South Park

Season 4 Episode 16

The Wacky Molestation Adventure

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 13, 2000 on Comedy Central

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  • Smiley town and treasure cove

    To go to the raging **** concert, kyle has to get his parents premission. shiela being the over pretective mother she is, se says no. so cartman says that he should call the cops and say that his parents mulested him. they beleave him, and they take them away. so all the kids say that the parents mulested thyem. so the kids controlled the town. then people passing by got into thier town, stan and kyle's town was treasure cove and cartman's town was smiley town. kyle and stan convinse them to get thier book so one of them will participate in carrasell. but then the guy tells him it was better with the parents. and they came back. awesome episode.
  • This was great!

    This was a very funny episode. When Kyle Broflovski can not go with the gang to go see the local band, he calls the police and say that his parents molested him. Then, everyone else does it and now there is no more adults left in the town. The town split into Smiley Town and Treasure Cove. Stan, Kyle, and some kindergardeners are in Treasure Cove. Cartman, Butters, and others are in Smiley Town. Cartman was the mayor of Smiley Town. Kyle and Stan were the leaders of Treasure Cove. At the end, they wound up calling the police and saying they did not molest them. The parents actually said they molested them! Overall, funny episode, I give it a 9.3.
  • The Wacky Molestation Adventure

    People reckon that the later series of South Park are the best but if you have watched all of them, I would say Season 2 until Season 4 are some of the best seasons. "Imaginationland Episode III" has just hit the walls of South Park zone and if you have cared to see what it is like then you may be impressed. I enjoyed Season 4 more than any other season. Season Five that follows up is pretty good too! Fair enough, people think Season 5-Season 11 are the best `cause the animation is better probably. I disagree.
    :( Focused on paedophilia, again.
  • This is one that is worth watching again.

    I liked this episode a fair bit, although it may have the advantage of me not fully remembering it, therefore having no prior expectations before the episode, ,which may have been a downfall for previous Season 4 episodes. There was a very interesting and funny plot twist at the end of the episode and I thought the 'outlanders' were funny. Those kindergarteners spooked the bejesus out of me, and I liked it. This season has been, in general, pretty poor, but this episode has started to pick up the slack and while I don't think it can be the best season anymore, the last episode can bring back some respectability.
  • this episode is about the boys calling the cops saying their parents molested them then there are no adults left in town and they seperate cartman becomes mayor of smiley town then there is another town called treasure cove where kyle and stan live

    i thought this was the best episode they have ever done! originally they were going to have cartman block the sun from smiley town but someone said "Oh it'll be just like the simpsons" so they didn't go with that but i think the best part was when kyle came out after he called the cops and was in his hat underware and sungalasses and was dancing to old time rock and roll he is my favorite character so i pay most of my attention to him. i know about the simpsons thing because they talk about that on the commentary of the episode "simpsons already did it" season 6 buy that season and listen to the commentary it is funny! it is also a really good season!!!
  • The boys decide to put the parents in jail for \"molestering\" them-then they take over the town.

    I liked the part when the boys took over the town and all the mishap took place. I seen it in October or November of 2005 and thought it was very funny. Also it was my first episode believe it or not. Would anybody know the exact date it came on back then by chance?
  • Kids are tired of constant bullying from their parents, so they report to the cops that their parents are molesting them and then take over the town.

    Kyle\'s parents won\'t let him go to a rock concert with Stan, Cartman, and Kenny, so he has a bright idea. he reports to the cops that his parents are \"molestering\" him. All the other kids do that too; soon, every adult in South Park either moved away or is in jail wronfully. At first, the kids think they\'ll live a better life without their parents, but it all changes once a couple comes to the town to ask for help to get to another town.

    This is a great satire of child molestation, family values, and growing up in an amazing season of South Park. Absolutely worth watching, it\'s as good as \"Child Molestation is Not Funny\", a good episode in the crappy sixth season. Some of you may think \"CMINF\" is a ripoff of this ep. I quite agree. In fact, you're just wasting your time watching "CMINF", especially since it's from the worst season of south park ever (the sixth season btw). So if you've seen that episode, watch the real deal with THIS episode from probably the best season ever (season 4).
  • best south park dialogue not to Rumpertumskin

    mayor cartman parading in downtown south park shouting "outlander, outlander, we have your woman outlander, she still lives outlander, outlander, her blood was fair" is hands down the best moment in south park history and dare i say transcends the reference to children of the corn which doesn't matter at all because horror movies pretty much suck and i can comfortably judge them without needing to watch. the only worthwhile material in horror films is what it provides for parody (except blatant parodies of the genre as a whole). anyway, these few lines are enough reason to watch the entire episode which is hilarious anyway and supplemented by spaceman Craig--the most underutilized character on the show. It's Cartman at his most cartman when he overcomes racism and other stereotypes and focuses on less common forms of hate like threats of human sacrifice. Enjoyable quote to repeat drunkenly if accompanied by a posse equally drunk and not yelling at anybody in particular. Doesn't matter if you pretend to have a captive. The spectacle is priceless.
  • The first 10 minutes are fantastic, the rest is "meh"

    This episode was extremely "whacky," as the episode title tells us, but not necessarily in a good way. After Kyle is mad at his parents for not letting him go to a concert with his friends, Cartman shares with him a funny yet disturbing idea about how to get rid of his parents by calling the police and telling them his parents "molestered" him. Soon, every adult is taken out of South Park and held in prison where they must learn to deal with the urge of molestation, in a particularly funny scene. The boys create a "Lord of the Flies" like atmosphere where everything has gone completely chaotic with the lack of adults. This episode was just too strange, and not all that involving most of the time. Again though, the first 10 or 15 minutes are great.
  • One of the best Southpark episodes!

    Wacky Molestation adventure is a great Southpark episode. Cartman gets four tickets to the raging pussy’s (a band) and Kyle asks his parents if he can go with the guys. They say he can if he shovels the whole driveway and brings democracy to Cuba. After Kyle completes his tasks his parents tell him that the though they gave him a chore that they thought would be impossible. They tell him he can’t go. So Kyle phones the police and says his parents “molestered him”. Soon all the kids get rid of there parents the same way Kyle did. A couple drives through Southpark and sees how outta hands things are. They need a phone and the boys make them get the other side of towns “book” so they aren’t sacrificed. Just as Cartman is about to sacrifice Butter’s the Couple talks them back to since. The parents come back home and every thing is right again in Southpark. This episode is great. The best of season four and possibly the best of the series. Make sure to watch it!
  • Totally funny.

    Another awesome episode of this great series. If you don't watch this episode, you missed a funny, funny episode. Totally outrageous, and totally cool. If you get the chance, watch this episode. A really funny part was when the couple talked about haveing a boy or girl of their own.