a heavy Southern accent when addressing the South Park rally is a reference to an incident that occured on March 4, 2007.

      Mrs. Clinton used a heavy, stereotypical southern accent to address an Alabama Baptist church during a campaign stop. Her accent was so obviously fake, reporters at the event could be heard laughing at it in the background.

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