South Park

Season 9 Episode 12

Trapped in the Closet

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 16, 2005 on Comedy Central

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    Check the credits of this classic. Written . produced and directed by Mr SMITH oen will take screen when they got MR SMITH could be served. No John Smith here your honor. I wonder what "NICOLE" thinks about this episode LOL
  • Clever and brilliant. A very important episode in the series' history because of the controversy.

    This episode was brilliant. The humor was clever but still had that 'crossing the line' brand of funny. I loved the fact that they used the whole, "trapped in the closet" metaphor and relentlessly mocked them in the classic south park style. Before they did this, no one had the guts to say anything about them. The way I look at it was that they took on the bullies in the school yard. It reminds me of a movie that was similar in topic and comedy style, Mind Polish: Master Hubbard's Special Reserve. This was also a parody of scientology and had that extreme humor that ticks people off. I think that movie goes farther though, of course. It's a movie so they can get away with stuff you can't on tv. I just like anything that tackles a topic your not supposed to talk about on tv and goes "way too far." This episode was historical because it caused so much controversy. In fact, they stopped airing it for awhile because Tom Cruise threatened to not promote Mission Impossible, which was made by comedy central's parent company paramount. Not only did they not back down but they did another episode in response to Isaac Hayes' departure from the show as result of trapped in the closet. They also did a two parter about freedom of speech regarding family guy but it was obvious what they were trying to say. It spawned a total of 3 other episodes to comment on the response of this episode and I think the filmmaker behind Mind Polish was probably inspired by this episode.
  • Episode 12, Season 9: Trapped in the Closet

    Having never seen this episode on Paramount, and having heard all the media hubbubb about this episode, I thought I'd go check it up on the internet to see if it was really as great an episode as everyone says. The outcome? I think it is a pretty good episode, with a large amount of humourous moments and a typically South Park storyline, but not quite as mind blowing as it was hyped up to be. Having said that, it is still a very funny episode and continues to push the boundaries of how far South Park is prepared to go to amuse people, and how little they care about pushing controvertial buttons. 8.8/10
  • You just end up laughing at it too much for being so ridiculous!

    "Trapped In The Closet"

    GRADE: A*

    I found this episode hilarious, because of the way Matt and Trey told the truth about Scientology and how ridiculous the whole religion is. I mean, brainwashed alien souls, emeters, aliens. The whole thing is absolutely stupid. Guys like Tom Cruise and John Travolta as Scientologists think the religion helps them, when the truth is that it was made up by some idiotic writer who ended up making loads of money out of the religion.

    The episode starts with Stan taking a Scientology Personality test and they say he's a depressed kid. They said if he pays the money to join Scientology he'd become a happier person again. He pays it, and does an emeter reading. When the reading reads OT9, the Scientologists think this is a problem, but then the headquarters discover that Stan is the reincarnation of L Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology.
    So everyone starts praising Stan for being the new L Ron Hubbard, until he discovers Tom Cruise in his bedroom. He asks Stan what he thinks of his movies, but Stan thinks he's ok. Feeling depressed and upset, Tom runs into the closet, locking the door. They try to get Tom out of the closet, but no luck.
    Just then, the other Scientologists want Stan to carry on L Ron Hubbard's work. They first tell him the big Scientology secret (which is a load of crap) and then he starts to write.
    However, once the president of Scientology tells Stan that the whole Scientology thing is one big money scam, Stan refuses to continue and says the whole Scientology religion is a big fake. Tom comes out of the closet, and everyone is threatening to sue Stan for mocking their religion.

    Just goes to show. This episode only speaks the truth. Did you know that the voice of Chef, Issac Hayes, left because of this episode? What a joke! It's only Scientology and everyone knows it's all made up. When you watch this episode, you just end up laughing at them for being so stupid. Sometimes you wonder why the whole religion existed in the first place!

    There were some very funny moments in it as well, such as Stan insulting Tom Cruise with his honest opinions about him. R Kelly threatening everyone with a gun. John Travolta's "OH MY GAWD!" and when the president of Scientology tells Stan that Scientology is a load of crap. This episode shows what South Park is really all about. Mocking religions, mocking things, stupid plots, and clever moments.
  • stanietology

    the episode's main plot is stan joins the church of scientology and gtes the same scientology rate as scientology founder l.ron hubbard and think stan is his reincarnation . all, scientologists come to south park to see stan including tom cruise. when stan says he doesn't like tom cruise's acting , tom locks himself in stan's closet. john travolta and r kelly later joined him. in my honest opinion the episode was decent nothing to get all hiped up about but still great nevertheless. the ending was a bit stupid but i liked it when nicole kidman was trying to talk tom out of what he was doing and mentioned katie holmes. lol. it was decent but it wasn't the best.
  • The secrets of scientology get revealed and Tom Cruise finally comes out

