South Park

Season 5 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 08, 2001 on Comedy Central
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The boys get a new video game system and plan to play it for the entire weekend, but their plan is interrupted when they meet Towelie. Towelie is a genetically engineered towel created by the government. When the government finds out the boys know about Towelie, they steal the boy’s game system and oblivious to everything going on around them the boys stop at nothing to get it back.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • I thought it was funny...then again i think everythings funny

    I thought this episode was average but it did make me laugh. I mean a talking towel, that likes to get high, i couldn't think of anything more silly if i tried. I liked when towlie played funky town on the keypad. I also liked how towlie couldn't even stop getting high for 15 seconds and that buff towlie was great. I totally want a towlie t shirt and hearing his voice say "want to get high" on the towel always puts a smile on my face. It might be the dumb humor but i was laughing. So i liked this episodemoreless
  • One of my three favourite episodes.

    One of my three favourite episodes. I really like Towelie. He's my favourite of the secondary characters. The fact that he's a towel with a weird obsession to get high is just plain out hilarious. Him and the boy's not caring about what's going on around them is what makes this episode funny. It has less swearing than a usual South Park episode and I think that it might be alright to let a twelve year old kid watch this episode. If you love silly storylines and towels who enjoy getting high than this is without doubt the episode for you.moreless
  • Towelie

    So, Towelie is kinda a druggie with a twist. So he is a towel and a goddamn cute one as well. If ya have no idea what I am talking about then move on or watch the episode at

    Towelie is not the best character for sure. The episodes with him are not that good. This however is an example. The episode can be boring and I couldn't help but skip some of the crappy chatty scenes which didn't hold my attention. If I must say, I didn't really like that episode. But I do like the Funky Town scene!

    :( Not so good.moreless
  • i loved this far more then i should have

    this was a fantastic episode. Things i liked included the macho towelie saying "Don't forget to bring a towel" in the masculine voice, Cartman finding the thing at the beginning of the episode, the ending with Cartman telling Towelie he is the "worst character ever", the music that played whenever Towelie got high, anytime Towelie said "Don't forget to bring a towel" or asked if they wanted to get high, Kenny dying and Kyle not caring and being more careful about the gamesphere, etc.

    i loved this episode a lot. a lot of funny scenes. the plot might not be great but the humor in this episode is top notch if you ask me, so definitely giving this an A+moreless
  • Another brilliant installment but the novelty of the Towelie character is worn off in this episode.

    When the boys are playing videogames at Stan's house; Cartman finds a bloody tampon in the trash. Stan's Mom, not wanting to get into menstruation with 8 - year old boys, offers to buy them the new Okama Gamesphere console if they drop the subject. With this episode we meet Towelie; the talking and drug - taking towel who is voiced by Vernon Chatman. The boys get drawn into a massive conspiracy involving the military and Towelie's manufacturer Tynacorp, one of which stole the boy's console from them so it's up to Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny as well as Towelie to get the Gamesphere back. The humour for this episode is meant to stem from Towelie's antics but there're very few occasions where his drug taking and rambling about towels is funny. Another funny aspect which is the four boys bickering is muted as the four display a lot more teamwork and mateship in this episode as they have to work together to get the Gamesphere back. Basically watching how the storyline goes from lame to downright absurd is the best part of it.

    When you watch it you'll mirror Stan's thoughts on how the plot and objectives of the military and Tynacorp is hilariously unexplained leaving us "not caring". The show is split into 3 key parts; all of them involving the boys just wanting to play video games and the twist at the end makes this one of the best written episodes so far. While it's played for comedic effect; the violence got a little to prominent towards the end of the episode and a lot of the time the scene would've ended a lot more effectively with a snappy one - liner rather than having a body get shot to pieces. This episode looks stunning; the more hectic the scene was; the more the well - detailed and rapid - fire animation was utilized. Aside from Vernon Chatman as the hypersonic Towel; the voice work neither improves nor worsens on what's already been established.

