South Park

Season 14 Episode 2

The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 24, 2010 on Comedy Central

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  • When the boys write a disgusting book, they give Butters the credit.

    The last time I can remember South Park being truely funny, was Imaginationland. That was SEASONS ago. Last season was disappointing, and now, I've been discouraged once again. I honestly don't know how long South Park is going to last. Don't get me wrong, I completely love SP, and have since season one, but this season is not at all what SP is really about. It is dry and I feel like they have run completely out of ideas. There is a strong and hardcore fanbase out there who lives for this show. I just wish Matt & Trey would bring back the originality and honest hilarity of the early seasons. Those seasons are what drew me to this show. The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs had nothing to do with the antics of the main foursome. What we want is to see the boys go on a great adventure, or SOMETHING. Seeing everyone puke while reading a book was not funny. It's sad, but I'm quickly losing faith in this show, something I never thought would happen. Hopefully sooner, rather than later, SP will redeem itself.
  • superb

    The boys are excited to get to read "Catcher in the Rye", especially after learning of the controversy behind it, but the boys feel they were tricked into reading a book, because they did not find it bad at all. So, they write their own book, which they make as disgusting and vulgar as possible. But, they fear they will get in trouble when their parents find out. So, they blame it on Butters, and to their surprise, the reception to the book is very popular. What will the boys do?

    Good episode, if the episode had anything wrong with it, it would probably be the amount of vomit scenes. I mean, did we really need to see people vomit that many times? It was well established that the book was gross in content, so we really did not need to see so many people vomiting. But the rest of the episode was pretty good. B+
  • After being disappointed reading the controversial 'Catcher in the Rye', the boys write their own, disgusting book. When Stan's mother finds it, they blame it on Butters – but the book quickly becomes hailed a literary classic. I really liked this one...

    After last week's season opener, the watchable but ultimately disappointing 'Sexual Healing', I'm glad to say that 'South Park' is back on form with this wonderful episode.

    The preview synopsis was slightly misleading, suggesting that most of the episode would involve the boys trying to explain their obscene book (the 'The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs' of the episode title) to Stan's mom Sharon. While this did feature early in the plot, ultimately the story went past that.

    On paper, this episode actually looks like a re-working of last season's fan favourite 'Fishsticks' – both involve a person (in this case, people) coming up with something hugely popular, and someone else taking the credit. But while it may appear to be a reworking, 'Scrotie...' has enough original gags to make it a top-notch episode.

    I liked nearly all of the jokes in this one (and finally I realise I'm not alone in wondering why people find Jessica Sarah Parker so "attractive"). The vomit was a bit overdone (similar has been done in 'Family Guy'), as was the vomit sequences being totally dragged out (again, 'Family Guy'), but mostly, it's been ages since a 'South Park' episode made me laugh so much.

    Great story, great Butters moments, and – even though we didn't see much of him – some good Randy moments too, and the story wrapped itself up at the end really nicely. I know they probably wanted to start the season by commenting on Tiger Woods, but in truth, 'Scrotie...' would have made a far better season premiere.

    I'm not sure if it's what Parker and Stone were going for, but I drew comparisons with the obscene book being hailed as a philosophical masterpiece, to the success of 'South Park' and other adult comedies. Some try to hail them as works of art with deep hidden meanings, but at the end of the day, they do it just 'cos being rude is funny!

    All-in-all, an excellent episode, and one I know I shall re-view many times. If Season 14 keeps up this quality (and hopefully has a decent Randy story soon), then I for one shall be very pleased.
  • The boys decide to write their own really gross book after reading "Catch in the Rye" a once banned book in schools. When they think that they are going to get in trouble they blame it all on a gullible Butters who ends up a big hit nationwide.

    What a wonderful episode! The boys plan sort of backfired and Butter's became the big cheese as you might say. It was great to see Butter's be the winner for once.

    Scrotie McBoogerballs!!! What I really loved was all the ideas people got supposedly from the book. Basically after reading the bad book they gave it all sort of alliteration. The arguments were great. Then when Butters wrote the second book. That was even more fun. Especially when the boys supposed that he would be revealed!

