South Park

Season 3 Episode 3

The Succubus

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 21, 1999 on Comedy Central

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  • perfect

    In this episode, Chef has found happiness with a new woman, and the boys do not like her. They later learn, from Mr. Garrison, that the woman is a 'succubus', a demon sent from Hell in a woman's body. The boys try to help Chef when it is revealed he and the woman plan on marrying. Will they figure out a plan to stop the evil succubus and save their friend?

    Good episode. The "three fifty" recurring thing was one of those things that was funny each time it came up, which is rare for me, the "You aren't fooling anyone!" line from Mr. Hat was funny, as was the overall plot. Pretty good episode and a personal favorite of mine. 10/10, A+, perfect episode methinks
  • "I need about threefiddy"

    This episode is ok until Chef's parents came into the picture. Before Chef's parents came into the picture, there were a few funny parts like Cartman with the eye doctor. Once Chef's parents appear, that's when the episode really shines. The parents were no doubt the best part of the episode by far. That's one thing I love about South Park, they do something very funny, then a few minutes later it comes back, and again. Then out of the blue, it happens and it leaves you cracking up. The storyline was ok, but South Park has had much better. I highly reccomend this episode to anyone because it's not racist or sexist in anyway, and I know people hate some people due to the racial and religious comments. So go out and watch this episode!
  • "Hold on naw, I'll see if I got three-fitty."

    This episode was great!! I loved Cartman's eye doctor always calling him his "little piggy," the way Cartman looked when he got his new pair of glasses (which were stapled to his head so he couldn't take them off), the vision test was hilarious, Chef's parents and their "three-fitty," and I agreed with the plot line completely! In this episode, Chef gets a girlfriend who takes him away from his friends, his job, and even changes the fact that he likes to "make sweet love down by the fire" (now, he likes to just stay up all night and "talk"). Anyway, the boys find out that his new girlfriend is what we call a "Succubus," an evil mythical creature who takes men away from everything they know and drains their "life force" eventually killing them, and the boys take it on themselves to save Chef. VERY VERY funny episode and is no doubt a classic.
  • The Succubus

    I enjoy the South Park episodes that concentrate on one member of South Park and I think that I love the ones that concentrate on many other different characters all together with a loose plot, which I think are just really entertaining. ; D Now this episode focuses on Chef and Cartman's journeys with his opticianist and his need for glasses (plus the constant bullying). This episode also contains silliness and monsters at the end which brightens up the attitude and the atmosphere and makes you laugh. Impressively written story, Season 3 is getting off to a great start.
    ;D Good.
  • "I need about treefiddy..."

    Here is my review for this funny episode of "South Park" that is on my mind today. It is called "The Succubus", and it's an episode I remember seeing on TV for the first time. Anyway, it is about Chef quitting his job at the school and the four boys (Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny) learn why: he has a girlfriend named Veronica, whom the boys never knew about. The boys believe that there's something they don't like about her, so they decide to talk to Chef about her at his new workplace. Afterwards, Chef promises to play baseball with the boys to show that he is still their friend. But then, they began waiting all night and they talk to him again. They then learn that Chef forgot because he is going to get married to Veronica. The next day at school, the boys ask about Veronica to Mr. Garrison, and he tells them that she is actually a succubus (a creature from Hell sent to suck the life out of a man). When the boys try to tell Chef about Veronica, he was very busy and they meet Chef's parents, who begin telling all kinds of stories about how they encountered the Loch Ness Monster and how he kept begging them for "treefiddy" (which is short for "three dollars and fifty cents"). The boys then talk to Veronica as she visits them and they quickly learn that she really IS a succubus as she leaves. They try to tell everyone including Chef, but no luck. They then look up some information about the succubus' weakness, and they learn that, in order to destroy her, they need to sing her song (the one she sings with Chef) backwards. At the wedding, the boys attempt to perform the song and Veronica reveals her true form. Luckily, they save Chef and he goes back to his old job at the school. This episode has lots of jokes about Cartman's visit to the optometrist and what happens to him throughout halfway of the episode. I even liked all the stories that Chef's parents told everyone they talk to, which is also what made it hilarious to watch. Easily considered by fans of "South Park" one of the best episodes of Season 3.
  • But Mommmmm, I have to tell Chef he's marrying a succubus!!!