    Towelie (the episode not the character) is yet another superb episode in South Park's stellar 5th season while the character is a little harder to warm to.moreless
Trey Parker

Trey Parker

Voice of Stan Marsh; Eric Theodore Cartman; Herbert Garrison; Officer Barbrady; Terrance; Timmy; Ned Gerblanski; Satan; Randy Ma

Matt Stone

Matt Stone

Voice of Kyle Broflovski; Kenny McKormick; Gerald Broflovski; Pip Pirrup; Jesus; Jimbo Kearn; Phillip; Saddam; Various Others

Isaac Hayes

Isaac Hayes

Voice of Jerome "Chef" McElroy

Eliza Schneider

Eliza Schneider

Voice of Mayor McDaniels; Liane Cartman; Mrs. McKormick; Wendy Testaburger; Shelly Marsh; Sharon Marsh; Various Others

Mona Marshall

Mona Marshall

Voice of Sheila Broflovski; Linda Stotch; Various Others

Toby Morton

Toby Morton

Voice of Unknown

Recurring Role

Vernon Chatman

Vernon Chatman

Voice of Towelie

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (18)

    • When the boys get the call to bring Towelie to the gas station to get their Gamesphere back, you can see in the background on the gas pumps one says diesel, and the other says high test. this likely meant that if you noticed it, you were high

    • After Cartman finds the tampon and looks at it, the game controller switches positions in the next scene.

    • When the 4 kids see Towelie outside the game shop, he tells them not to forget to bring a towel, then it shows the 4 kids and a voice says, "What" (presumably in Stan's voice), but none of the kids' mouths moved.

    • The military guy ordered all towels within a 1,000 mile radius to be destroyed. However, when the Sergeant reports back to him, he says that "there isn't a towel left within a hundred miles". Either that's a goof, or the Sergeant failed to follow orders.

    • Tynacorp set up the meeting with the boys, not the military. They have the gamesphere at the end of the show, so when they play the gamesphere noise over the phone, it's obvious they set the meeting. But when they get there, it was an ambush by the military, not Tynacorp.

    • You'd think a big, evil corporation like the men pretending to be The Military would have tighter security and stronger, taller gates; legitimate or not. A little towel and the smallests of nine year olds can hop their fence. What would stop the real Military or Tynacorp??

    • Goof: When the boys first meet Towelie and he says, "Don't forget to bring a towel," Stan says, "What?" Stan's voice is used, but his lips do not move. Also, when Towelie tells them to bring a towel the second time one of them says "oh no" but none of their mouths move.

      Goof: When the military are explaining Cartman says, "We're never going to PLAY OKAMA game sphere are we?"

    • Throughout the entire episode, Tynacorp is also called Dynacorp

    • When Towelie asks to get high, Stan gives him a joint, but if you look carefully you can see that Stan ALSO throws the lighter to Towelie. Towelie doesn't get the lighter from his "non-existent pocket", he catches it out of the air when Stan tosses it.

    • When Towelie says "That's alright, it's always good to bring a towel." in the helicopter, he sounded exactly like Mr. Hankey.

    • If you notice, the one time after Towelie smokes the joint his eyes get red (like all stoners). Then it turns to wide shots and Towelie's eyes are normal and he appears to not be high 2 seconds after taking a hit.

    • When the boys first get the gamesphere they are all playing but as they switch to show the viewers what's on the screen there are 2 people fighting, why would they all be holding and pressing buttons on a controller??

    • The third time Towelie wants to get high, he begs Stan to let him. When Stan finally lets him he says something to the effect of 'fine here's your lighter' but, instead hands him a joint, Towelie takes a lighter out of his non-existent pocket.

    • Sometimes there are stains on the wall behind the sofa at Stan's house, sometimes not.

    • The boys land silently on the military base grounds. No unclasping noises or anything

    • "Well let's look in here." — the lips say Kyle, but the voice says Stan.

    • The dials on Stan's TV change color throughout the episode.

