South Park

Season 12 Episode 1

Tonsil Trouble

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 12, 2008 on Comedy Central

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  • worst episode of the entire series!

    I hated this episode so much! It's the prime example of the worst flaw of the newer seasons. What is that? kyle is a horrendous asshole to cartman in this episode! It's not a good idea for a role reversal. I'm not saying giving someone hiv is a good idea, but kyles behavior throughout the episode was completely unnecessary. He acted worse than cartman ever did and of course he never learned his lesson in the end. All the episodes from season 8 and later where he rages at cartman are god awful. Remember in the first 7 seasons when their conflicts were funny and made sense? Now it's all gone downhill. I hate this episode with a burning passion and i don't understand why everyone likes it so much. I wish i could rate it zero stars.
  •'s OK.

    There's little to say about this episode. It was very, decent. It had some occasionally funny parts, but for the most part I didn't laugh much. After the last two season premieres (The Return of Chef and With Apologies to Jessie Jackson) being series classics, I expected this episode to continue the trend, but it didn't. I kinda liked the Jimmy Buffet thing, but there was much else too memorible. However this one isn't horrible and I don't think you should avoid it like the plague, I just think you shouldn be expecting much when you see it, cause it's not the best.
  • perfect

    Cartman has a routine tonsillectomy, but he is accidentally given Aids. He wants sympathy from people, but when Kyle can't help but laugh at him, Cartman gives him Aids too. Now, the two boys must race to try and find a cure for HIV. Will they be able to?

    Good episode and good season premiere. Is it the best season premiere ever? No. Is it an enjoyable way to spend 22 minutes? I certainly thought so. It was pretty funny. Cartman was funny and I couldn't help but laugh when Kyle beat up Cartman. Overall a good episode, I thought, one that certainly gets an A+ from me
  • I'm not just sure, I'm HIV positive that this was a great episode!

    Of all the time to get AIDS, Cartman gets it when nobody gives a crap. Worse yet, his frenemy Kyle thinks its funny. Payback is a biotch as Cartman gives Kyle a dose of Cartman's own medicine.

    South Park is bitingly funny when they get it right, and often, they are right. AIDS is still an incurable disease, but I guess because of the cocktail of medicine that one can take to slow its progress, the disease is talked about less and less in the media. I don't know if I should feel ashamed to admit: Every time Cartman said "I'm not just sure, I'm HIV positive" I busted my gut laughing. That's gotta be one of the funniest lines I've ever heard. The culmination of it was of course when Kyle tells him to Shut UP, it's not funny...I fell off my chair. Butters is my favorite character, so my favorite moment was when he told Cartman that he won't treat him any different, and proceeds to kiss him on the cheek! I LOVE BUTTERS!
  • Cartman has a tonsillectomy but is frustrated when the doctors accidentally give him donor blood infected with the HIV virus. When he tells the guys Kyle finds it ironic and can't help but laugh. Cartman then gets really pissed and gets revenge.

    I think this episode is love it or hate it. Quite a few people really dislike this episode while others really enjoyed it. I really liked this episode, mostly because I find the Cartman vs Kyle style episodes really funny. I do agree with some people that the end was rushed and the episode would have been better as a two-parter.

    Cartman has to have a tonsillectomy and immediately refuses, until the doctors say he will get free ice-cream. Before the surgery everyone said it will be okay, this is son proven wrong as the doctor comes with bad news. Cartman has been diagnosed with HIV. The doctors accidentally gave him donor blood infected with the virus, Cartman is really pissed and even pushes the ice-cream off the tray given to him! The teachers at the school then call in Kyle, Stan, Kenny and Butters (and their parents) to tell them the devastating news. Kyle immediately find the whole thing ironic as Cartman has wished AIDS on him a fair few times. Kyle can't help but laugh and that gets Cartman really pissed. Cartman then holds an AIDS benefit where only about 5 people show up. Cartman was expecting Elton John to perform but was disappointed as he ditched for a Cancer benefit. Instead he got Jimmy Buffet, and Cartman says "the only people who like Jimmy Buffet are fret boys and alcoholic chicks form the south" (I find that really funny as my mom loves Jimmy Buffet and shes an alcoholic chick from the south XD). Cartman was then angry at the other guys for not coming to his AIDS benefit, after he told them that he had to have Jimmy Buffet instead of Elton John Kyle started laughing (well trying not to but failed).
    Later that night Cartman gets Butters to help him sneak into Kyle's house, Cartman then injects some of him blood into Kyle's mouth, infecting him with the disease.
    Kyle's mom then takes him to the doctor when he tells him he's got HIV, Kyle immediate knows who caused this and runs up to the playground, and beats the crap out of Cartman. Mr Mackey then takes the boys to the principle and makes Cartman apologize for infecting Kyle with HIV and then tells Kyle to apologize for taddeling, Kyle is furious about this and runs to Cartman's house to break everything he owns. After wrecking some of Cartman's most prizes possessions (including Clyde Frog) he then gets to the Xbox when Cartman begs him not to break it. Cartman then takes Kyle to Magic Johnson's house to see if he knows a cure as he's been immune to the virus for about 50 years. The boys search the house to find it's relatively normal until they reach his bed which was full of cash (MJ doesn't trust banks) they then go to the doctors and find the cure. $180,000 injected into the bloodstream. They then have another benefit where Jimmy Buffet plays again and Kyle announces that he will still break Cartman's X box.
  • How would the world be like if that was really the cure for aids

