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Season 10 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 03, 2006 on Comedy Central

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    I thought this episode was so funny when the character of CESAR MILLIAN the DOG WHISPERER was helping train Cartman with that TAP. Didn't take long for Cartmans mother to catch on.
  • This episode shows how insensitive some adults are

    Cartman has a point that Ceasar's way of "rehabilitating" is abuse, Those people in nanny shows and Ceasar Milan are practically the same, "Nanny 911" seems to treat children there like "pets", There's no such thing as "Pack leaders or the most dominant person in a family, Children just need to learn how to respect and behave, sure children can be hyperactive at times, Parents think that they are out of control, But for kids it's simply playing games, nannies or caretakers can't change their behaviour, only their parents can change them. Children don't need discipline at these situations (like spanking them when they did something bad etc.) they need counseling, parents need their children to understand that what they did is wrong, if they use physical discipline, kids might think that they're parents hate them which causes them to behave more badly.

    Also don't think that giving what they want can stop their whining (like when they want candy/food etc.)It only makes things worse, like Cartman's mom, Lianne keeps giving Cartman whatever he wants when he wants it. She seems to let Cartman take over her life. Since Lianne keeps giving Cartman anything he likes cartman thinks that he should get everything he wants.

    Whoa... I'm being off-topic right now
  • funny stuff

    liane tries to change cartman's behavior once and for all, by having "The Dog Whisperer" come. at first, it seems cartman really has changed, but is it just a ploy? is cartman really a nice boy?

    funny episode. cartman yelling at the way he was treated was funny and the plot was great. only negative thing i have was the nanny eating her own.. you know. I found that really gross, but othrwise this was a really funny episode with a great plot that made me wonder what was to come, so "Tsst" gets a B+ in my book. Great
  • Great episode

    This is a wonderful episode! It was a lot like the actual show too. Ms. Cartman tried every possible nanny to try to control Eric's bad behavior and finally has to resort to using the Dog Whisperer. He has her drag Cartman around on a leash and everything. Treating him like a dog was the only way to get him under control. And it would have worked, except as soon as he left she went right back to spoiling him, letting Cartman go back to his old self that everyone both loves and hates. A very funny episode that everyone should watch, whether you like the show or not.
  • It can't be better

    I love South Park and Cesar Millan. But I don't understand why I have to write at least 100 words on here. I just want to see this episode and laugh with Cartman's sentences and want to see either how is painted Cesar Millan. I love to see his show, here in Spain. I think he is great, and so intelligent, and so sexy and...well. This is so boring. How long must I've been still write down? counting 78 words now...and still could't see this episode. I thought this will be easier, what a waste of time. I think this is too
  • Cartman being treated by a dog is...classic.

    When Mr. Mackey and Principal Victoria think Cartman is too out of control, Liane plans to put Cartman on the show Nanny 911. The nanny thinks he is too out of control also, she quits. The best part was when Cartman called her a "Fat b****". That was the best. Then, Liane calls in Super Nanny. After 3 days, Super Nanny is put in a mental hospital where she spends her day eating her own crap. Then, Liane calls the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan. The episode name is "Tsst" because everytime Cesar and Liane pinch Cartman on the neck, they make that sound. Cesar treats Cartman like a dog. When Cesar brings KFC, and Liane doesn't give him any, he runs away. He goes to Stan's house, where Stan, Kyle, Butters, and Kenny are at. Cartman plans to kill his mom and frame Token. When he can't stay with any of them, he goes to Jimmy. When he claims Jimmy is his best friend. Then, after that fails, he goes to Craig. Craig hates him and Cartman lives on the street for 4 hours. At night, he decides to try to kill his mom. He didn't though. He started acting nicer, and lost some weight. Then, when Cesar left, Liane felt depressed and started to have Cartman control her life again. Overall, I give this episode a 9.4.
  • Dog Whisperer

    This episode was hilarious, I might of rated it a little lower than I really wanted too because I watched it so much times, I got tired of it after a while, but still this episode is awesome. the way they calm down Cartman is hilarious! The funniest part would have to be all the nannies going insane. The nanny who was eating her own feces! Hilarious! Cartman's mom is really stupid. But I guess things come back to normal so I guess it is sort of a filler. The Dog Whisperer was sort of mean & rude in the end.
  • With Cartman's behavior out of control, his mother turns to 'The Dog Whisperer', Cesar Millan, for help, in this excellent episode...