    It really seems that the creators are willing to get more and more outrageous and I for one enjoyed this episode a great deal. Great job guys! Thanks for reading...
  • Decent Episode

    This episode is another butters centric, and while it's decent, I've seen a lot better than this. In this episode, Stan and the gang write the foulest story ever, after being disappointed by the lack of foulness in Catcher in the Rye. Then, the parents find it, so they blame Butters for writing it, but to their suprise they actually love it, and the boys try to take credit for it, but no one listens. Then, after Butters writes a second book, his books are deemed violent after they influence a man to kill the Kardashians ("The Phonies" lol.) There was a juvinile-like sense to this episode, and it worked overall. There were only 2 real problems I truly had with this episode and they were the repeated use of vommiting jokes, and repeated use of Sarah Jessica Parker jokes. Seriously, Matt and Trey: Vommit jokes? You said Family Guy was stupid humor, yet you use their jokes? The Sarah Jessica Parker joke was good at first, but again it was overused throughout the episode. Overall, Good but not great. 8/10 B
  • Sarah Jessica Parker

    Mr. Garrison makes the class read the infamous book "Catcher and the Rye" and leads the boys on to believe it's filled with dirty stuff. After being disappointed of it's failure to shock them, they decide to write their own book. After the story goes missing, they blame Butters for writing it, but surprisingly, it turns out to be a hit with everyone. I enjoyed this episode somewhat. I found the barfing kind of dumb and Family Guy-ish, and the plot wasn't the best. Morgan Freeman reading a chapter from Butter's book was up there in funniest South Park moments tho. Another highlight of the episode was them shredding SJP for being ugly. The Tale Of Scrotie McBoogerballs wasn't amazing, but still satisfying. I give it an 8.5.
  • South Park is back!

    This episode was great: it blended perfectly the over the top immaturity with enough tongue and cheek and social commentary to make it an intelligent observation on how so many snobs perceive literature...and how goddam ugly Sarah Jessica Parker is. She actually is SUPER ugly. We've all had the English classes in high school where there is a right and wrong answer to what an author is trying to say through his work. When it is ART. Like any art it is open for interpretation. Example: I don't know about the US, but in Canada one of the mandatory readings in high school was One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest which is written by Ken Kesey. And if anyone knows anything about the author they know that he was a hippy, existential fruit nut who had some totally insane ideas on our society. But then you hear the conversations people have on these books and they label it as like 'the great struggle of Native Americans overcoming the pressed upon North American virtues' ...and a million other totally stupid themes. But you picture this guy just writing these ideas and flowing with it and totally not giving a sht about any of that and telling a story.

    I think that is what this episode is ripping on. So many authors are writing big pieces of sht that are pretty much adding up to long peices of poo coming out of their nipples, and a bunch of stuffy old dicks are praising it like its gospel and tacking all of this significance onto it when it isn't even there. It's like when you see a big blob of red paint on a canvas at a museum and are like 'what the fk? I could have done that.' But people will look at it and attach it to some significant truth. This was one of the first episodes in a long while where I've actually laughed through pretty much the entire thing. The episodes of the past couple years, though they have been super funny and I wouldn't miss one for the world; there haven't been so many (though there have been quite a few) laugh out loud moments as there have been parts that just make you giggle. I found Tiger's Wood (zing) episode to be a little bit choppy in the presentation, whereas this one had a much smoother flow and kept a great pace. I recently watched Bigger, Longer, Uncut again as I bought on Blu-Ray and was amazed with the rapid pacing and rhythm that the movie had. It was just constantly moving forward and is so entertaining to watch. Now, I know they spent an extra two years on the movie so it has the perfect sheen to it that will entertain a mass audience; but I found last night's episode was able to have that same sort of fast paced vibe to it which a lot of the episodes lately have been missing.

    Holy, I've said too much. I gave it a ten and wish you all to support the direction the writers went in with this episode, as it was incredibly entertaining.
  • I'll admit it, the "Sarah Jessica Parker" thing was damn funny!!

    This episode of South Park, while based on a very week story, managed to be funny in unexpected ways. Sarah's design was so awesome that she just standing there was funny as hell!! She didn't even have to talk!! Aside from that, came the fact of the dysfunctional american book market at which any sort of crap of a book would be considered literature!! The never old idea of the boys misleading Butters & using him as such was still pretty good. South park may not be as good as it used to but "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs" is loads better than last week's (& probably most of last season's) episode.
  • Big improvement from last week

    After the first watch, I thought we got two bad episodes in two weeks. Well, after watching it a second time, I realized its a funny episode, and in the same category as classic south park. The Sarah Jessica Parker bits were hilarious, as she was flamed pretty bad for being ugly. The barfing scenes were ok, but something you'd see in Family Guy. The kardashians getting murdered with a shotgun was very violent and totally awesome. I was worried last week about another "okay" season, but this episode really restored my faith in Matt and Trey, I have faith we will get another good episode next week. I give "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs" a 9.
  • Best Episode of South Park in years

    South Park returns with "The tale of Scrotie mcboogerball" and it did not dissapoint. not only was the title the best i have seen from south park in years but the plot was amazing as well and the jokes were hilarious. this was the most i think i have laughed from a single episode of south park and that is saying a lot since there are so many great episodes from the series. The idea of the plot was original and for not as much parody as there usually is. as much as i love parody i also like to see them throw out original ideas once and a while. awesome episode keep it up matt and trey
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