South Park

Season 14 Episode 2

The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 24, 2010 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

The school's policy regarding the banning of the book Catcher in the Rye has been lifted. When the kids find out about the books inappropriateness, strong vulgar language and risqué parts, our boys are intrigued and want to start reading it right away. Kyle asks to confirm the fact that John Lennon's killer cited this book as one of the reasons he shot John Lennon, which Mr. Garrison does. Cartman wants to read it right away, after all it was responsible for killing the "king of the hippies". Our boys read the book, but they are disappointed when they don't find any dirty obscene or dangerous parts in it. Cartman is pissed off. The book has a different affect on Butters, he wants to kill John Lennon, but loses the thought when he finds out he is already dead. Cartman, Kenny, Kyle and Stan decide to write their own banned book. All is going well until Stan's mother Sharon, finds copy of their manuscript. Reading the tale causes her to start vomiting. She shows it to Randy and the grossness affects him the same way; but they both agree it's a very good book, perhaps the best they've ever read. They wonder what to do about it. When Stan can't find the manuscript the boys decide to keep from getting in trouble they need to find a fall guy. Butters is their obvious choice and they find him at home watching his favorite star, Kim Kardashian and her sisters. When their parents confront the boys about the book, they immediately throw Butters under the bus. But when their parents tell Butters what a great book he's written, in fact the parents have brought in a publisher for the book. When our boys try to get credit back for the book they've written, it's to no avail, their parents don't believe them. Butters' book is published and "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs" is a hit. It gets translated worldwide. Nobody can make it through the first paragraph without throwing up and the world has Leopold Butters Stotch to thank for it. At school, Butters is being celebrated as an author, but our boys know the truth. Butters knows from reading Catcher in the Rye that our boys are phonies and they can just suck on his wiener. The book has inspired a game show, where the contestants try to see how long they can keep from vomiting while listening to the book being read. The book is filled with sick and disgusting acts and actress Sarah Jessica Parker is mentioned 465 times. Butters and his family are being interviewed from their home on the Today show. Butters was grounded by his parents for his use of language in the book. When he's no longer grounded, Butters hopes to meet Kim Kardashian, so that he can "jump on her belly". The Today show hosts, amidst their throwing up, continually try to analyze the deeper meaning of the book, are passages about health care reform. Al Roker wants to know if Butters is worried that anyone, after reading the book, might want to kill someone, like that guy who shot President Ronald Reagan after reading Catcher in the Rye. Butters now feels compelled to kill Reagan, until he finds out he's already dead. Meanwhile our boys, along with Sarah Jessica Parker, are trying to get their book banned. The only problem is that no one is seeing the book for what it is, the experts sees Sarah Jessica Parker as a metaphor for oppression felt by the lower class, not because she's ugly. Of course, liberals and conservatives each think that the book is about the other side. Our boys of course disagree, they know what they wrote! Butters announces that he is writing a second book. Cartman decides they need to kill Sarah Jessica Parker, he thinks it will help get the book banned. Stan and Kyle don't want anything to do with that plan and it's up to Cartman and Kenny to carry out the plan. Butters second book "The Poop That Had to Pee" has come out. The crowds are lined up, and Morgan Freeman reads the first five chapters on the Today show. The book reads much like you'd imagine Butters would actually write. Meantime, Cartman and Kenny have brought Sarah Jessica Parker out into the woods during moose hunting season. Stan and Kyle interrupt Cartman and Kenny's plan telling them about Butters second book. They think it will be obvious to everyone that Butters can't write anything. The public however is eating up the new novel. Our boys are annoyed that people keep reading into the novel stuff that isn't there. One reader however, gets something more out the novel, he needs to kill the phonies. He goes to the set of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and kills Kim and her family. The nation is reeling from the tragedy and when the shooter says he was driven to do it after reading Butters latest novel, all Butters books are banned. Our boys are happy, but Butters is distraught, the most beautiful woman in the world, Kim Kardashian, is dead. Our boys also get Butters to admit to helping Sarah Jessica Parker get killed out in the forest by hunters, but he doesn't feel guilty about that at all.
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