    Cartman's eyes get screwed up by his eye doctor who loves calling him piggy and gets him upset. So his doctor dialated his eyes and has to see him again. So he, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny went to see Chef but wait...Chef is gone! So Mr. Derp takes his place but the boys hate him, except Cartman. However, they go to his place and find out that Chef met a woman named Veronica and the boys are shocked! As Cartman gets glasses that make him look like that kid from Jerry Maguire, except fatter, the boys go to Chef's new workplace and tries to get him to break up with Veronica and also get the idea to get laser eye surgery for Cartman. However, Cartman's eyes get screwed even more and has to wear bandages so he doesn't hurt his eyes more.

    Meanwhile, the boys find out that Chef's getting married to his new girlfriend so Kyle, Stan, and Kenny talk to Mr. Garrison and find out about the succubus syndrome where a woman sucks a life out of a man and finds out that Veronica is doing that to Chef. So they try to tell him but they never gave up. So they found a Succubi Power where an eerie melody is played destroying a succubus. After knowing a song that Chef and Veronica sing all the time, Stan and Kyle learn the song backwards and is played at the wedding, therefore destroying Veronica as a succubus and saving Chef

    In this episode, we see Chef's parents for the first time and hear stories about the loch ness monster needing "three-fitty" ($3.50).

    As things get back to normal, Chef is glad to be back in the cafeteria making fish sticks and tater tots for Stan and Kyle (oh, Kenny died because the succubus squished him). And Cartman, well, he's using Kenny's eyes to make his eyes better. Well planned, fatty! (Cartman: HEY!!!)
  • Great episode, really, really funny.

    This episode was one of the funniest episodes I've ever seen, but the storyline of the episode let it down a fair bit. This episode introduced the character of Chef's Mama and Papa and therefore it also introduced the Loch Ness Monster, one of my favourite running gags of the show. The storyline of Chef leaving the school had its references to real life, but it really wasn't that funny. Chef's replacement at school, Mr Derp, was one of the high points of the episodes for me, I wish he had remained a permanent character. Cartman's eyedoctor storyline was pretty hilarious, Cartman is a little piggy.
  • chef gets a new girlfriend and the boys dont like her because she keeps taking chef away from them then mr. garrison tells them that shes a succubus thats why he always does them then kicks them out of his house because they'll steaal his soul

    it was pretty funny and make sure u dont give the lochness monster tree fitty thats how black folk say three dollars and fifty cents its funny when mr hat says ur not fouling anyone mr garrison then mr garrison say ohh shut up mr hat then when cartman goes to the eye doctor and the doctor says thats why we have the little stapla and then cartman looks like the fat kid from dawsons creek and the secretary called him really fat and cartman gets pissed off and says respact my authorita
  • Great episode, Cartman steals the show, as do Chef's parents. A must see episode.

    This episode is just hilarious from beginning to end. We have two plots in this episode. The main plot is about chef quitting his job in the school cafeteria and intending to marry his new girlfriend. The subplot is about Cartman needing glasses. The episode opens with Cartman visiting the eye doctor who always makes fun of him for being fat, by constantly calling him "little piggy". It turns out Cartman needs glasses and he gets them stappled to his head to prevent him from taking them off. Meanwhile the boys find out that Chef's girlfriend is actually a Succubus, a demonic creature from hell send to suck the life out of a man, in this case Chef. On their quest to convince Chef not to marry her, the boys meet Chef's parents who have some great stories about the Loch Ness monster who always seemes to be in need for a little change, three-fiddy to be precise. While Cartman is recovering from his laser corrective surgery (some good advice from Chef) the boys find out how to kill the succubus: by singing the terrible song she always sings backwards. During the wedding they manage to sing the song the backwards causing the succubus to being swallowed back into hell, but not without it first killing Kenny in a very bloody way. Chef is of course very thankfull and takes back his job in the school cafeteria. The episode ends with Cartman finding a nice set of donor eyes, which happen to belong to his dear friend Kenny, curing his bad eye sight once and for all (apparently the laser corrective surgery wasn't a success). It is also hinted the eye doctor is in fact the Loch Ness monster but that is mystery that will probably never be solved. All in all a great episode. Cartman is once again the funniest character with some great quotes and the eye doctor is hilarious. Chef's parents are also brilliant. Their Loch Ness monster stories are just little gems. Some great writing by the crew there. The plots all tie in perfectly and the episode will have you laughing from start to finish. Highly recommended!
  • The many substory lines weave together to make this perhaps the greatest episode in TV history.