    This is one of my favorite episodes !!
    So Stan does a test and the "church" of scientology begins to call him the reincarnation of a sci-fi writer who founded this sci-fi like religion, they say Stan is the new leader. And Stan believes all that sh*t Even Tom Cruise visits him but after a short exchanging of words, he jumps into the closet and locks himself in. Everybody wants him to come out but he resists. In the end Stan learns the truth about feeding lies to people, quits scientology and three men finally come out of the closet. Tom Cruise and the scientologists say they'll sue Stan and he says that's fine.

    I know that this episode caused quite some rage among scientologists. Is that because their secrets got revealed now ? Also Tom Cruise did some ridiculous power play about his movie Mission Impossible 3 but I didn't give a damn about that. Instead, I told my action-liking friends to boycott the movie. And Tom Cruise should stop being such an assh*le. Who cares about this ugly, conceited, stupid, untalented cheap action hero anyway ? And of course he's not gay He's just bi-curious. A bi-curious man who sues everyone and everything.
  • Scientoleriffic!!!

    If you've ever wanted to see a good "rip" on Scientology, this episode of South Park is for you. Stan takes a Scientology test and finds out that (according to them) he's depressed and Scientology can help him. After a "Theton-level" test, they discover that Stan is the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard (the founder of Scientology - he was really only a science-fiction writer), and they want Stan (L. Ron) to write the addendum to their "religion". This episode gets it's name from a scene wherein Tom Cruise sneaks into Stan's room to meet "the reincarnation" and Cruise asks Stan what he thinks about his acting. Stan tells him he's mediocre and Cruise locks himself in Stan's closet while crying. This episode caused some controversy and was originally pulled by Viacom (owner of Comedy Central) because the real Mr. Cruise (aka A$$FACE) made a stink about the fact that the episode makes fun of his religion. In the episode there is also a "no-BS" explanation of what Scientology really is all about (which is HILARIOUS - I can't believe anyone would believe this mullarky). Anyway, the whole rest of the episode consists of various famous Scientologists trying to get Cruise out of the closet, only to be sucked into the closet themselves. From start to finish this episode is another classic from Matt and Trey. You will laugh guaranteed!
  • This episode made chef leave.

    This episode made Isaac Hayes leave the show. It made fun of scientologists, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and R. Kelley. It starts when Stan takes a personality test by scientologists and they think he is the prophet. When Stan is talking with Tom Cruise he says Tom Cruise is OK as an actor. He runs and goes in the closet and won't come out plus John Travolta and R. Kelley do the same. Then it atracts national attention and everyone wants them to come out of the closet. Then Stan finds out that scientology is a scam. Overall this is a good episode but if you are a scientologist you will hate this episode
  • The ending ruined the whole episode.

    Trapped in the Closet was a weird episode of South Park. They mentioned Scientology, a religion believed by many. I did like the introduction and the N-Meters as they did show some so-called beliefs of Scientology. I also did not realise that Stan was a depressed child, and probably one of the characters in the show I can relate to for i too am depressed. That was possibly why i liked the plot line of this episode.

    But however, the Tom Cruise in the closet seemed quite weird, but good thing R. Kelley got him and John Trevolta out of the closet.The story seemed rather farfetched with a little holes as to how Ron Hubbard saw the aliens. The ending of the episode seemed very unfair to Stan. His friends didn't help him, that dirty liar tried to double-cross him. And also, everyone tried to sue Stan which i believe ruined this episode's quality.
  • Very controversial episode.

    This episode made Isaac Hayes leave the show. It made fun of scientologists, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and R. Kelley. It starts when Stan takes a personality test by scientologists and they think he is the prophet. When Stan is talking with Tom Cruise he says Tom Cruise is OK as an actor. He runs and goes in the closet and won't come out plus John Travolta and R. Kelley do the same. Then it atracts national attention and everyone wants them to come out of the closet. Then Stan finds out that scientology is a scam. Overall this is a good episode but if you are a scientologist you will hate this episode.
  • I love controversy.

    I love controversy. After seeing this episode, oh boy, it was a great day for me. At school I'm like the comedian, so after I heard about this, I just couldn't help myself. In the begining, it sounds like a normal episode, until you hear about Scientology, then I said, "Oh boy, this is great!" (Animal House referance). I love the story line. It's just like South Park. Usually, before you saw this episode, you would say, "Another regular episode," until the lawsuits rolled in. I also though it was funny when the credits showed John and Jane Smith. HaHaHa. Thank you South Park. Please make more episodes like this one.
  • I love this episode. Scientologists think Stan is the reencarnation of L. Ron Hubbard and Tom Cruise wont come out of Stan's closet.

