South Park

Season 3 Episode 3

The Succubus

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 21, 1999 on Comedy Central

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  • "Hold on naw, I'll see if I got three-fitty."

    This episode was great!! I loved Cartman's eye doctor always calling him his "little piggy," the way Cartman looked when he got his new pair of glasses (which were stapled to his head so he couldn't take them off), the vision test was hilarious, Chef's parents and their "three-fitty," and I agreed with the plot line completely! In this episode, Chef gets a girlfriend who takes him away from his friends, his job, and even changes the fact that he likes to "make sweet love down by the fire" (now, he likes to just stay up all night and "talk"). Anyway, the boys find out that his new girlfriend is what we call a "Succubus," an evil mythical creature who takes men away from everything they know and drains their "life force" eventually killing them, and the boys take it on themselves to save Chef. VERY VERY funny episode and is no doubt a classic.