South Park

Season 1 Episode 0

The Spirit of Christmas (Jesus vs. Frosty)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Unknown on Comedy Central

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  • Unrevealing, but very great start to the South Park series! Spoilers!

    South park has gone through many struggles, but it's quite nice to watch how they all started. They started with a cut-out animation short called Jesus vs. Frosty, and that's what I'm reviewing right now. This "episode" of South Park was not hilarious as modern episodes that are actually considered episodes, but it had a great plot and a lot of excitement that kept me going.

    After the kids ignored the child resembling Stan and put a magic hat on Frosty's head, Frosty tried to kill them. He killed Kenny, who at then looked like Cartman and he killed the person that looked like Kenny, too. After the remaining boys decide to ask Jesus, Jesus knocks the hat off Frosty's head with his halo which acted like a boomerang, and he won the battle!

    I recommend this episode for those interested in watching how South Park started. This is not an actual episode, but you can consider it one if you wish.
  • another Christmas special.

    This one is pretty much the same as the first. The animation sucks and the characters personaluities really havent developed yet and they seem out of character. Parts of this short were used in the episode "A Very Crappy Christmas". I thought it was sorta funny but it was nothing great. And I have defintly seen better shorts. But overall it is pretty good and I urge you to watch it if you are a south park fan. Younger kids may not like because of the animation but why the hell would they be watching it in the first place.
  • Weird if you're accustomed to the show.

    This is the very first South Park as we know it, and despite the major differences between this episode and those shown in the first season, much of the show’s true spirit is still intact here. Kyle (or the nameless character that most resembles him) says at the end of the episode, “I’ve learned something today…,” and Kenny dies as usual, followed by “Oh my God! Frosty killed Kenny.” But even more interesting is that the character who most resembles Cartman is named Kenny here, and the character who most resembles Kenny is nameless (both of them are killed in this episode).
    Jesus vs. Frosty was intended only as a short film, and was made by Matt Stone and Trey Parker in 1992, when they were still in film school. The entire film was animated with construction paper and glue, and lasts only three-and-a-half minutes.
  • One of the funniest, and at the same time scariest, things I have ever seen

    I found this really, really cool. The animation then compared to now made this even cooler.

    The characters scared me a little though. Stan with his little reverse outfit (red hat and blue coat), an unusually quiet Cartman/Kenny (as his name is in this)with a sky blue hat much different to the one we are all so used to, Kenny (the real Kenny) with a face, and Kyle, with his green coat and yellow and orange baseball cap.

    It was great to see how far the "You killed Kenny" joke goes back. Although, I was expecting to hear an "Oh my god! Frosty killed Cartman".

    I can't imagine any of the character looking the way they did then in episodes being made today, but this is still a good little clip to see where it all began.
  • The very first South Park episode !

    I really didn't enjoyed it that much as some of you did. For starters i really couldn't stand the animation as it is completely crappy and the whole time they just use swear words and everyone looks different and they all have strange voices which i really couldn't stand. And Jesus looks horrible and Cartman is the one who dies but he is named Kenny so we can say that Kenny dies. It is not so good the way it is now is like 100 time better then here. The only silly thing is when Santa starts the killing spree ...
  • The very beginning of one kick@$$ phenome-something

    I saw this video on Youtube. It was one of Matt and Trey's first concepts of the show. It's pretty mixed up. Cartman was named Kenny. Also, the animation is a bit more childish while today, it's made out of crude (dare I say crude?) paper cutouts.

    This episode was pretty funny. They build a snowman and put a hat on its head so it'll come to life like Frosty. He does and it's scary as hell. He kills Cartman...or Kenny or something. After Cartman dies, the boys goes to Santa for help...but that doesn't help either XD He's Frosty too! Finally Kenny...or Cartman is killed. Now there's only two: Stan and Kyle.

    Stan and Kyle assist the help of Jesus. Jesus kills Frosty with his halo and South Park is saved! Kyle has learned something: Christmas is all about presents!

    Merry Christmas to all and to all shut the hell up! lol
  • The very first episode EVER! made by Matt Stone and Trey Parker!!

    I've found this episode on a site that showed this episode and the animation wasn't to great but it was all hand made and plus Cartman was Kenny?!?? Cartman dies in this episode but I heard his friends call him Kenny. 2 points off for Cartman being Kenny and Kenny not having any lines (Even though Kenny's lines in the series are always muffelled.) But this episode was the starter of South Park.
  • Where it all began.