    Stan takes a free personality quiz from a Scientologist and they tell him he is miserable. They then confince him to join the Church of Scientology where people think he is the reencarnation of L. Ron Hubbard. After Stan tells Tom Cruise he thinks that the Napolion Dynamite guy is a better actor then he is, Tome Cruise locks himself in Stans closet. Stan get to learn the scret of Scientology: a alien captured lots of other aliens and froze them. Then he threw them into a volcano. He captured and brainwashed the aliens souls who then roam around Earth. At the dawn of man, the aliens souls entered out bodies and now we are controlled by them. Stan learns that all the stuff is made up and is just a scam to get money. After Stan tells people the truth, Tom Cruise comes out of the closet and he and a bunch of Scientologist tell Stan they are going to sue him.
  • This is the episode that made Isaac Hayes, who voices Chef, quit all because this episode is retarded and insults Scientologists!

    Basically this episode is where stan gets a personality test from the scientologists and finds that he is sad. Therefore, they all come to his house and Tom Cruise and other celebs visit his house. Note that when the episode says "This is what scientologists actually believe", it's right. Once Stan calls the religion a "scam", it leans toward intolerance. Sure, scientology might not appeal to us all, but we should tolerate other religions, even if their elements bother us. Isaac Hayes felt that way, so that's why he quit! And now after the season 10 debut, "The Return of Chef", we won't have the great, intelligent Chef character anymore, how he sings his funny songs and stuff like that. Thanks very much Mr. Parker and Mr. Stone for yet another bad season of South Park! Gee, there are a lot of things I wish South Park hadn't done. Like, when Mr. Garrison admitted he was gay (and that led to the horrible episode "Fancy New Vagina"), Kenny died for real and mysteriously returned in "Red Sleigh Down", and of course, blasting Catholics and Scientologists.
  • Didn't care much for this one

    Don\'t get me wrong. By \"South Park\" standrads this episode might be good. I can\'t say for myself because I have only watched a handful of \"South Park\" episodes and that wouldn\'t make me an expert on the subject. However, I think that the hype for this episode mostly comes from the reaction of Scientologists more than the actual greatness of the episode itself.

    It could be that it\'s the norm for \"South Park\" to make a mockery of actual people and their beliefs and religions from what I\'ve read about it so far, but I still haven\'t gotten used to watching such things. I would have given it a lower score than 7; however, I started looking at it from another perspective. I started looking at it and considering \"if the story was about a fictional religion using fictional characters, would it be funny?\" Yes it would. The setup and execution were excellent. The dialogue is funny and the ending is just telling all opposers to \"bring it on\". But as I said, I\'m still not used to watching this kind of stuff and seeing actual people and their beliefs being made fun off is not my thing.

    So to sum this up, I enjoyed the episode from the execution/dialogue side, but didn\'t like it from the mockery side. This is what made me give it a neutral 7.
  • Tom Cruise has a breakdown, the secrets of Scientology are revealed and R. Kelly adds another verse to his endless song.

    On a day when he is stuck for things to do, Stan gets rooked in by representatives of Scientology. They spin their tale of intergalactic rulers, floating doomed souls and e-meters. He gets a very high score on their test and is soon being treated like royalty.

    None other than Tom Cruise stops by to talk to Stan. When it turns out the kid is not much of a fan, Cruise can't handle it and ducks in Stan's closet. He refuses to come back out despite appeals from his former wife.

    John Travolta gets in on the act. He, too, fails to persuade the actor to come out of hiding. Singer R. Kelly shows up to plead a bit, and finds himself locked inside as well.

    The crisis comes to a head when the president of Scientology explains to Stan that the whole thing is a fraud. He still wants the boy to preach, so that they can make money.

    Stan dresses up for a special ceremony, but at the last minute, his conscience kicks in.

    A hysterical episode that almost didn't air, after much legal ballyhoo. Cooler heads prevailed, however. After all these years, the writers still have their chops.
  • Another stroke of magnificence by Matt and Trey, perfectly making fun of the (im sorry, but COME ON!) somewhat silly Scientololy religion.

