South Park

Season 4 Episode 16

The Wacky Molestation Adventure

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 13, 2000 on Comedy Central
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Episode Summary

So that he can attend the “Raging Pussies” concert, Kyle calls the police and accuses his parents of "molestering" him. Soon all the children have called the police on their parents and they are the only ones left populating the town. When a couple breaks down while passing through town they find themselves in a town divided, one side Treasure Cove is controlled by Stan and Kyle, the other “Smiley Town” is controlled by Cartman. Meanwhile, the children’s parents get the help they need to keep them from sexually abusing their children.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Smiley town and treasure cove

    To go to the raging **** concert, kyle has to get his parents premission. shiela being the over pretective mother she is, se says no. so cartman says that he should call the cops and say that his parents mulested him. they beleave him, and they take them away. so all the kids say that the parents mulested thyem. so the kids controlled the town. then people passing by got into thier town, stan and kyle's town was treasure cove and cartman's town was smiley town. kyle and stan convinse them to get thier book so one of them will participate in carrasell. but then the guy tells him it was better with the parents. and they came back. awesome episode.moreless
  • This was great!

    This was a very funny episode. When Kyle Broflovski can not go with the gang to go see the local band, he calls the police and say that his parents molested him. Then, everyone else does it and now there is no more adults left in the town. The town split into Smiley Town and Treasure Cove. Stan, Kyle, and some kindergardeners are in Treasure Cove. Cartman, Butters, and others are in Smiley Town. Cartman was the mayor of Smiley Town. Kyle and Stan were the leaders of Treasure Cove. At the end, they wound up calling the police and saying they did not molest them. The parents actually said they molested them! Overall, funny episode, I give it a 9.3.moreless
  • The Wacky Molestation Adventure

    People reckon that the later series of South Park are the best but if you have watched all of them, I would say Season 2 until Season 4 are some of the best seasons. "Imaginationland Episode III" has just hit the walls of South Park zone and if you have cared to see what it is like then you may be impressed. I enjoyed Season 4 more than any other season. Season Five that follows up is pretty good too! Fair enough, people think Season 5-Season 11 are the best `cause the animation is better probably. I disagree.

    :( Focused on paedophilia, again.moreless
  • This is one that is worth watching again.

    I liked this episode a fair bit, although it may have the advantage of me not fully remembering it, therefore having no prior expectations before the episode, ,which may have been a downfall for previous Season 4 episodes. There was a very interesting and funny plot twist at the end of the episode and I thought the 'outlanders' were funny. Those kindergarteners spooked the bejesus out of me, and I liked it. This season has been, in general, pretty poor, but this episode has started to pick up the slack and while I don't think it can be the best season anymore, the last episode can bring back some respectability.moreless
  • this episode is about the boys calling the cops saying their parents molested them then there are no adults left in town and they seperate cartman becomes mayor of smiley town then there is another town called treasure cove where kyle and stan livemoreless

    i thought this was the best episode they have ever done! originally they were going to have cartman block the sun from smiley town but someone said "Oh it'll be just like the simpsons" so they didn't go with that but i think the best part was when kyle came out after he called the cops and was in his hat underware and sungalasses and was dancing to old time rock and roll he is my favorite character so i pay most of my attention to him. i know about the simpsons thing because they talk about that on the commentary of the episode "simpsons already did it" season 6 buy that season and listen to the commentary it is funny! it is also a really good season!!!moreless
Trey Parker

Trey Parker

Voice of Stan Marsh; Eric Theodore Cartman; Herbert Garrison; Officer Barbrady; Terrance; Timmy; Ned Gerblanski; Satan; Randy Ma

Matt Stone

Matt Stone

Voice of Kyle Broflovski; Kenny McKormick; Gerald Broflovski; Pip Pirrup; Jesus; Jimbo Kearn; Phillip; Saddam; Various Others

Isaac Hayes

Isaac Hayes

Voice of Jerome "Chef" McElroy

Eliza Schneider

Eliza Schneider

Voice of Mayor McDaniels; Liane Cartman; Mrs. McKormick; Wendy Testaburger; Shelly Marsh; Sharon Marsh; Various Others

Mona Marshall

Mona Marshall

Voice of Sheila Broflovski; Linda Stotch; Various Others

Milan Agnone

Milan Agnone

Voice of Unknown

Recurring Role

Nico Agnone

Nico Agnone

Voice of Filmore Anderson

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • The song playing during Kyle's party is "Old Time Rock And Roll" by Bob Seger.

