South Park

Season 4 Episode 3

Timmy! 2000

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 19, 2000 on Comedy Central

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  • Phill Collins in South Park.

    Phill Collins is the best villain of South Park,it's great when he sing you'll be in me,parody of song you'll be in my heart of Tarzan'movie.
  • timmy!

    Timmy is diagnosed with ADD, and when the other kids hear he does not have to do homework because of this, they all fool a doctor and are mistakenly diagnosed with ADD Too. Timmy forms a band with a couple older kids, but Phil Collins objects because he thinks people are making fun of Timmy. Can anyone set this straight?

    I think it was pretty good. Timmy is a hilarious character and this episode was of course, very funny. My final grade for this episode is an A+. Not the best episode ever or anything, just a really good story.
  • Why timmy, why?

    Why does everyone love Timmy. Can someone tell me what they like about him other then the fact that he's handicapped and can only say his name. I don't like him, he's such a dull character. Jimmy is boring too but at least he has a personality. I didn't like this episode cause it was mostly about Timmy and I don't like his character, just like I don't like Towlie either. Whyyy does everyone like them?
  • Finally, an episode focused on Timmy.

    As it says in the very short summary, finally, and episode focused on a very special person, Timmy! Timmy is a hilarious character. Even that he has a mental illness, it is very funny that all he says is Timmy! I think that Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McCormick, and Stan Marsh were not shown enough in this episode. They should have played him more. Very great episode. The band thing was very weird that he would be in a band. Timmy would be a great singer, and he was a great singer. Overall, I give this very special episode a 9.
  • introduction of Timmy, the loveable retard

    This is one of the most groundbreaking eps and probably the most so of season 4. Timmy is introduced for the first time and he happens to be oen hell of a rockin and rollin singer. The Lords of The Underworld are looking for somethign to improve their band and they find Timmy and the band takes off. But is Timmy getting too much of the fame? Meanwhile, all of the kids are pretending to have ADD so that they can get out of homework! I mean, Ritalin doesn't have nay side affects right? So why not take it? You'll see if you watch the ep.
  • Timmy! 2000

    Though how I adore Timmy and his name (TIMMY!) I think that sometimes the plots based around him and his handicapped life are a bit boring and this one is pretty lame itself. A new kid in class (Timmy's first appearence) causes a disruption when they learn that he doesn't have to do any homework. The children get pissed off and decide to get diagnosed with the syndrome he has himself, and that means they do not have to do any really boring homework for their irritating gay teacher Mr. Garrison.
    :( Why is this such a bad episode? Make it better!
  • This episode is not one that will stay in the memory for long.

    I can't really remember this episode very much because I saw it over 24 hours ago. But I remember just watching it and thinking it was good, but not really that good. It introduced Timmy into the main characters of the show and also had a hidden message: that the handicapable are people too. The band actually sounded pretty good and I thought the stabs at Phil Collins were also pretty funny. I only rated the episode so low because there weren't really any laughs. The pink Christina Aguilera monsters were hilarious and Kenny's death was pretty funny as well.
  • South Park didn't know what it was getting into when they first aired "Timmy 2000!"

    South Park didn't know what it was getting into when they first aired "Timmy 2000!" A lot people were upset about the episode because they thought its purpose was to make fun of handicapped people. The other half of people were instantly in love with Timmy and his band.

    The episode is very good, and makes a comment about children with ADD... that being, 8 year olds are supposed to have a hard time paying attention because they are kids. We don't need to drug them up and make them all act the same.

    This episode is very good, and helps to bring South Park into a new phase.