South Park

Season 1 Episode 11

Tom's Rhinoplasty

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 11, 1998 on Comedy Central

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  • Mr. Garrison gets a nose job and quits teaching. The boys fall in with the substitute.

    Mr. Garrison decides to get a nose job. On the day of his operation, he gets Ms. Ellen to substitute for him. After the operation is complete, he discovers that he can have his dream career: hanging out and screwing hot chicks. Now Ms. Ellen is the new teacher, but that is OK because the boys all have a crush on her, especially Stan, which makes Wendy extremely jealous. A better episode than the previous one. The boys falling in love with their new substitue was hilarious. Chef singing "No Subsititue" was very funny. Also, Cartman have funny lines in this episode as well. Other funny moments: "Don't f***with me" (which was said by Wendy), Mr. Garrison after the sugery, the boys licking the carpet, and a few more. Overall, grea tepisode, but the vomit scenes were gross and that's seem to be a bit too much.8/10
  • sorry but i hate this episode its the one thing i hate about south park is vomit whats the piont and its tottaly not funny either

    well i luv south park but i hate vomit so bad its a stupid idea and i think its the one thing tat lowers south park. this episode is my personal worst because all its about is vomit its just simply crap to my opioion.. simply the worst episode ever .........
  • An Old Favourite :-)

    Tom's Rhinoplasty. LOVE this episode! I first watched it in May 2009. Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and Wendy Testaburger finds herself madly jealous with young, pretty substitute teacher Ms. Ellen. Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and all the other boys in the 3rd Grade instantly take to Ms. Ellen, with the addition of Chef, who aimed to "make love to her down by the fire." Wendy darkly creates a plan to get Ms. Ellen out of the substitute teaching job, from buying her a dead animal for Valentine's Day to sending in the United Nations of Iraq to send her to the sun. The episode concludes with a well known line that supported how far Wendy would go to draw away any competition when it came to her first love Stan Marsh. This episode was aired shortly before Valentine's Day in 1998 and was a first season episode. The song that played during the Wendy/Stan montage was beautiful, too. Cute but dark episode, definately one to watch! Ciao! :-) xxx
  • perfect

    Mr. Garrison gets a nose job and soon all women in South Park love him, so he decides to quit teaching. This is fine because the new teacher, Ms. Ellen, is one all the boys like, especially Stan. Wendy is worried she will lose Stan to Ms. Ellen and vows revenge.

    The ending is one of my favorite endings to the show, just because it is really funny and well-done. The whole episode is pretty much flawless, as far as I am concerned. Overall grade for this episode is definitely going to be an A+. Hilarious episode, I think anyway
  • I don't get why people think this is the best episode of Season 1.

    This episode is the worst of the so far fantastic Season 1. Not to say this episode was bad, it just didn't have the same oomph as the other episodes. This episode seems very similar to 'Scott Tenorman Must Die', except based around a character I don't like, Wendy Testaburger. Without a doubt, the funniest part of this episode is the misinterpretation of how to be a lesbian, by Cartman and the boys. "Licking carpet", "Eating box", "My Grandfather was lesbian, so that makes me quarter-lesbian." The main reason I didn't like the episode was because it was based around Wendy, who is just a character I don't like. Otherwise, it would have been up there with my favourites.
  • Don't .. mess.. with.. Wendy.. Warning: Contains spoilers.

    I thought this episode was hilarious for many reasons, but I thought it was cruel that an innocent woman was sent to her doom to the center of the Sun or just the Sun itself. It's wrong and it's a bad idea for this episode. But, since that really didn't happen, I'm not going to give this episode a 8.5/10 rating like I just was about to do after changing 9.4/10 which is now 9.7/10. This episode was clever and excellent. I liked the idea of the boys attempting to be a lesbian and literally licking carpet.

    A substitute is here and her name is Ms. Ellen. All the boys like her, even Stan, and Wendy is mad. She wants Stan all for herself, which is totally hot and I would totally love that if a girl liked me that much.

    This episode was hilarious!
  • Tom's Rhinoplasty

    This is the one with the dyke of a teacher (sorta gothic carpet-licker) that everybody fancies apart from Wendy Testaburger of course - Yep! You guessed right, Stan loves the new Mrs. Ellen as well.
    Trey and Matt introduce the start as usual but this time with a glitch... the two creators are dressed up in cowboy outfits.
    Natasha Hendridge was in the movie Species... play with ourselves... Indian Companion. All very funny... This is one of the classic episodes that we all love and Mr. Garrison even ends up being loved by all the girls! What a funny (yet great) surprise!
  • This episode was good, only not the best.

    This episode, was another average episode.

    However, this episode got my respect for adding humor in a clever plot-wise episode. The humor was good around Mr. Garrison. Other then that, the show became too plot-wise. It lost points, since this episode did not had much of South Park's gold - Humour.