    • Chef was arrested whilst sleeping with Ms. Cartman but in "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut," Chef was disgusted that Ms. Cartman was a hermaphrodite. Why would he sleep with her again?

    • Liane (Cartman's Mom) pants are blue instead of red.

    • After Mark said "My god they were your parents!", all the kids in the next scene turn around but not Tweek, watch as he turned around and for a brief moment he turned back.

    • Not only the couple's car had engine trouble, if you look closely in some shots and you'll see that they had a flat tire.

    • Ike didn't get hugged by the female officer but Kyle did!

    • When Kennys parents are looking for him, don't you think that they also try to find Kevin (Kenny's brother).

    • When Stan tells the story of "the before time" you see the stick/ torch he's holding changes through out the scene. Watch carefully, you can see it slowy change.

    • Jenny: Now we want to play with you...

      Then the scene switches to the man and woman, and then rapidly back to the kindergartners. It's only been less than a second, but in this scene, Jenny is back up on the sidewalk with the other kindergartners.

    • Editor's Note: In reference to the town being empty, you don't have to be a parent to be a child molestor. The only requirement is that you are an adult. Now you would have to wonder which children in South Park accused those childless adults of molesting them.

    • At the scene at which the kindergarten children are chased away from Smiley Town, Clyde, Pip and Craig are seen standing in front of the fifth graders. Yet a shot from a different angle shows them standing behind!

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Stan: Parents can be pretty cruel sometimes dude. They get off on it.

    • (Mark and Linda find Kenny's skeleton)
      Linda: What is it?
      Mark: It's a boy. They... killed him.
      Linda: The bastards.

    • Mark: Let me get this straight. If I go get the fat kid's book on the other side of the white line, you'll show me where a cell phone is.
      Stan: Yes, no foolies!
      Kindergarten Kids: No foolies!

    • Linda: Just point us to a phone kid, alright?
      Cartman: (laughs) I'm afraid you'll find all the phones... quite out of service.
      Mark: No phones either! How do you communicate?
      (Cartman pics up a jar, opens it up and speaks into it)
      Cartman: Butters, I need an ETA on a car, stat! (closes the jar and hands it to a kid who walks out the door)
      Mark: Alright we've had just about enough here. That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. I don't care what little games you kids want to play, we just want out of here alright.
      (Kid walks back in room with the jar & Cartman opens it)
      Butters: (voice from jar) It's gonna be about 3 days.

    • Kyle: You got "Raging Pussies" tickets!?!

    • Craig: This is the end of Smiley Town. The only phone is somewhere in Treasure Cove. If you want to find it, your gonna have to cross the white line.
      Mark: Well can you help us find the phone please?
      Craig: Hell no! I'm not crossing the white line.
      Linda: Why not?
      Mark: Okay let's just go Linda. I don't have time for Spaceman Spiff's little games.
      Craig: Craig!
      Mark; What?
      Craig: It's Spaceman Craig. (walks off making space noises)

    • Stan: You got foolied outlander.

    • Cartman: Outlander! Outlander! We have your woman! She still lives Outlander! Outlander! Her blood will spill.
      Butters: What the heck are you talking about?
      Cartman: Butters calm down alright.

    • Sheila: Alright, fine Kyle, you can go to the Raging Pussies concert if you clean out the garage, shovel the driveway and bring democracy to Cuba.
      Kyle: What's Cuba?
      Gerald: A communist country run by a dictator named Fidel Castro.
      Kyle: And do I have to shovel the whole driveway or just the side the car's on?
      Sheila: The whole thing.
      Kyle: Ah jeez.

    • Linda: Hey, looks like you're not so bad with kids after all.
      Mark: Yeah I guess you're right. Maybe we should have some.
      Linda: Yeah right, after all this. I'm getting my tubes tied tomorrow.

    • Police Lady: They'll never be able to hurt you again.
      Kyle: Cool thanks.

    • Kyle: What's "bad touch?"
      Cartman: Something bout a swimsuit, I don't remember, but you definitely answer bad touch!

