South Park

Season 3 Episode 3

The Succubus

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 21, 1999 on Comedy Central

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  • "I need about treefiddy..."

    Here is my review for this funny episode of "South Park" that is on my mind today. It is called "The Succubus", and it's an episode I remember seeing on TV for the first time. Anyway, it is about Chef quitting his job at the school and the four boys (Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny) learn why: he has a girlfriend named Veronica, whom the boys never knew about. The boys believe that there's something they don't like about her, so they decide to talk to Chef about her at his new workplace. Afterwards, Chef promises to play baseball with the boys to show that he is still their friend. But then, they began waiting all night and they talk to him again. They then learn that Chef forgot because he is going to get married to Veronica. The next day at school, the boys ask about Veronica to Mr. Garrison, and he tells them that she is actually a succubus (a creature from Hell sent to suck the life out of a man). When the boys try to tell Chef about Veronica, he was very busy and they meet Chef's parents, who begin telling all kinds of stories about how they encountered the Loch Ness Monster and how he kept begging them for "treefiddy" (which is short for "three dollars and fifty cents"). The boys then talk to Veronica as she visits them and they quickly learn that she really IS a succubus as she leaves. They try to tell everyone including Chef, but no luck. They then look up some information about the succubus' weakness, and they learn that, in order to destroy her, they need to sing her song (the one she sings with Chef) backwards. At the wedding, the boys attempt to perform the song and Veronica reveals her true form. Luckily, they save Chef and he goes back to his old job at the school. This episode has lots of jokes about Cartman's visit to the optometrist and what happens to him throughout halfway of the episode. I even liked all the stories that Chef's parents told everyone they talk to, which is also what made it hilarious to watch. Easily considered by fans of "South Park" one of the best episodes of Season 3.