South Park

Season 4 Episode 3

Timmy! 2000

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 19, 2000 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

There is a new student in Mr. Garrison’s class named Timmy. About the only thing that Timmy can do is say his name, in a somewhat deep and wicked sounding voice, and flail his arms at the same time. Ignorant of the fact that Timmy might be “retarded,” Mr. Mackey believes he knows what Timmy’s problem is. He believes him to have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Timmy is tested and is diagnosed with ADD, after the doctor reads “The Great Gatsby” to him and he can’t answer any questions. Timmy is given Ritalin for his ADD. As a result, Timmy is relieved of the responsibility to do any homework. When the other kids find out, the also claim to have ADD. The doctor tests them by reading them “A Farewell to Arms” and diagnoses the whole bunch of them with ADD. Meanwhile, the “Lords of the Underworld,” led by Skyler, are practicing for the battle of the bands. They discover Timmy, who was passing by at the time, and make him their lead vocalist, when the uttering of his name fits in well with their music. The South Pharmacy is overrun with parents getting their children’s Ritalin prescriptions filled. Timmy and the “Lords of the Underworld” perform at the battle of the bands. While some are disgusted by what they’ve seen, many are delighted. The band easily wins the contest and will be opening for Phil Collins at the LaLaPaLaLaPaZa festival.

Timmy and the “Lords of the Underworld” have taken the country by storm. Phil Collins (with Oscar in hand) is outraged and plans to put a stop to people laughing at people with disabilities. Cartman and Kenny tell the other boys about how good Ritalin is making them feel. Soon all the boys are on Ritalin and Chef is outraged. MTV News reports that Phil Collins is now going to open for Timmy and the “Lords of the Underworld.” Phil Collins (with Oscar in hand) is further outraged by the exportation. He meets with Timmy’s parents, who are much like their son. Back at school, Mr. Garrison asks the children to settle down, which is difficult since they are all mellow on Ritalin. Timmy and the band are on tour; Phil Collins (with Oscar in hand) stops Skyler to plant a seed that will get the band to break up.

It works, when after the show, Skyler leaves the band. Back in South Park on Ritalin, the boys don’t even want to watch Terrance & Philip. Instead they tune over to VH-1, which reports on the breakup of Timmy and the “Lords of the Underworld.” The boys under the influence of Ritalin agree with the breakup and they decide they are going to go to the Phil Collins concert anyway. Chef tries to teach the parents about a drug free alternative to Ritalin, but he finds out that the parents are taking the Ritalin themselves. He is further outraged when he finds out that the children and all their parents are going to the Phil Collins concert. He goes to the pharmacy and vents his anger. The pharmacists are shocked when they hear about the Phil Collins side-effect. They gather up some of the Ritalin anti-dote, Ritalout which Chef plans on giving the children.

Phil Collins (with Oscar in hand) is performing. Chef gives Stan and Kyle and the other children the anti-dote. It works and Stan tells everyone (including Phil Collins) what he learned today about Timmy and his disability. Throughout the crowd, the chant goes out for Timmy. Timmy and the “Lords of the Underworld” rock the house as Phil Collins is body-surfed (with his Oscar shoved up his butt) over the crowd.

Kenny dies when Cartman under the influence of Ritalin hits him with a frying pan in Cartman’s effort to kill one of the little pink Christina Aguilera bugs, a known side effect of Ritalin.