    • Kyle: (singing) If I had one wish it'd for Cuba to change,
      cause I think that all the Cubans are in pain.
      All the joy in the world, from sea to shining sea,
      doesn't mean a thing, if Cubans aren't free.
      I just can't be very happy, that's certain,
      not as long as you Cubans are hurtin',
      Oh won't you search your soul and find a way to change your mind.
      That is my one and only wish...

    • Kyle: My parents said I can't go.
      Stan: Well of course your parents said you can't go.
      Cartman: Dummy, you don't ask if you can go! I'm telling my parents that I'm staying at Stan's house, Stan's telling his parents he's staying at Kenny's house, and Kenny's not telling his parents anything cause they're alcoholics and they don't care!
      Kenny: (muffled) Yeah!
      Kyle: Oh, well now I already told them.
      Cartman: Well I guess you're screwed then.

    • Stan: Dude! You're not gonna believe what Cartman got!
      Kyle: Hepatitis B?
      Cartman: No dickhole! 4 tickets, 28th row for the "Raging Pussies."

    • Jenny: Now we wanna play with yoou.
      Mark: Ok, now I'm scared too. That freaked me out.

  • NOTES (3)

    • First appearance of Butter's parents together. His father has been seen in other episodes, but this is the first one where the connection is made.

    • According to Trey and Matt from the commentary mini to this episode, a major plot device was going to be that Cartman was going to block the sun out in half of the town. The idea was scrapped when someone informed Trey and Matt that "The Simpsons Already Did It" which then became the inspiration for that episode.

    • The word rape is changed to molest when the guy at the prison is trying to get the parents to control their "urges". Yet it still remains in the closed captioning.

  • ALLUSIONS (11)

    • Samantha Smith:

      Kyle's letter to Castro asking him to revoke communism is a clear reference to American student Samantha Smith. In 1982, Smith -- at the age of ten -- wrote to Yuri Andropov, General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Smith expressed her concerns over a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union, and stated that God had made the world for these two nations to live together in peace.

      To the shock of many, Andropov actually read and responded to Smith's letter, insisting that he too wished for peace. Smith and her family were later flown to Moscow, where they spent two weeks as Andropov's guests.

    • Leave It To Beaver:

      At the prison, the cardboard cutout of a boy is "Beaver" Cleaver from the classic TV show Leave It To Beaver.

    • Rage Against the Machine

      The Raging **** is quite probably an allusion to the highly political band Rage Against the Machine.

    • Risky Business:

      At the start of the montage where the kids are all partying at Kyle's house after his parents are arrested, Kyle slides into view in his underwear and sunglasses while Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock n Roll" plays.

      This is an allusion to a scene in the 1983 film, Risky Business starring Tom Cruise.

    • The Year Without A Santa Claus:

      Kyle's letter to Castro is a parody of the 1974 Christmas special The Year Without a Santa Claus where the children wrote into Santa about how they would have a blue Christmas without him.

    • Children of the Corn:

      When Cartman has the woman hostage and calls Mark an "Outlander," it is a reference to the 1984 film Children of the Corn, which is based on the Stephen King novel.

      In the scene Malachai (a Satan worshipping child) is holding the protagonist's (who is an adult) wife/girlfriend captive to lure him out of hiding.

      Another reference: When the two arrive in the town and go to the gas station, the town was also taken over by kids in the movie.

      The whole episode is a parody of Children of the Corn, which is about evil/satanic children who take over a small town after getting rid of their parents (killing them).

    • Star Trek: The Original Series: Some of the children's dialogue is also reminiscent of the 1966 Star Trek episode 1x08 Miri.

    • Calvin & Hobbes:

      (referring to Craig)
      Mark: I don't have time for "Spaceman Spiff's" little games.

      Spaceman Spiff was Calvin's space hero alter-ego in the long gone (but not forgotten) newspaper comic strip "Calvin and Hobbes."

    • Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome:

      Some of the dialog is reminiscent of the dialog spoken by the girl who led the children in the 1985 film Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

    • Logan's Run:

      Many references are made to "Carousel" which is taken from 1976 film Logan's Run when it was time for people to die they were taken to "Carousel."

    • Pet Sematary:

      The part where the two adults cross over the line and they see the kindergarteners and when asked about their parents, they said something to the effect of "we played with them, now we want to play with yoooou!" then they attack them is a reference to the 1989 film Pet Sematary, where Gage says this to his mother(father???) and then attacks.