South Park

Season 4 Episode 1

The Tooth Fairy's TATS 2000

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 05, 2000 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

When Cartman gets 2 dollars from the Tooth Fairy, the boys scheme to stick as many teeth as they can under Cartman's pillow, so they can purchase a new Sega Dreamcast. After he "loses" 112 teeth, Cartman's mother tells him the truth about the tooth fairy, which he tells the others about. Kyle begins to seek reality, when he discovers that everything his parents have told him about is a lie. The boys hit upon a scheme where they go to a rich neighborhood and steal the rich kid's tooth fairy money. Unfortunately, they run into a mob, run by Loogie that has the tooth trade market cornered. Meanwhile, one dentist from the ADA, suspects this illegal activity is going on.

Kenny dies when he walks in his cement shoes into a part of the Platte River that is actually deep enough to drown him.