    Now, this is a intelligent episode. Very great plot-wise, very good surronding towards the love of Wendy and Stan. However, the plot got boring in the scenes when the boys tried to interest there teacher.

    This is another episode that goes towards the serious pattern. if you need a laught, watch episodes like "Death" or "A Pig Makes Love to a Elephant". This episode is for people with mostly love-problems or even couples themselfs.
  • Great Wendy episode...Mary Kay Bergman is missed.

    A hilarious episode featuring some of the cleverest writing of the season. This episode is particularly important for Wendy, and she shows in this episode that she has as strong a presence as any of the other kids. Though not quite on the level of the Christmas special, this episode foreshadows the quality of humor we’ll see much later on.
  • This episode has "The Chick From Species".

    Here is my review for the first episode of South Park I've seen in my life. This is the reason I've declared it a "Series Classic" episode. When I first heard of the show, it was all the rage at the middle school I went to. Just about everyone I knew at school loved it. I desperately wanted to watch the show for the first time, but my mother wouldn't let me because it was TV-MA, and you had to be 18 or older just to watch it (Hey, I was only 12, you know). Anyway, when I was at home all by myself late one night, I saw this episode on TV. And for proof that I saw it, I decided to record it on tape and watch it as much as I want. The first time I saw this episode, I cracked up every second I saw. I even recorded every other episode I saw on TV until we got our satellite dish disconnected for a long time. I didn't see the show again until we got connection back again. And by the way, this episode has the actress from the movie "Species" as well.
  • Mm, that's good satire.

    Mr. Garrison isn't too popular with the ladies, so he decides to into a plastic surgery. Suddenly, he turns out looking like David Hasselhoff. This has clever parody, and the first one that actually has one.

    Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison's class gets a substitute, an attractive woman, who all the guys like. But Stan's girlfriend Wendy Testaburger gets jealous, and tries to get rid of her. In the end, she gets shot into the sun.

    This has clever parody, and it also starts off to be bit funnier than the other season 1 episodes. This started the golden age of South Park!
  • Don't...****...with...Wendy...Testaburger!

    In this episode Mr Garrison quits his job as a teacher when he discovers his nose job made him look like David Hasslehof [though his mouth moved normaly, now they do the "Canadian Animation" for then]. Also the boys are schwinging for the new Substitute Miss Ellen who Chef discovers is a Lesbian, and you don't **** with Wendy or Iraqis WILL launch you into the sun. Funny episode, the music for Mr Garrison was perfect as were all of the boys horning on Miss Ellen and Cartman mistaking his moms sexual comments on how to be a lesbian [licking carpet and chowing on a box] for the real thing, instead of the implied thing.
  • Toms rhinoplasty- a good episode, but compared to the rest in season 1, nothing special

    in this episode, mr. garrison leaves to get a nose job and a new substitute teacher takes over who the boys really like. Wendy starts to get really jelous, and the things she does to try and get attention are quite funny. The episode overall isnt really bad, but it just really didnt fit into the brilliant season 1, where all of the episodes are just amazing. If this episode was in season 3 or 4 or any of the new seasons that have been coming out, it would do great. Its worth the watch for any southpark fan, but dont expect great season 1 quality
  • The boys take a liking to the new substitute teacher, and Wendy becomes jealous.

    Mr. Garrison is going to have nose surgery. The boys become attracted to the sub. teacher. Chef tells the boys she is a lez-bo. The boys try to become lesbians to be like her. Wendy becomes even more jealous. Meanwhile, after his surgery, Mr. Garrison turns hot, but he doesn't like being attacked by fans. A pretty good episode overall. Best part is when Wendy threatens the sub.
  • One of Garrison's many transformations/incarnations.

    This episode involves Mr. Garrison's new nose, and Wendy Testaberger's incredible rage.

    The interesting thing about the nose job is this: Mr. Garrison got a nose job, yet he looks like David Hasselhoff. I took this as a comment about plastic surgery. People think that by merely changing their nose, they will be transformed into a different person. This isn't the case. Mr. Garrison is still Mr. Garrison.

    Other than that, the entire Wendy's rage thread is very interesting. I think that this side of Wendy should have been explored more often. Wendy was always kind of a joke, but this bada$$ side of her is very interesting.

    Overall, a good episode.
  • A substitute teacher is in for Mr. Garrison who is gettign a nose-job and the boys especially Stan become infatuated with her. This causes Wendy to become extremely jealous.

    This is easily one of the best from the first season. However it is one of those episodes that is really only as good as it is the first time you ever watch it. The second tiem I watched it, it wasn't as good. The first time though, and I was laughing hysterically. It is very clever how they made Mr. Garrison's face look liek David Hasselhoff and how he told everyone at school he had herpes. The best is when Wendy has Ms. Ellen falsely accused of murder and treason to the Iraqi government and ass a punishment she is shot into the sun. Great episode.
  • Wendy is jealous of the new substitue, who is filling in for Mr. Garrison while he gets surgery.