    Cartman needs to get his tonsil out but the doctors give him HIV blood in and now he has Aids. It's sucks getting a sickness like I wish they have a cure for everything.Then Cartman is mad at Kyle and and drops his HIV blood in Kyle's mouth then Kyle gets mad and Starts to breaks Cartman's stuff and destroy Cylde Frog. Why does Cartman go break Kyle's Stuff? Then Cartman and Kyle go look for Magic Johnson he's one of the best in the NBA. Then they find a cure for Aids it's Money in your blood but you need like a million in your blood then thats it oh and Kyle is going to destroy Cartman's X-box 360
  • very special

    very special episode.... recommended.yes.south park makes fun of lots of things.but this time.AID S.tonsil trouble is one of my favourite episodes.Cartman gets AID S.kyle pisses him off.and cartman the ngive him AID S. then they go on a plane to their destination to cure their i said before.recommended.i dont know why people dont appreciate the quality of this very special episode.I mean.who could have thought of mocking the AIDS virus? this episode gets better every time i watch it.a great episode to kick of the decent 12th season.well done.Tonsil Trouble has some negative points as well.well, first, they make fun of a very serious disease.which is not cool.but, humor extends its mock.and, it only used kyle and cartman and a brief use of butters.where is stan and kenny? and finally,the scheme of the episode.when i saw the episode title.i was like. Wow this is gonna be a teriific eppy. and saw the intense excitement within the 21 mins.But it wasnt really what i expected... But overall. and fantastic and very clever episode.
  • Everyone has AIDS!

    Description: After going in for a routine tonsillectomy, a botched transfusion leaves Cartman afflicted with an incurable disease. When he finds no comfort in his friends and family, how far will he go to find a cure? Storyline: It all starts off with Cartman getting HVI, after Kyle makes fun off it. Cartman seeks revenge by giving Kyle HVI himself. In the end, Kyle gets mad and decides to destroy Cartman's stuff. However, if they can get Magic Johnson to help them out...

    2.2: Storyline: The storyline was the key part. It was somewhat serious, with limited jokes. Overall, the plot saved the episode.

    Humor: Once again, a serious episode lacks humor. Which made it lost important points, as the humor is what makes South Park a great show.

    Rating: I personally not a fan of this episode, but I wouldn't mind watching it again. Gee, it's the first episode that got below 7 since Bloody Mary.
  • "Tonsil Trouble" is episode 1201 (#168) and is the first episode of the show's twelfth season and was broadcast on Wednesday, March 12, 2008.

