South Park

Season 7 Episode 3

Toilet Paper

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 02, 2003 on Comedy Central

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  • Hilarious!!!

    The boys are given a detention due to their attitudes in art class. Cartman decides that they need to toilet paper (TP) the art teacher's house in revenge. I don't really watch "South Park" a lot but I just happened to catch this episode at 1:30am today before I went to sleep and I decided to stick around and watch it. I'm glad that I watched this episode because the storyline was creative and the humor was non-stop excellent. The boys throwing the toilet paper (a.k.a. teepee) at the art teacher's house after they got in trouble was very funny. Oh heck, a lot of parts really cracked me up such as when Josh keeps saying "Tell me something Officer Barbrady" and then Officer Barbrady confesses to what his dad would make him do, "You have nothing else better to do, huh Office Barbrady" "Yeah", Cartman trying to kill Kyle but keeps hitting with a bat SOFTLY, Cartman asking Kyle "Where are you going Kyle?" and then Kyle responded "I'm gonna go get a glass of water" and then Cartman says "Oh don't worry, I got a glass of water right here" (Cartman gives Kyle the glass of water) then Kyle responds "Uh, thanks", and more. The ending was also funny when Cartman confessed about the teepee thing and then he only gets 1 week of detention for being brave while Stan, Kyle, and Kenny get 2 weeks of detention for NOT being brave according to the principal and the teachers. Cartman trying to kill Kyle, Stan, and Kenny was funny as well. Overall, a hilarious episode of "South Park"... I don't watch this show a lot but I'm sure glad I watched this episode before I went to sleep. 10/10
  • perfect

    The boys TP their art teacher's house, but soon Kyle becomes ridden with guilt. Soon Butters takes the fall (even though he had no part in it), and Kyle, stan and Kenny all agree they should tell and confess it was really them. But what will Cartman do? Will he decide it is time to fess up too? Watch and find out!

    Good episode. It was funny. Cartman's alibi as to why they couldn't have done it was really funny ,and the ending was too. No real complaints, a really good episode, this episode definitely gets an A+ as a grade from me
  • "Tell me something, Officer Barbrady..."

    This episode is DEFINITELY in my top three. The premise for the episode was hilarious. And to top it all off with random movie references? Total. Freaking. Win.

    All right, onto a summary of the episode itself. The boys decide to TP their art teacher's house, because she gave them detention. After the deed is done, Kyle begins feeling guilty, and wants to confess, so Cartman takes it into his own hands to keep Kyle's mouth shut. Meanwhile, Officer Barbrady is investigating the TP-ing (because, of course, he has nothing better to do); enter Josh Meyers, juvenile delinquent and toilet paperer extraordinaire, who helps Barbrady track down the boys in exchange for personal information.

    As I've said before, this is one of, in my opinion, the top three greatest South Park episodes ever (right up there with 'Good Times with Weapons' and 'Scott Tenorman Must Die'). It's highly underrated, not to mention that Josh is totally the greatest SP character ever concieved. EVER. There's not really a whole lot more I can say about this ep, so...go watch it. Now.

    The boys TP their art teacher's house for revenge but gets in deep trouble when officer Barbrady decides to investigate.

    Quote of the Episode - "Cartman (while beating Kyle with a wiffle bat): Don't fight it Kyle, it'll only take longer. Just slip into sweet unconsciousness."

    Favourite Moments - Josh as Hannibal Lecter, the whole toilet paper scenes where officer Barbrady was investigating at the store, and Cartman trying to kill off his friends.

    After the boys' art teacher puts them in detention, they decide to get her back by TPing her house. But things get serious when officer Barbrady (who has absolutely nothing else better to do) decides to find out who committed the hideous crime. Hilarity ensues as the idiotic Barbrady starts an investigation forcing Cartman to take desperate measures.
  • Pretty funny.

    The kickoff of the episode is already funny, but the storyline is pretty sweet, too. It is based on toilet papering houses, which most people of all ages know about. Officer Barbrady has an amusing role, because the best case he can work on IS the toilet papering issue. He visits a student T.P.'er, who got some pretty sick information from Officer Barbrady. Kyle is having major regrets from toilet papering the house. The others do not want to get in trouble, especially Cartman. The best part is when, in order to stop Kyle, Cartman takes Kyle in a boat and tries to kill him with a wiffle ball bat. Butters originally gets blamed and that is when everybody, except Cartman, WANTS to come clean. Although when everyone else decides to come clean, Cartman had already done it and got only one week of detention rather than two. Killer episode.
  • One funny episode.

    Having been the first time that I have seen this episode of "South Park", I have to say that it's a great addition to the show.

    The episode starts out with the boys getting detention from their art teacher for not paying attention in class. Wanting to retaliate, and thanks to Cartman's goading, they decide to TP their art teacher's house. From that point on, I found the results of their actions to be quite comical, espcially when they were buying the toilet paper and the grocery store clerk wasn't suspcious.

    After this happened, what I found typical of a lot of the episodes was Kyle's reluctance to help out and being talked into helping out, but it was still funny, because his reluctance would come back to laugh in his face at the end of the episode. Other than that, I thought it was funny how Barbrady was going to the TP expert in juvinile hall. That whole part of the episode was funny in the way that it was a play on the movie "Silence of the Lambs". By the end of part of the storyline, all I was thinking while I had a smile on my face was "poor Butters, being falsely accused for the TPing".

    But what made me laugh the most came at the end of the episode: with how Cartman took Kyle's plan of confessing and used it to his advantage to only get a week of detention while the others had to get two weeks.

    In all, I found this to be one comical episode of "South Park". It is definitely a great addition to the series.
  • A very underrated episode. Most people wouldn't list this one on their "top 5", everyone I know loves this episode.

    The boys show humorous disrespect for their art class and TP their teacher's house after being punished. Officer Barbrady investigates the TPers. This episode does a great job showing what's great about each of the four boys, especially Cartman. This is also probably Barbrady's finest episode. A lot of great allusions to movies here too.