    The real brilliance of the shows creators really shines both on and off screen; the backlash and legal threats being brilliantly hit back by Matt and Treys full page add reading "So, Scientology, you may have won THIS battle, but the million-year war for earth has just begun! Temporarily anozinizing our episode will NOT stop us from keeping Thetans forever trapped in your pitiful man-bodies. Curses and drat! You have obstructed us for now, but your feeble bid to save humanity will fail! Hail Xenu!!!"
    signed "Trey Parker and Matt Stone, servants of the dark lord Xenu."
    The play on how notoreous the scientologists are for sueing people and matt and treys usual attitude with stan shouting back "Im not afraid of you!! SUE ME!!" A series classic and a perfect emblem for why this series has been running as long and strong as it has and will hopefully continue to be for years to come...
  • One of the best episodes from season 9.

    Ah, "Trapped in the Closet". What can I say about this episode of "South Park"? One thing that definitely comes to mind is that this is probably one of the few episodes of this season that was both well written and funny at the same time. And definitely, what else is funny about this episode is how Matt and Trey poke fun at Scientology and Tom Cruise.

    When the episode starts out, we find Stan being slightly depressed for not being able to have fun, since he is saving his money to buy a new bike. However, Stan's few days of fun begin not too long after, when he passes by a Scientology office and is offered to take a free personality test.

    What I like about the events that follow is how, when the Scientologists begin believing Stan is the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard, their church founder. What is especially comical about these events is how Tom Cruise and John Travolta rush over to catch a glimpse of the reincarnate of their beloved leader, only to have Tom get insulted by Stan and refusing to come out of the young boy's closet.

    However, the only part of the episode that I didn't like was when the news crews would interview R. Kelly to hear his interpretation about Tom Cruise and John Travolta being stuck in the closet. I kind of find it pointless to have him as a "guest" in this episode.

    As the episode draws to a close, I find it ends on a pretty funny note. When Stan tries to tell the public the truth about the scam Scientology is trying to pull on them, the church threatens with lawsuits for defaming their "good name", ultimately getting Mr. Cruise out of the closet. In all, "Trapped in the Closet" is a classic "South Park" episode.
  • Tom Cruise is trapped in the closet.

    Well, what can you say about, maybe, the most talked about South Park episode ever, except maybe for Return of Chef! and Cartoon Wars? The story's pretty simple. Stan takes a personality test from Scientology. The thetan meters go off the charts and match the thetan levels of L. Ron Hubbard. Stan is now believed to be the reincarnation of L. Ron. So now, Scientologists around the world come to Stan's house including Tom Cruise. He locks himself in Stan's closet after Stan says his movies aren't that great. Now, Tom Cruise is trapped in the closet and the town awaits his coming out. This story is so funny and well written. There's nothing else to say except this is classic.
  • Wanting to save his money, stan decides to take a personailty test. He finds out he is the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard. Hilarity ensues.

    This episode was incredibly pivotal for south park.
    Everyone should be able to watch trapped in the closet. It actually tells what scientologists believe and brings up several ironies about scientology. For example, why do people believe all this from a science fiction writer? The references to R. Kelley's horrible album trapped in the closet are even funnier. This episode is not to be missed. Definately one of the top episodes, even though chef left because of it, and it exposed tom cruise as one of the biggest jerks in history. A must see, even though it's off the air, you can find it on many different file sharing networks.
  • Stan learns that he\'s the reincarnation of L.Ron Hubbard, Scientology founder. As he begins in the church, he learns about their most held secret. Will he let everyone know that Scientology\'s the most ridiculous religion ever? Will Tom Cruise come ou

    This is one of the greatest episodes for South Park. It accurately depicts how stupid this religion truly is. This episode right here can make you really think about going and seeing any more Tom Cruise movies. I know I won\'t be able to go see another movie with his face on the screen because of how stupid this truly is.
    South Park accurately shows you what Scientologists believe in. It accurately shows Tom Cruise and how he is actually a closet case homosexual. John Travolt\'s and R. Kelly\'s characters madde me laugh throughout while I wondered how desperate one must be for answers to follow Scientology.
  • You will laugh yourself to death in this one!

    Stan, hoping to find out why he's suddenly depressed, gets involved with the Church of Scientology, and gets mistaken for their leader, L. Ron Hubbard, when they think he's been reincarnated as Stan. Stan, attracting a lot of attention, gets noticed by John Travolta, Tom Cruise, and R. Kelly. Tom Cruise locks himself in Stan's closet after being insulted, and after a series of events, Travolta and Kelly go inside as well. In the end, Stan finds out the truth of Scientology, and tries to tell everyone about it, but is disproven and thought of as a liar.