    While having his tonsils removed, Cartman is accidentally infected with HIV from donor blood. Shocked by this, he attempts to gain the support and pity of those around him, but is unsuccessful because the AIDS fad has run its course and become antiquated, and the current trend is to be sensitive about cancer. Additionally, due to Cartman's cruelty to his classmates in the past, many find it hard to pity him; Kyle even goes as far as to laugh hysterically and almost involuntarily at the irony that Cartman has HIV, as Cartman has wished AIDS on Kyle on several occasions. When an AIDS benefit featuring Elton John is held in Cartman's honor, only $17 is raised, about only 8 people in attendance and even Elton John skips it in favor of a cancer benefit. Instead, Cartman gets Jimmy Buffett, who sings "AIDSburger in Paradise."
    Furious at the lack of concern and laughter from Kyle, Cartman plots revenge by drawing some of his own blood and putting it in Kyle's mouth as he sleeps. When Kyle is diagnosed with HIV, he knows who is at fault and confronts Cartman in the playground. Instead of punishment, the school authorities simply demand that Cartman apologize to Kyle for giving him HIV and that Kyle apologises for tattling about it. Angered by this injustice, Kyle decides to take matters into his own hands and hurries off to Cartman's house with a threat to break everything Cartman owns. True to his word, Kyle shatters many of the toys that Cartman owns, rips apart his prized Braveheart poster and tears off his beloved Clyde Frog's head. As he is about to break the most important and expensive thing in the room: Cartman's Xbox 360, Cartman pleads with him, telling him that he has done research leading him to believe that a cure for AIDS lies in Magic Johnson's longevity since being infected with HIV.[2]
    Kyle and Cartman fly to Johnson's house, after gaining free airline tickets by pretending to have "all-over" cancer (because AIDS is too "retro" a disease), and Johnson is sympathetic, offering assistance to the boys. Upon investigating his house, they find that Johnson sleeps regularly with huge piles of cash (since he doesn't trust banks), which after further investigation prove to have the ability to neutralize HIV. Laboratory scientists experiment with a concentrated dose of "about $180,000 shot directly into the bloodstream" on the boys, which forces the HIV viruses to disintegrate. Word is spread about the cure for AIDS, and an event is held where Jimmy Buffett sings "Cureburger in Paradise". Although Kyle is now relieved that he's cured of AIDS for good, he announces to Cartman that he is still going to break his Xbox anyway, thinking that Cartman hasn't learned anything.
  • PLEASE PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU WRITE: I want people to keep this into perspective. You may hate this episode. I find it hard to imagine that you can seriously love this episode. But holy s*** this is necessary. Think that abortion ep of Maude x1000.

    ...Yes, this is something unbelievable... (read on if you're ready) Kyle and Cartman get aids... which leads to a few jokes, but of course it isn't that funny. Kyle even argues against Cartman for trying to make light of the situation (paradoxically, its a funny argument). While they almost make it make sense (and very hysterically) with an absolutely extraordinary end idea, it isn't an episode that is important for its presentation value. The writing gears are a little rusty in Trey for this one too. But what is important is that this proves SP will stop at nothing to keep you on the edge of your seat, and they've still made something entertaining, and once again, broken new ground. But I hope no one tries that thing they suggest (ha!). I was expecting a standard episode. Not at all! This is totally new. I almost have faith in the human race again! This episode is an event, which of course a lot of people will hate, I think my euphoria will wear off by tomorrow like a Sim in Sims 2, but for now... wow!
    And they changed the intro quite a bit. Take a look! Hopefully it won't be the intro associated with SP "jumping the shark". But yes, SP went even further into its mystical pod in space. They're on a kamikaze mission to make people think and explore, good or bad. To see what comes out of it. Its important to have our instincts rattled. Anywhere I go these days, I often find nuances, in body language, in the gleam of an eye, that remind me how pathetic we are sometimes. And episodes like these are a step at a higher embracing. Man, I sound like some cult leader... at least I can understand that (which the awareness of South Park has in some ways helped make more visible), and I'll have that be not the case soon enough, I'll make sure of it. And of course I don't want everything made to cause some instant revolution in thought, thats idealistic. The best you can hope for for anything is 50% consciously revolutionary, 50% generally redundant. But thats the circle. Each one can switch places with the other. ...What the hell did I just write!? I really don't understand it... time to get away from the computer!

    Anyway, I hope Matt and Trey get nothing but the highest praises for it. It already hasn't happened though I see... anyway. Back to real life.
  • The 'message' too many missed

    This episode is a pretty scathing attack on Magic Johnson. Magic had (and maybe had) aids. They have a drug, AZT, that costs about 180,000 dollars for full treatment, they know that it basically cures aids (Magic now comes up negative on tests). What did Magic do? He's now the drug company's spokesman, and is making money off the fact that he is famous and infected with HIV, so sell drugs they know work to people. So he's already totally rich and is now making more money off people who get inflicted with the same disease he has. Except for most people, they can't afford it, and they die.

    Thats where 'huge injections of cash' come in. South Park is always at it's best when it's making a statement and calling someone out on something that no one else seems to call them out on. But its always satirical and funny. Perfect example of this. Great episode.
  • Cartman's solution to get revenge: Give Kyle HIV/AIDS purposely. Yeah we're sure it will work... we're HIV Positive.