    I wet myself the first time I watched this episode. The chatauquas about the loch ness monster told by chef's parents had me rolling. On the floor, I mean. I would love to know how they chose the song "The Morning After" as the succubus' mantra. Everything, from Cartman's eye doctor appointments to Mr. Garrison's advice, left me laughing so hard. I think the best, though, is when they go to the accountant's office and ask to see chef. If you can understand what kenny is saying and then the receptionist's response - the political incorrectness makes it that much more hilarious. I could watch this every night and never get tired of it.
  • There are too many great moments in this episode to name.

    There are too many great moments in this episode to name.

    First, there's Cartman's crazy eyes. Then, there's Cartman in glasses. Then, there's Chef's parents and their infamous stories of the Loch Ness monster and three-fifty. Incredibly hilarious. Only slightly offensive. Comic gold.

    Episodes that feature Chef as one of the central characters (Chef Aid, for example) have always been successful, and this one is no different. It was definitely a good idea to introduce Chef's family.

    The episodes have gone from great to better this season. It is nice to see the improvement since season 2, which was probably the worst season to date.
  • the boys attempt to stop Chef fro mmarrying a demon sent from hell to suck his life out!

    These first three episodes were easily the best trio to start of a season ever. It even beats season 4\'s. Teh plot is just unthinkably funny and unique. I have never seen any style quite like this. Chef meets Veronica and suddenly wants to marry her. The boys realize that she is a succubus who only wants to suck his life dry. The boys figure otu the way to defeat the **** and they win. Meanwhile, Cartman goes to the eye doctor who turns out to be a total **** Cartman gets his laser surgery. Everything is fien again and you must watch this episode it is amazing.
  • The boys need advice from Chef as usual but when Chef was replaced by Mr. Derf, they were confused. When they got to his house, he said he'd fallen in love. They plan to have a wedding, but at that time the boys reveal she's a bloodsucking demon from hell

    Very funny. Chef's dad is the star of this episode in my opinion because everything he says has something to do with the Loch Ness Monster (the scary monster of the sea in Scotland or something). Cartman keeps getting made fun of by his optometrist and when Cartman tells him that he's never gonna wear his new glasses, he staples them to his head. At the end, the optometrist (or Loch Ness Monster?) says "Alright... That'll be about three fitty," which is the main theme with what Chef's dad was saying.
  • The succubi of South Park

    This was a great episode because of Cartman having to deal with an optimetrist bent on destroying Cartman's creditibility and to make a profit no mateer what Cartman says or does. Cartman's glasses makes him a ultra-dork in trying to save Chef from a woman that they all disapprove of. Chef doesn't know what he's getting himself into and also, the woman wants to marry Chef and to make the kids ticked off. Chef's mama was why this episode was a 9.1 and not a 8.5. Her experiences with the Loch Ness monster and "tree fiddy" make this episode a blessed one.
  • This episodes is about Chef marrying a woman who is secretly a Succubus (Hell's assasain)

    This episode is based on Chef looking for a woman but he is always ending up with one night stands.He is determined to find someone and what do you know, a woman finds her way into Chef's heart.The boys go into school the next day to find a strange man named Mr. Derk working there who tells them that Chef quit whilst behind the main storyline Cartman is having trouble with his eyesite but to make it worse Cartman's eye doctor is mean to Cartman by calling him names like ''piggy'' and ''fatty''.Meanwhile the boys find how to stop the 'succubus' and get Chef back before he marry's her.They are successful at the wedding by playing the melody 'succubi power' backwards.Veronica (the succubus) is then banished to hell.In my opinion, this was the best episode of Season 3 and maybe the best in the shows entire history.The way they involve the whole of Chef's family and bring the storyline together is amazing.