    • Okama GameSphere: $399.99. At that price it had better have 128 GHz DRAM. :D (128 GHz = 1/128 nanoseconds = 7.8125 picoseconds)

  • QUOTES (37)

    • (while the boys play their Gamesphere and pay no attention)
      Pseudo-military leader: Then perhaps we should show these kids who Tynacorp is REALLY made up of! Go on, tell them why you've been making towels, ZYTAR!
      (unmasks leader to reveal his alien head)

    • Stan: Do you have our Okama Gamesphere?
      Military Leader: You did very well bring the towel back here, boys. Let me ask you something... What was it that those people at Tynacorp told you? That the "big, bad Military" wanted to turn Towelie into a weapon of mass destruction? Now let me tell you the REAL story...
      Stan: Oh, God! Don't care, don't care!
      Military Leader: Yes, we've been making our own smart-towels, but only because we HAD to. You see, when we started spying on Tynacorp, we discovered a certain terrifying secret...
      (The boys just stand there and stare.)
      Military Soldier: Go on! Ask him what terrifying secret!
      Kyle: What terrifying secret?
      Military Leader: That Tynacorp was using these towels to take over the world!
      Cartman: (to Kyle) We're never gonna play our Okama Gamesphere again, are we?
      Military Leader: Don't you see what towels like these are capable of?? You get out of the shower and dry yourself off... But then, the towel makes you drier and keeps on making you more dry... Can you imagine it? What it would be like to be way, way too dry? I'll tell you something: you don't want to know, and I don't know.
      Kyle: And we don't care.
      Military Leader: You've been double-crossed by Tynacorp, kids. They set this all up just so they can get you here and take us down.
      Stan: So let me get this straight... Our Okama Gamesphere is back at Tynacorp?
      Military Leader: Oh, yes. It has been all along...

    • Stan: There it is. The Okama Game Sphere.
      Kyle: Dude, it's got 128 gigahertz d-ram.
      Stan: What's that?
      Kyle: Don't know, but it kicks ass.

    • Evil Towel: What are you doing?
      Towelie: Get away from me, evil towel!
      Evil Towel: Towelie, listen to me… Let them go. Drop them.
      Towelie: No way! They're my friends!
      Evil Towel: They aren't your friends! Humans have ruined the environment and killed off their own kind! Their time is over! It's the towels' turn now.
      Kyle: (continues reaching for the Gamesphere) I-I've almost got it!
      Evil Towel: You're going to let them go, Towelie. Because… (holds up a joint) I know your weakness.
      (Towelie eyes the joint in the Evil Towel's hand)
      Evil Towel: Here, you can reach it… Come on, Towelie. How long's it been since you had an nice burn, huh? Twenty? Thirty seconds?
      Stan: Oh, crap!
      Evil Towel: You're going to have to choose between saving their lives AND getting high.
      Towelie: You asshole…
      Cartman: Towelie! Don't let go, you goddamn towel! Kyle's almost there!
      Evil Towel: Go ahead, Towelie. Make your decision.
      Towelie: I choose… I choose… Both!
      (Towelie reaches over to puff on the joint, as Kyle grabs the Gamesphere in the nick of time.)

    • Military official: We've got no other choice. Prepare to blow up all of Colorado.

    • Tynacorp official: One day, Towelie got high and just sort of…wandered off.

    • (Mr. Garrison walks out of a shower with a towel around him. The military barges into the room.)
      Military official: Get it!
      Mr. Garrison: What the...? (gets pinned to the wall as his towel is taken off)
      Military official: Throw it down!
      Mr. Garrison: Oh, alright! Have your way with me if you must... Go on, fulfill your sick pleasures!
      (The military destroys the towel and leaves.)
      Military official: Alright, lets go!
      Mr. Garrison: Where are you going?

    • Towelie: I can't remember. It all looks the same. Hang on, let me get high. Then I'll remember where it is. (Towelie gets high.)
      Stan: Alright, so where is it?
      Towelie: Where's what?

    • Military official: Destroy all towels within a thousand mile radius.

    • Kyle: What has this world come to? Where people can just take your Okama Game-Sphere.

    • Military Leader: Hello, boys. How are you doing?
      Stan: Fine.
      Military Leader: Say, boys, this may sound a little odd, but… Have you seen a talking towel around anywhere?
      Kyle: What? You mean Towelie?
      Military Leader: (speaks into the two-way radio) Echo, this is Garrett. I've got a Code 5 in… (checks map) Park County, Colorado. I repeat, Code 5, Park County, Colorado.
      Cartman: What, dude?
      (The Military Leader and soldier drive away.)
      Stan: Dude, this is gonna be one long ass day…

    • Kyle: Real life is so boring and stupid!