    In this episonde, Cartman is accidently diagnosed with HIV. But, when Kyle doesn't even throw Cartman a bone, Cartman retaliates by sneaking some of his infected blood into Kyle's mouth while he sleeps! Now, they're out to find the cure for AIDS, but can they really do it? I thought this was a good episode, but it just wasn't as funny as a normal episode. In this episode, you'll see some serious tension going on between Cartman and Kyle. I'll tell you one thing though. If I were Kyle in this situation, I would just totally go ape**** on Cartman's ass. I don't know, I think they used their material they got the best they could, but maybe this whole AIDS thing was just a bad idea for an episode.
  • Cartman is found to have problem with his tonsils and needs to have them removed. While recovering from surgery Cartman is told by the doctors that they accidentally gave him AIDS.

    I personally thought that this was kind of disturbing. Yes Cartman getting AIDS was funny, because he is such an evil person. But him willingly giving AIDS to Kyle, that was just wrong on so many levels. I thought that the solution to their problem was hilarious (don't want to give it away so I won't mention it here). Because Cartman gave Kyle AIDS I have classed this episode as "Painful to Watch", that is basically murder. I did however enjoy the reversal of roles; when the children find out Cartman has AIDS. If Kyle had AIDS it would have been Cartman that ran out into the hall way to laugh his head off, but in this instance because Cartman was the one with the AIDS, Kyle goes out into the hallway to laugh.
  • A good but not classic South Park.

    Cartman discovers he has HIV and is angered that all the perks of having a terminal illness go to cancer patients. This Season eleven opener is how I like my South Park. With a twisted (even by south parks standards)storyline Tonsil Trouble is Cartman heavy with him doing unthinkable things and has an actual social commentary running through it. Tonsil Trouble has some really funny scenes Cartman's reaction, Kyle's reaction, Butters kissing Cartman, and the HIV positive joke are all stand out moments. But by the time Kyle and Cartman get to Magic Johnson's house the episode has lost it's momentum. The plot fells underdeveloped and the ending feels rushed. Although Tonsil Trouble has some great gags and starts off strong the last half lets it down.
  • Semi-Good season 12 opener but they can do better

    I was excited for Season 12 but so far ive been dissapointed with this episode and britney's new look. Sure this episode had its moments but it wasn't that great of a storyline. The fact that cartman got aids was funny, but the fact that he gave it to kyle was too predictable, im used to having unpredictability in south park episodes. And when they cured their aids with grinded up money wasn't that funny either. There were alot of dry jokes in this episode which made it average at best like jimmy buffet and cancer being the new aids. Overall it was an ok episode though i would watch it again.
  • A great premiere.

    Tonsil Trouble was definitly a great premiere for season 12. I knew it would be Cartman-Kyle centric, so I was pretty much skeptic as I think this angle is overused. However,this episode turned out to be very funny.
    There are lots of funny lines in that one, mainly the repetitive "Are you sure?" "I`m not just sure, am HIV positive" Cartman-Kyle dynamic worked perfectly in that one. The irony of when Kyle says Cartman gave him aids is hilarious as well. The opening was good, as well as the meeting with Cartman`s friends and teachers. Kyle laughing the hell out of the ironic was yet another funny situation. The cure, well can`t say it was that satisfactory. Still, overall it was a great episode and a nice way to start number 12.
  • Funny

    This episode was an alright start for season 12. It could have been a little better, but people shouldn't expect too much every single episode. If this is a filler episode, think about it, it's much better than any other filler episode for any other t.v. show. This tonsil episode was great. Getting aids, and whenever Cartman is sure about something, he is HIV positive about it, lol. Great slapstick, throwing money at someone cures aids, then a guy tells africans they can be cures they just need hundreds of thousands of dollars, lol. Sad but true. This show keeps it coming.
  • For a seaosn premire this episode was simply SOSO but for an episode and a message it was south park genius.

