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  • Season 14 Episode 12: Mysterion Rises (2)

  • During the scene where the Coon interacts with Cthulhu, the pair was seen heading for San Francisco, which was already destroyed in the episode Smug Alert from Season 10.

  • While on Clyde's computer, the article on '10 Cultists arrested' was shown in a Microsoft Windows program, but above it there is a taskbar used only in Apple Inc. computers.

  • During the scene where the Coon and Friends were selling lemon bars, the first customer said he'll buy 20 bars when he only took 3 bundles, which is a total of 15 lemon bars. Note that each bundle contains 5 of such bars.

    Before the last customer arrived at the stall, there are 3 bundles left. But at the next shot, only 2 bundles are seen.

  • Kenny (as Mysterion) briefly spoke in his normal, un-muffled voice upon seeing the picture of his parents being arrested, making this episode the 3rd (excluding the movie) that he had done so, the last one being Season 11's Lice Capades.

  • Full list of Coon and Friends' secret identities:

    Cartman - The Coon
    Kyle - The Human Kite
    Stan - Toolshed
    Kenny - Mysterion
    Clyde - Mosquito
    Token - Tupperware
    Timmy - Iron Maiden
    Bradley - Mintberry Crunch

  • Season 14 Episode 11: Coon 2: Hindsight (1)

  • The USA flag shown during the narrator's introduction of Captain Hindsight is missing 2 stripes at the top.

  • The scene before DP's final drilling featured Willzyx the whale and Tom Cruise, from episodes Free Willzyx and 201 respectively, both of which died on the surface of the moon.

  • Season 14 Episode 10: Insheeption

  • There is no Ariadne among the cast of Inception that this episode features.

  • After everyone wakes up from the dream, you can see behind Mr. Mackey's head that the sheep-herder is missing his head, just as he was killed in the dream.

  • Season 14 Episode 9: It's a Jersey Thing

  • During the phone conversation between Randy and the governor of California, you can see sunset all over South Park. However in the governor's office, the clock at the right of the screen shows a time of 2:30pm. Since South Park is 1 hour ahead of California, the former should have a time of 3:30pm.

    It should be noted that sunsets in Colorado during the month of October usually occur around 6pm.

  • Stephen Stotch said that the feelings of families of the 9/11 victims will still matter for another 10 months, which would calculate to August 2011, nearly 10 years after the attacks.

    However in Jared has Aides, it takes 22.3 years for a serious tragedy to become funny and acceptable to laugh about.

    This means that by the time the feelings for 9/11 no longer matters, it still can not be laughed about for another 12.3 years.

  • Randy called the Japanese Emperor as "Akishino". However, the actual name should be "Akihito".

  • Season 14 Episode 8: Poor and Stupid

  • This episode has the most uses of the F-word in any episode so far with a total of 26.

  • While Cartman and Butters were in the pharmacy, the advertisement posted in the background has a spelling error, which reads "When Yo Buy Two".

  • Closely observe the 3 miscellaneous characters in the closeup of the speedway grandstand, just before the race begins: A red-shirt woman with sunglasses, 2 men, one wearing a 'PTS' cap and another with a black V-neck.

    They will reappear in the garage area (located at the centre of the speedway), where Cartman's car will run over them. All 3 of them would be seen again back at the grandstand when the chequered flag is raised, suggesting they have survived the accident.

  • Season 14 Episode 7: Crippled Summer

  • According to Matt and Trey's Commentary, the idea of Towelie going to Intervention was originally going to be the main plot of an episode that eventually became "Million Little Fibers."  When it came to making this episode, they said they were tired and decided to go back to one of the original story lines they had in 5 years earlier that was abandon in favor of the Oprah storyline and decided to use it in this episode since many scenes were already animated, but never used.

  • Nathan previously appeared in "Up the Down Steroid" as the kid who sold Jimmy steroids.

  • Season 14 Episode 6: 201 (2)

  • Butters appears in this episode with no dialogue.

  • Pip makes a return appearance in this episode only to be killed by Mecha-Streisand.

  • Following the episodes initial broadcast on April 21st 2010, it was revealed on (then later reported by various media outlets) that the episode had been altered by Comedy Central, censoring any mention of the Prophet Muhammad.

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