    • Kyle: I don't have to go to the lake!
      Cartman: Awesome!
      Kyle:She says that's fine, but I still have to go to baseball practice.
      Stan: Oh yeah, we've got baseball practice tonight. Goddamn it!
      Cartman: We shouldn't have this many responsibilities. We're children!
      Stan: It's alright we can still play for 6 more hours, and then we can go play baseball.
      Towelie: (walks in) Don't forget to bring a towel!
      Kyle: Oh, no.
      Towelie : When you're playing sports, the sweat can get in your face. That's why Towelie says "Always keep an extra towel in your duffel bag".
      Stan: Okay, we will.
      Towelie: All right! (pauses) You wanna get high?
      Kyle: No, we don't want to get high.
      Towelie: Oh. Okay... Are you sure?
      Cartman: Yes! Go away, you stupid towel!
      (Towelie walks away.)
      Stan: Oh, dude did you see that? I just cut off your face and ate it!
      Cartman: That's so cool!

    • Kyle: (talking to his mom on the phone) Yea mom, I can't go to the lake. No, Stan's having emotional problems and I need to help Stan through it. He's got… (asks Cartman) What is it?
      Cartman: Date-rape psychosis.
      Kyle: Date-rape something. Yea…Ok…I will…Ok, thanks mom.

    • Stan: It's Saturday at 2:30 that means we have…39 hours to play game-sphere until school on Monday.

    • Kyle: (to Stan about the Gamesphere) Wow, dude. You're the luckiest kid in South Park.
      Cartman: Hey, this is all of ours! I'm the one who found Stan's aborted brother in the trash can and blackmailed his mom into getting the Gamesphere!

    • Cartman: This is like finding trash-can gold you guys!

    • (Cartman talking about the tampon to Sharon)
      Cartman: I don't think it's for using, I think it's just for looking through.

    • Stan: Jesus, is Cartman still in the bathroom?
      Kyle: Hey Cartman! We're almost to level 20! Are you giving birth in there or what?
      Cartman: Let a man take a crap.
      Stan: Dude, he's in there punishing my toilet.
      Kyle: Yeah, that poor, poor thing.

    • Towelie: Just let me get high. I know I can remember if I get high.

    • Towelie: Oh man…
      Stan: What?
      Towelie: I am so high right now……I have no idea what's going on.

    • Stan: Okay! That's it! Brake angrily Kenny!

    • Gamesphere: OKAMA GAMESPHERE!

    • Cartman: You are the worst character ever, Towelie.
      Towelie: I know.

    • Stan: Come on, Towelie. The guy said you have the entry code in your memory bank!
      Towelie: Hey, it's been a long time...
      Cartman: You just have no long-term memory, because you get high all the time!
      Towelie: Don't preach to me, fatso!
      Cartman: I can preach to you all I want, because you're stupid!
      Towelie: YOU'RE stupid!
      Cartman: Yeah, well, you're a towel!
      Towelie: YOU'RE a towel!

    • Stan: Ok guys focus; it looks like this is going to be an underwater level.
      Towelie: (high; slurred) Don't forget to bring a towel.
      (the boys laugh)
      Cartman: You're the worst character ever, Towelie.
      Towelie: I know.

    • Towelie: Oh man, why is everyone riding me today? Goddamnit.

    • Sharon: Okay, boys, that's it. You have to go now.
      Stan: No no, it's okay, Mom. We, we can't go to baseball practice 'cause Kyle has cancer.

    • Tynacorp Leader: You see kids, the Army hasn't been telling the truth.
      Kyle: Dude, we don't care.
      Tynacorp Leader: They wanted to turn these towels into human killers.
      Kyle: DUDE, WE DON'T CARE! We just want our Okama Gamesphere.

    • Cartman: (to Mrs. Marsh) You shouldn't have done that. He's just a boy!

    • Towelie: Wanna get high?
      Stan: No! We don't wanna get high!

    • Towelie: That's my last J asshole!

    • Towelie: That's it! That's the theme to Funky Town.

    • Towelie: Don't forget to bring a towel.
      Stan: What?
      Towelie: When you get out of the water you need to dry off right away to avoid catching a cold. That's why Towelie says, don't forget to bring a towel!
      Stan: Okay!
      Kyle: Thanks Towelie.
      Towelie: You wanna get high?
      Kyle: No.