    Last season Trey and Matt showed us through animation comedy there take on the N word , the homeless ,Terrorists ,Touretts gay camps ,globle warming , even more terrosits attacks,the american goverment ,the lifes of rock stars and much more and included alot of celbrity satire from Hilary Clinton ,the pope ,Bill donahue,Bono,mel gibson again ,angelina jolie [has crabs]michale bay and M .night shamalan and much more . Not to mention its pop culutre refrences form Guitar hero ,the movie 300 ,the da vinci code ,zombie films ,to catch a predator ,not to mention the hundreds of classic animation chaacters in the highly reviewd and highly rated IMAGIONATIONLAND TRILOGY [ie Snarf from thundercats , optimus prime, cinderella ,Mighty mouse ],and much much more in my opinion the season 11 has a whole was the 4th best seaosn of them all behind seaosns 8,6,7].so to top all this was hard so could say impossible but trey and matt give it there best shot and come up with a half decent episode with a good message and a few laughs id even go as far to say its better than the amazing seaosn 11 [only epsidoes Cartman sucks and Lice Capades]

    The episode revolves around Cartman contracting Aids after he is given donor blood [donor blood with HIV IN IT]during a routine toncilectomy.Of course the attetion and symptohy Eric so despratly wants and deserves for having this disease isn't given not to mention Kyle thinks its hilarious.All this leads Eric to discover [after a jimmy buffet song a benefit concert]that the world no longer cares about Aids like they did 20 years agon in the 80s the new in disease is Cancer.Pissed off and In order to teach Kyle a lesson Cartman gives Kyle HIV vie injection of his blood.A pissed off kYle in a fit of rage plans on breaking Cartmans xobx 360 [god forbid]so in order to both save his xbox and life Cartman takes Kyle to find a cure at the house of Magic Johnson.Whilst trying to work out Magics secrete to living with Aids all these years they discover the cure thick lumpy injection of cash .The conclusion is all people need to do to live through aids is have lots of cash and the boys are cured [ but kyle still break erics xbox] The message is a prretty good one saying that if more attetion and more money was given to the still very active disease aids than we probably could find a cure .
  • I'm not just sure...

    A clever take on the AIDS situation both here at home and abroad. Cartman goes in for a routine operation to get his tonsils removed and because of infected blood used for his transfusion he becomes infected with AIDS. This episode was good, but probably not their best. My favorites: Kyle laughing at the irony of Cartman contracting HIV, Kyle and Cartman's fight over the line, "We're not just sure, we're HIV positive," and the cure that they come up with (with the help of Magic Johnson. A good balance of humor and message... but then again, that's what South Park is all about. 8.5/10
  • A bit of a letdown for an opener.

    I wasn't thrilled with this episode. The end portion with Magic Johnson was pretty funny. But it took too long for the episode to develop. I don't know that having AIDS is something to have a good hearty laugh about anyway. What was funny was Kyle's reaction to it. But Cartman giving AIDS to Kyle seemed like a lame plot device to lead them to go to Magic Johnson's house. The part did make me laugh was Cartman saying "He's had AIDS for like 50 years and he's fine." I have thought the same thing about Magic when I see him on TV. I'm guessing that Trey and Matt were talking about that and said "how can we do an episode on this?" I thought they fell a little bit short on this one.
  • Could've been better, which is very hard for a long time South Park fan to say

    South Park is the best show ever. It is full with racism and jokes. I'm used to all that. But this episode just didn't seem right.

    I have been watching South Park ever since the first season. Now I'm starting to notice ever since season 9, it's getting kind of dull. I think that when everything looked crappy and had annoying voices, that was better.

    I know that South Park will make fun of anything, but with them making jokes about cancer, offended me a lot. My uncle just died of cancer so it's hard for me to laugh at cancer like that.

    Also, I think that South Park is trying to bring back their old gags. Like in The List, Stan puking on Wendy and Kenny getting killed. It's just not as funny. Times have changed with South Park and change is a part of any TV show.

    The classic lines such as:
    "Oh My God! They Killed Kenny!", "Screw you guys, I'm goin' home!", "But mooooommmm", and "Meh" just don't seem as funny as they used to be after I saw this episode. I hope next week they make a better episode.

    Note: Giving a SP episode a rating less than an eight is one of the hardest things I've ever done.
  • How AIDS made the rivalry between Cartman and Kyle stonger than ever?

    This episode of the twelfth season begins with a whole new opening. The font of the warning message has slightly changed and the four boys of South Park took turns singing in the background. The finishing touch of the introduction that widen enough to fit some of the characters seen from previous episodes and season is better than ever.