    The funniest part, in my opinion, is when R. Kelly decides to sing about Tom being locked in the closet. I literally laughed myself into pain, and I laughed more when I saw everyone's attempts at getting Tom out of the closet. Cruise, who hated the episode, threatened to stop M:I:III production if they didn't take the episode down (he was way insulted). Well, this episode also caused more controversy, but you can find that out yourself. 10/10
  • In this episode, Stan is supposedly the reincarnation of the man that started the Scientology religion. Famous Scientologists come to talk to him and one of his comments leads to a breakdown.

    This is one of the episodes that made me laugh the hardest. South Park was getting pretty boring for me lately, and this brought back my original opinion that I had when it first came out: It is AWESOME. It pushed some SERIOUS buttons. I'm sorry to Tom Cruise fans, but I was just WAITING for some kind of show to take a stab at him. He's been acting like a nutcase lately. And the R. Kelly part was pure gold. And when the con man turned around and conned Stan I thought "SOuth Park is BACK!"

    They're rarely going to show this episode anymore I udnerstand because of the contrpversy and Isaac Hayes leaving the show, and that's understandable. But they should remember to rerun it as often as they can.
  • It's about time someone pointed this out about Tom.

    Poor Tom. Not only is he self centered but he is also a self centered mediocore actor who is unsure about his sexuality. Next I think you should do a show about mediocore actors coming to SouthPark to "pull the plug" throw in a couple of Mission Impossible moves and a guy that resembles Tom and sorry Tom. Are you sure that you think that we were talking about you??
  • This episode causes South Park to get worser.

    I'm serious. Trey and Matt almost got sued, and this episode made Issac Hayes quit the show. Well, it's unaired, and why it's at the top-rated episodes anyway?? It's stupid and cruel. However, it was Tom Cruise's fault that made South Park history going to be the worse cartoon in the world. I suggest Drawn Together will be better than South Park, if it goes bad.
  • Yet another really great episode! The way they made fun of Tom Cruise and Scientology was priceless! I especially liked the special news report with R. Kelly. This episode is one of the very many reasons, why South Park continues to be of my favorite show

    Yet another really great episode! The way they made fun of Tom Cruise and Scientology was priceless! I especially liked the special news report with R. Kelly. This episode is one of the very many reasons, why South Park continues to be of my favorite shows on TV to date.
  • Scientology comes out of the closet, Tom Cruise stays in the closet. John Travolta gets back in the closet, and the boys nail the closet shut.

    One of the funniest episodes I have ever seen. I laughed my a%^ off all the way through. Almost woke up my wife and daughter laughing so hard. Don\'t let the powers that be keep this episode off the air, or at least don\'t let them keep it off the DVD.
  • 137th Episode

    "Tom Cruise still won't come out of the closet"
    "So then I pull out my gun!"
    "Fine, then sue me!"

    If all of these quotes sound familiar, then you've obviously seen Trapped In The Closet, a hilarious episode that deals with scientology, which, for some reason, Isaac Hayes decided to quit because of it, even thugh SP has masde fun of nearly every other religion before it.

    This episode is hilarious, especially R Kelly's singing and the alterations to Scientology before it is revealed that the religion is a sham.

    Overall, this is one of the best episodes of season nine, though technically I only saw about four.
  • Stan is haled as the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard and is asked to write a "New Testiment" so to speak of Dianetics. Tom Cruise hides in Stan's closet, as well as John Travolta, and R. Kelly is there to sing every step of the way.

    Possibly the most fun they have ever poked! Not just L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology & Tom Cruise, but got R. Kelly in on the fun too. May not have staying power as the years go on and people forget about Tom's insanity and R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet", but certainly a great episode. Also loving the defiant final message of the show: "Sue me! I'm not scared of you! Go ahead and sue me!"
  • Stan becomes the leader of the scientologists and meanwhile Tom Cruise locks himself in Stan's closet.

    This was one of this season's best episodes. It made me laugh throughout the episode, and I couldn't believe what they got away with. The scientologist orgin scene was both offensive to all scientologists and funny at the same time espically when I've realized that everything they say is true. My only problem with this episode is that it caused Isaac Hayes (Chef) to leave the show because they made fun of his relgion. I wish chef wouldnt have leave over something so stupid. This proves that he was a hypocrite, but I still have respect for him for having a great voice, voicing chef wonderfully and a great singer.
  • South Park finally takes on Scientology, and takes down Tom Cruise in the process. Classic South Park. Will be one of the most memorable episodes of all time.

    This episode is by far my favorite South Park episode of all time. The whole episode had me laughing to the point of tears. This episode exploits Scientology for what it really is, a manipulative cult. And this episode takes a big swing at Tom Cruise. All I can say is that it was about time. This episode has all the elements that makes South Park one of the greatest shows of our time.
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