South Park

Season 14 Episode 2

The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 24, 2010 on Comedy Central

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  • Decent Episode

    This episode is another butters centric, and while it's decent, I've seen a lot better than this. In this episode, Stan and the gang write the foulest story ever, after being disappointed by the lack of foulness in Catcher in the Rye. Then, the parents find it, so they blame Butters for writing it, but to their suprise they actually love it, and the boys try to take credit for it, but no one listens. Then, after Butters writes a second book, his books are deemed violent after they influence a man to kill the Kardashians ("The Phonies" lol.) There was a juvinile-like sense to this episode, and it worked overall. There were only 2 real problems I truly had with this episode and they were the repeated use of vommiting jokes, and repeated use of Sarah Jessica Parker jokes. Seriously, Matt and Trey: Vommit jokes? You said Family Guy was stupid humor, yet you use their jokes? The Sarah Jessica Parker joke was good at first, but again it was overused throughout the episode. Overall, Good but not great. 8/10 B