    After Cartman's got has tonsils removed, he was accidentally infected with a retrovirus, AIDS, and becomes extremely infuriated. When the school heard the news, Kyle starts to laugh uncontrollably realizing how ironic for a angry, fat, racist, self-centered, intolerant, manipulative, sociopath deserves to have a deadly disease. With the HIV inside Cartman, he has become more of an a-hole than usual. He was determined to teach Kyle a lesson about that having AIDS isn't a laughing matter. So he snuck into Kyle's room, drew some of his blood with a syringe, and ejected it into the Jewish boy's mouth. When Kyle went to the doctor, he was diagnosed with AIDS. Realizing that the fat ass had something to do with it, Kyle was about to murder Cartman for what he did last night. Also, seeing Kyle break everything Cartman owns was really nice. Just as Kyle was about to destroy Cartman's $399 XBOX 360, the fat ass told him that Magic Johnson could help them find the cure for AIDS.

    On their way to visit Magic Johnson, Kyle and Cartman asked Magic what hinders HIV from growing. Magic showed the boys that he sleeps with money because the basketball player doesn't rely on banks. They come to understand that cash is the only thing that causes the AIDS to fade away. After discovering a cure for HIV, the boys return back home AIDS-free. Even though they are now cured from the most lethal disease, Kyle still wants to break Cartman's XBOX 360.

    I find this episode to be the best season priemere because it shows how Cartman and Kyle's hatred towards each has gotten more powerful than ever. Cartman's lame ass joke about being "HIV-positive" is stupid. I enjoy seeing Kyle beating the crap out of the pure evil fat boy. I hope that the new episodes of South Park will be better than the previous ones. I was getting tired of the old openings since the sixth to eleventh seasons. There should be new ones about Stan and Kenny together minus Kyle and Cartman since the "The Passion of the Jew".
  • Cartman Has Aids... Him and Kyle team up for a cure .... What went wrong??? were the crab people on a holiday???

    I really find trouble to make a review of this episode, and that`s why I took all this time since the night of it`s airing until tonight, not because my tvio was on fritz again, or I got lazy.... he he, well, maybe there's something to it....

    Ok, enough chit chat, on to the job!

    You know the basis, I assume you already read most of the reviews of our fellows users, so.. let´s move on.

    Eric gets a hiv, and being the miserable a**hole he is, can't stand that Kyle find it ironic and funny,although he always wished Kyle for misery and despair(and on more that two occasions wished Aids on Kyle) hence with the help of Butters, (poor guy just try to be nice and helpful) Cartman infects Kyle with his blood, and now Kyle has to team up with Cartman (after one of the best ass whooping on Cartman) to find a cure for Aids before their times runs out, their only clue?? Magic Johnson and he's mysterious resistance to the HIV virus...

    Now, I for the life on me can't find why this episode wasn't all that funny, I guess a lot of jokes were lost to me this time, I could get the nominal/subliminal message that Trey and Matt always convey in their episodes, (People Don't care about Aids anymore) I just though most of the jokes weren't all that good, and the "aids cure" didn't had any funny logic or typical absurd zanny stuff that you always get, it was more on last minute idea, it almost got me wishing for the crab people angle...

    Now, let's summarize and tell me if I'm wrong:

    Eric receiving a lesson (or at least supposed to) trough a disease; Done, "Ginger kids"
    Kyle unleashing his dark side; done "the list" Although this time I won't argue with his motives like I did on "the List"
    Cartman and Kyle teaming up; Done "cartoon wars" although briefly.
    Aids and the movie Philadelphia references/jokes/movie lines Done; "Jared has Aids"

    I only though Kyle being actually happy of Cartman having aids (laughing his butt off, no less) without a sermon or a speech, was kinda out of character, but I guess he got paid back for that later...

    I really was looking forward to this episode, but to my taste this season started kinda weak, maybe it's just me, I'm hoping this it's only a warm up, and not a sample of what the rest the season it's going to be like... South Park still rules!!!
  • 8.0
    Sure, I liked this episode but it really bugged me that Cartman injected the virus into Kyle. Not even Cartman would do that in the earlier seasons. I liked the fact that they kept saying that more people care about cancer than AIDS. The thing about the cure (180,000 dollars literally) shown in South Park shows that nobody cares about AIDS (not true in my opinion). My 5th grade teacher of 10 years ago played Jimmy Buffet songs all morning for a few days. Yes everybody booed. However, they probably would have booed Elton John too. I didn't have very high expectations for this episode but nevertheless it didn't proceed them.
  • I'm not sure........I'm HIV postive about this episode

    How very offensive and funny at the same time with Cartman having HIV and Kyle laughs about it. I think it was funny where Kyle beat up Cartman of giving him HIV, then Mr. Macky comes to the playground trying to break up the fight and saying his classic " M'Kay" and that part where Kyle destroying his room by tearing up the things Cartman owns.