    • Towelie: Do you wanna get high?

    • (Kenny falls into the lava stuff)
      Kyle: Oh my god! Our Gamesphere!

    • Tynacorp Official: Towelie was there for months while they tried to copy his TNA.

  • NOTES (7)

    • For the first 8 episodes of this season, the show was nominated for the Austin Film Festival's 2001 Sitcom Primetime Teleplay Competition Award.

    • Towelie was an idea Matt Stone had when he was high on marijuana once. It is believed that this is where Towelie's obsession with getting high comes from.

    • The original airing of the Towelie merchandise "commercial" within the episode featured Comedy Central's actual number at the end (1-800-4-COMEDY). In repeats, it is replaced by the fake number 1-800-555-TOWL.

    • The Gamesphere is made by a Japanese company called Okama. "Okama" is a Japanese slang term for "gay."

    • The character Towelie was created to mock the real-life trend where every new South Park character introduced was a new marketing blitz. Towelie represented the absolute dumbest thing possible to create: a talking towel.

    • First appearance of Towelie.

    • This episode featured a live action commercial advertising "I Love Towelie" and "I Hate Towelie" T-Shirts for only $18.99 (plus shipping and handling). Go to for more information. Per the commercial: "While Supplies Last" and "(Towels not available)".

      Since this episode aired, has (and continues to offer) more Towelie related merchandise.

  • ALLUSIONS (10)

    • TNA:

      The scientists mention Towelie's "TNA", which is likely not a reference to "t*ts n ass" but to deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), the genetic instructions for every living thing.

    • The Demon:

      A DC comic book series: The Demon,(Etrigan) contains a character: Jason Blood, whose friend Harry Matthews was transformed into a talking pillow similar to Towelie. Further similarity: a trademark of the character that he was a drug-addict and could constantly be seen smoking.

    • Alien Sighting:

      When the military general is talking about copying 'TNA' in the vile behind him there was a chunk out of a towel in the shape of an alien. This is an 'alien allusion'.

    • TNA:

      Towelie's structural make-up seems to be composed of TNA. TNA is an abbreviation for the term "tits 'n ass", a label some people give to shows that use attractive female characters to grab the attention of an audience. Baywatch is an example of a TNA show.

    • Sling Blade:

      Cartman: Ya shouldn't a'done that. He's just a boy. Poor little feller...

      This line is a "spoof-synopsis" of several memorable quotes from the 1996 Movie Sling Blade, starring Billy Bob Thornton. At one point, the main character lamented over his aborted baby brother. This is spoofed in "Towelie" when the boys find the used sanitary napkin, and one of them jokes about it being Stan's aborted baby brother.

      Cartman then utters his quote, mimicking the voice of Thornton's slow-witted character. The "just a boy" part was spoken several times throughout the movie. The "shouldn't a'done that" part is a synopsis of several times the character told people they shouldn't think, say, or act various ways.

    • Popeye:

      Listen carefully whenever Towelie gets high; you can hear the theme from Popeye in the background. This same music was played whenever Popeye ate his spinach.

    • Alien Resurrection: Towelie Clone: Kill me... When the boys and Towelie go into the military base they see all these test tubes full of towels with bits missing and one is on a table saying "kill me". This is just like in the 1997 film Alien Resurrection, where Lt. Ellen Ripley Clone #8 finds a room full of the clones #1-6 in test tubes all deformed and clone #7 is on a table saying "kill me."

    • Nintendo Gamecube:

      "Okama Gamesphere" is an obvious reference to the next generation game consoles recently released. Nintendo Gamecube, in particular.

      The name of the company, "Okama", is also the Japanese term for gay or homosexual.

    • The Outlaw Josey Wales:

      Cartman: I don't think it's for usin', it's just for lookin' through.

      Reference to a line by Lone Watie (Chief Dan George), where Josey (Clint Eastwood) asks if he has any food: "All I have is a piece of hard candy. But it's not for eating. It's for lookin through" in the 1976 film The Outlaw Josey Wales.

    • Doonesbury:

      The talking towel concept may have been inspired from the Doonesbury comic strips, which are full of such characters as the talking, walking cigarette butt, the talking feather, and the talking cowboy hat. Of course there are also numerous talking objects to be found in TV commercials.