    Alright, perhaps the rating is a BIT excessive. The animation is very crude - far more than the usual South Park standards - and the kids\' voices are rather irritating. But it is a cute, entertaining short. More importantly, this odd little bit of animation is what started the cultural phenomenon known as South Park.
    Some interesting notes - Cartman was there, but at that point, he was named \"Kenny.\" The kid on whom Kenny\'s character design was based was unnamed, and - though he was wearing an orange parka - his voice was unmuffled. Finally, Jesus isn\'t the tall, halo-ed guy we usually see, but a little midget.

    Quite entertaining.
  • If you haven't seen it you can here: It is a funny mini episode.

    The boys are building a snowman when Kyle starts to put a hat on it. Stan tells him not to, but Kyle does it anyway. The snowman "Frosty" comes to life and grabs Cartman (who winds up being Kenny in the show) and kills him. The boys run to Santa and tell him what happened. It turns out that Santa was Frosty and he grabbed the kid with no name (who winds up being Cartman in the show) and kills him. Kyle and Stan get help from Jesus who kills Frosty by cutting of his head. Stan and Kyle talk about what the true meaning of Christmas is. Its presents.
  • A good short.

    The animation may look terrible, but it was still was entertaining and fun to watch. It was made by Trey and Matt so it may explain why the cutouts are choppy-looking. The concept of a Christmas special about Jesus, Frosty, and the was pretty good too! It's intresting that the character that resembles Cartman was called Kenny and Kyle didn't have any earflaps on his hat. It was wierd how "Kenny" and the character who resembles today's Kenny both died in the short. And you shouldn't hate this because this short would later evolve into the series we know today as South Park!
  • Christmas Special II

    Like Jesus Vs Santa, this episode is a prequel to a terrific series known today as South Park and, like Jesus Vs Santa, it cannot compare to the series today as there have been much more entertaining moments since.

    The animation is extremely poor, Kenny looks like Cartman and the plot was a little messy but other than that, it is definitely worth a watch, if only to see what the show started out as.

    The evil Frosty is great as is Jesus using his Halo to kill the dreaded monster once and for all and if the show was clearer with a few changes, the episode could be one known for a long time.
  • This one started it all!

    The animation was made in December 1992. Only one chararter had a name, and that was Cartman, who was named Kenny! Both he and today's Kenny died in the pilot, and the famous "Oh my god, they killed Kenny!" line was here. It it, there is an evil Frosty the snowman and baby Jesus uses his halo as a boomerang to attack him. The animation was actually made with stop frame animation and contruction paper cutouts. Who was most likely Kyle looked completely different, wearing a yellow hat with no ear flaps. The rest weren't that different, though the boy who resembled Stan's had a hat that was completely red. It may not be very funny today, but "The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus Vs. Frosty" deserves some credit for evolving into one of the greatest shows of all time! And for those who were asking, the animation can be found somewhere in the "How it all began" section of the South Park Studios website.
  • i guess i need to have a summary

    even though this was very short, it packed a powerful punch. there stand four little boys building a snowman, keeping the spirit of christmas alive. it\'s a typical wintertime activity, so nothing nothing out of the ordinary until they open up their mouths. they have the mouths of truckers.

    one of the boys puts the hat on frosty after being warned by another one not to.. it starts to kill. it kills kenny, but kenny has cartman\'s body. good thing they changed this.

    a little start to a huge series. it was alright, i mean they were doing it to fool around, so it\'s not spectacular, but still because of it, we have our south park.
  • I havn't seen this yet...

    This episdode looks good, but I havn't seen it yet. Do they even air it on T.V.? It could be possible that they only put it on the DVD set. If that is so, why don't or maybe can't put it on T.V.? It just bugs me that's all I guess.
  • Why don't they show this on TV?!

    Comparing to most of the episodes of South Park from the late seasons, this is one of the coolest pilots ever. I only got to see the preview version of Jesus vs. Frosty. It was wayt funny when they killed Kenny who appears as Cartman. I like the way they bleeped out the most forbidden words on TV. I like it better when the first Kenny McCormick gets murdered. Trey Parker and Matt Stone brought out the inner demon of the snowman.

    If only they brought this rare pilot episode on television, then I won't have to wait for a long time. Why don't they ever show pilots like these on the boob tube?!