    It was cute and adorable where Butters comfort Cartman ( His Mister as I called it) and give him a kiss on the checks and Cartman got embarrassed about it. Cartman injects a needle into his chubby arms and stick it through Kyle mouth to get his revenge. Kyle and Shelia went to the hospital to see what's wrong with Kyle, then his doctor says that Kyle has AIDS ( Which it was incredible funny when he says did Kyle have unsafely sex), and Kyle think about who give him AIDS--Cartman.

    Ps: " These brave little friends" " We are not friends, he gives me AIDS!" " These brave little lovers" LOL!!!!!!!!!!
  • Read my review for more

    The thing I've always loved about South Park is that they hit you in the face with silly jokes and immature humor, but underneath they have political messages. These messages are usually fairly vague and that makes it funnier when you figure them out. This episode had many undertones, like as the previous guy overlooked the sit com like feel was to show how Americans (which I am one so don't bash me) have come to have a really lax attitude about AIDs, and how television has hammered it into our heads in a way that it doesn't seem like that big of a deal. That I liked, but what I didn't like was the fact that all my dumb friends, who I am usually explaining the abstract undertones too(manbearpig=global warming) were able to pick up on this episode so easily. I understand that they are making a point with this episode that is very important, but I guess what I want is for them to be more innovative about it to keep the dumb people guessing
  • Cartman gets AIDS and when he explains to his "friends" Kyle laughs at him because of the irony. Naturaly angry Cartman sneaks in to Kyle's room and injects him with his blood, so now Kyle has AIDS too!

    Finally it's back! Even trhough the wait wasn't very long, I still missed South Park and this was a great way to come back. It was always funny, from the beginning to the end, and I can't wait to see it again, but the problem is, it isn't on iTunes yet. The other shows on that night are already on iTunes, like Lewis Black's root of all evil, but not South Park. I'm sure they will put it on, but I'm not sure when. But when they do I'll get it because it was a great episode, and a great beginning of the new season.
  • cartman and Kyle have AIDS

    Kyle got aids, yay! cartman got aids, oh no! i hate kyle. why'd he have to be cured? oh, cos hes a main character. unfair! anyway, cartman got it when he got his tonsils out and kyle was being a jerk when he found out so cartman injected kyle with it. cartman and kyle then go to magic johnson for a cure, and find out the cure is by injecting money into your blood. it was pretty funny and pretty tragic when the guy goes to africa to tell them how to get cured. then the boys get a benefit for them and get played by jimmy buffet.
  • Commentary on current view on AIDS

    Amazing episode. For those that said they do like like south park when they get too serious, guess what, most episodes tackle a major issue. Matt and trey do a fantastic job at presenting major social issues in a way that is both hysterically funny and very poignant and insightful. The truth is the message they present about AIDS is true, it is being completely overlooked these days, it is "retro" and "80's and 90's." Matt and Trey are saying how ridiculous that is because AIDS is getting worse, the whole airport/airplane sequence did a great job with this "Id rather have AIDS than cancer." The seriousness of this makes the humor so much funnier, and the fact that they can make a humorous AIDS episode while making a thoughtful social commentary is the biggest reason why I love this show.

    Also as soon as I saw Magic I thought they were going to bash him, they surprised me yet were able to say that "Money is the cure for AIDS" but did so in their South Park manner. This is one of those episodes which makes me wish that people would not look at this show as a gimmicky kids show with cursing, and look and listen and think about what it says. No other show is able to say what South Park can because the way that they present their messages.

    For those of you who hated the episode and prefer episodes in which the social commentaries are much concealed, that is fine because South Park is hysterical if you just watch it on the surface for plot and jokes. For those who can appreciate the allegory im guessing this episodes will rank high.
  • Great ep.

    "Tonsil Trouble" was the season 12 premiere of South Park. I really liked it. I've seen better but it was still good. I can't believe Cartman got aides! That was so hilarious! I would've never expected that. The parts with Jimmy Buffet were really funny 2. " Aides Burger in paradise! Cure for aides yes I yes said it twice!" awsome quotes. This show just seems to get better every season. Im so glad about ti getting renewed so they can have more episode like this. This was one of my favorite eps of all time next to Guitar Queer-O And Best Friends Forever. Great episiode
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