    Mr. Garrison goes to get surgery and the class gets a substitue, Mrs. Ellen. All the boys like her, including Stan, which makes Wendy jealous. Mr. Garrison gets a nose job to make him look like a famous person. Wendy tries to proove Mrs. Ellen is horrible, but it doesn't work. Chef has a date with Mrs. Ellen. He tells the boys that she is a lesibian, and the boys try to become lesibians too. After the surgery, everyone likes Mr. Garrison. He quits his job as teaching, and Mrs. ellen becomes their perminate teacher. Wendy treatens Mrs. Ellen, but it doesn't work. After realizing that looking good is hard, Mr. Garrison gets his old nose back, which makess him look like himself. Iraq's come and arrest Mrs. Ellen, and Mr. Garrison takes his job back. In the end, wendy watches as Mrs. Ellen is shot into the sun, and Kyle learns of what she did.
  • Another classic.

    A new teacher, Ms. Ellen comes in while Mr. Garrison goes off to have a surgical procedure on having his nose done. The boys of the class all fall in love with Ms. Ellen and Stan's girlfriend, Wendy gets jealous of this and tries to get Stan back. The last part was shocking but Wendy had Ms. Ellen killed by having her shot into the sun. Once again, another great episode from Matt and Trey! :)
  • Don't blank with Wendy!

    Wendy thinks that the new teacher is really trying to
    Get to the affectionsns of Stan and that the teacher
    Is really a terrorist. As Mr Garrison is having a nose
    Job and will quit briefly to hang around with chicks
    There is one thing for certain is that you don't blank with Wendy Testerberger!
  • My second favorite episode in the First Season.

    Mr. Garrison is interested in getting pastic surgery on his nose at Tom's Rhinoplasty. And when the surgery is complete, he looks like David Hasselhoff! Whenever he would walk, fangirls would swarm after him, and the song "Shadow Dancing" would be played. Meanwhile, all the boys in the 3rd grade class find their substitute teacher Ms. Ellen attractive, not knowing that she was a lesbian. Wendy is mad about Stan liking her, and tries and tries to get rid of her. Chef tries dating her but finds out about her sexuality and tells the kids about why she isn't attracted to them. A pretty funny episode.
  • AHAHAHAHA.. this was GREAT.. LESBIANS haha.. who thinks of stuff like this

    I sooo totally loved this episode! Wow... poor Stan lol...

    Anyways.. we all know what happened I just wanted to say that this was one of the best South Park episodes YET!!

    My favorite part is when they go over to Cartman\'s house and they start rug munching! haha...

    oh and the beginning when they all start doing that random **** I just fell out of my seat laughing my ass off... once again... who writes this stuff!!

    I would love to meet them haha!

    Oh and the whole David Hasselhof thing was AMAZINGly added.. haha Rhinoplasty my ass! ... ...

    LOVE IT Definatly!
  • Mr. Garrison gets surgery.

    A pretty good episode, had some funny jokes.
    Mr Garrison takes some time off from teaching when he decides to get a nose job. The classes substitute is a very attractive woman named Ms. Ellen. All the boys in the class fall in love with their knew teacher, and Wendy knows Stan loves her to. Chef moves in on Ms. Ellen and takes her out on a date, but finds out that she's a lesbian. Also Garrison's no looks like David Hasselhoff after his surgery, at first he decides to be a model and loves the life but it starts to wear on him after all the town's women won't leave him alone. Funny episode, I really enjoyed watching this one.
  • My personal favorite episode.

    Tom's Rhinoplasty is one of the best episodes of the series. It takes place around Valentine's Day. Wendy is looking forward to spending Valentine's Day with Stan. However, Mr. Garrison is getting a nosejob and so a substitute teacher comes to the school. Her name is Miss Ellen and the four tykes are lusting over her. Wendy quickly grows jealous and tries to get Stan to notice her again. Chef finds out that Miss Ellen is a lesbian and explains to the boys that lesbians only like other lesbians, so the boys try to become lesbians. Mr. Garrison enjoys his new look, but after a while he grows tired of it and wants to be changed back. In the end, Miss Ellen is arrested for being an Iraqi fugitive and is shot into the center of the sun. Actually, Wendy hires some Iraqis to say that in order to get Miss Ellen out of the way so that Stan can be all hers again. Mr. Garrison, now back to normal, returns to teaching.

    This episode was landmark in that it brought us a new angle to Wendy's character. Before, she seemed like a goodie-two-shoes. In this episode, we got to see for the first time that she has a bitchy side, maybe even an evil side. The episode is also full of laughs and even has some cute moments. Episodes like this are the reason I watch this series.
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