South Park

Season 12 Episode 1

Tonsil Trouble

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 12, 2008 on Comedy Central

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  • I'm not just sure, I'm HIV positive that this was a great episode!

    Of all the time to get AIDS, Cartman gets it when nobody gives a crap. Worse yet, his frenemy Kyle thinks its funny. Payback is a biotch as Cartman gives Kyle a dose of Cartman's own medicine.

    South Park is bitingly funny when they get it right, and often, they are right. AIDS is still an incurable disease, but I guess because of the cocktail of medicine that one can take to slow its progress, the disease is talked about less and less in the media. I don't know if I should feel ashamed to admit: Every time Cartman said "I'm not just sure, I'm HIV positive" I busted my gut laughing. That's gotta be one of the funniest lines I've ever heard. The culmination of it was of course when Kyle tells him to Shut UP, it's not funny...I fell off my chair. Butters is my favorite character, so my favorite moment was when he told Cartman that he won't treat him any different, and proceeds to kiss him on the cheek! I LOVE BUTTERS!