South Park

Season 12 Episode 1

Tonsil Trouble

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 12, 2008 on Comedy Central

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  • Cartman has a tonsillectomy but is frustrated when the doctors accidentally give him donor blood infected with the HIV virus. When he tells the guys Kyle finds it ironic and can't help but laugh. Cartman then gets really pissed and gets revenge.

    I think this episode is love it or hate it. Quite a few people really dislike this episode while others really enjoyed it. I really liked this episode, mostly because I find the Cartman vs Kyle style episodes really funny. I do agree with some people that the end was rushed and the episode would have been better as a two-parter.

    Cartman has to have a tonsillectomy and immediately refuses, until the doctors say he will get free ice-cream. Before the surgery everyone said it will be okay, this is son proven wrong as the doctor comes with bad news. Cartman has been diagnosed with HIV. The doctors accidentally gave him donor blood infected with the virus, Cartman is really pissed and even pushes the ice-cream off the tray given to him! The teachers at the school then call in Kyle, Stan, Kenny and Butters (and their parents) to tell them the devastating news. Kyle immediately find the whole thing ironic as Cartman has wished AIDS on him a fair few times. Kyle can't help but laugh and that gets Cartman really pissed. Cartman then holds an AIDS benefit where only about 5 people show up. Cartman was expecting Elton John to perform but was disappointed as he ditched for a Cancer benefit. Instead he got Jimmy Buffet, and Cartman says "the only people who like Jimmy Buffet are fret boys and alcoholic chicks form the south" (I find that really funny as my mom loves Jimmy Buffet and shes an alcoholic chick from the south XD). Cartman was then angry at the other guys for not coming to his AIDS benefit, after he told them that he had to have Jimmy Buffet instead of Elton John Kyle started laughing (well trying not to but failed).
    Later that night Cartman gets Butters to help him sneak into Kyle's house, Cartman then injects some of him blood into Kyle's mouth, infecting him with the disease.
    Kyle's mom then takes him to the doctor when he tells him he's got HIV, Kyle immediate knows who caused this and runs up to the playground, and beats the crap out of Cartman. Mr Mackey then takes the boys to the principle and makes Cartman apologize for infecting Kyle with HIV and then tells Kyle to apologize for taddeling, Kyle is furious about this and runs to Cartman's house to break everything he owns. After wrecking some of Cartman's most prizes possessions (including Clyde Frog) he then gets to the Xbox when Cartman begs him not to break it. Cartman then takes Kyle to Magic Johnson's house to see if he knows a cure as he's been immune to the virus for about 50 years. The boys search the house to find it's relatively normal until they reach his bed which was full of cash (MJ doesn't trust banks) they then go to the doctors and find the cure. $180,000 injected into the bloodstream. They then have another benefit where Jimmy Buffet plays again and Kyle announces that he will still break Cartman's X box.