    This is, in my opinion, by far the best tenth season episode so far. We are back in classic 'South Park' territory, with Cartman being at his most obnoxious and scheming.

    The turning the tables on the Nanny, the asking Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Butters to kill his mother for him... it's all classic Cartman.

    At the end, you're left wondering if Cartman really has turned over a new leaf, and how the writers are going to get out of it. Then that last shot gives it all away...!

    I'm not sure if it makes my all-time top five Cartman episodes, but it comes close, and is a classic South Park installment. More episodes like this and the season may shape up to be a good one yet.
  • A purely awesome episode.

    "Tsst" is one of the funniest episodes of South Park, ever. It's all about Liane being fed up with Cartman's behavior, so she calls in all these nanny reality shows. The part in the beginning with Nanny 911, was brilliant. It's also true, that you really shouldn't get down to Cartman's level, or else you're gonna get spit on. The part then with Super Nanny being in the mental institution, was sick, but still added to the hilarity of the situation. Finally, the Dog Whisperer is called in and treats a dog. It does work, and Eric finally calms down all his anger issues. In the end, however, he of course returns back to normal.

    This is totally one of my favorite episodes of South Park. It has many laugh out loud moments, and of course an Eric Cartman melt down (complete with KFC).
  • My personal all time favorite South Park episode: A Cartman Classic.

    This episode is probably the south park episode that made me laugh the most along with Scott Tenerman must die....Its Cartman at his hilarious best. The way Cartman got rid of the first nanny was so funny... As the nanny were enable to change Eric his Mum called Cesar Milan.. Most of the episode is on this and its really really funny. The Cartman centric episode are always that funny.
    I love that look in Cartman eyes as the episode ends.... This episode is a beauty....Can`t get enough of it. The season 10 best IMO but also one of my all time favorite episode.
  • I thought no one can mess with Cartman... Erare human est

    What can I say. Another brilliant performance. Finally they crashed on Cartman's back and it took a while but he has been tamed... or is he. I like the dog whisperer and the technique, O the technique that he uses and passes on again and again etc. The guys, not being supportive, why should they be after ALL and I mean all that he has done... But the best thing, I think, is his influence, his degrading of the incoming and upcoming nannys and the way he got things done with them. As Jamie Oliver would say - Look at that beautiful, beautiful...
  • A great episode.

    This truly is a good one, how could anyone find Supernanny, eating her own crap, a eight-year-old-boy making fun of a old nanny from a reality tv show for not having babies because she's so ugly "always the mom's maid never the mom", and the same boy trying to kill his mother after she brings out the best in him? I would!!!!! This is one of the best South Park episodes I have ever seen, it is truly wonderful. I like how Cartman runs away and no one will take him in. And then the Dog Whisperer how he was portrayed in this episode. A fine example of the Brilliance of South Park.
  • 146th Episode

    Season ten finally comes to Australia, and while it's not necessariy in the correct order, this being the first aired, it's a fairly good episode with a great plot.

    Cartman driving Supernanny and Nanny 911 insane was a brillint start to the episode and having to bring a dog instructor in is something that only South Park would do Cartman running away providing the biggest laughs.

    The episode does have its dull points but overall, the episode is a great one, the episode somehow progressing from Cartman getting a nanny to Cartman plotting his mother's death, with a lot of laughs along the way.
  • funny episode

    for me this is the second funniest episode ever in all 10 seasons (1st WOW southpark)
    cartman is out of comtrol so they call in the supper nany.
    The first on doesnt work so they call in super nany 2 (uneseptable on)
    and it shows you her a few days later in a mental hospital.

    After all this doesnt work they take another aproch and call in the dog whistper.
    ( it is really funny when the dog whistper goes ''tssp'' to cartman)
    After a few weeks cartman is good and listens to his mum.

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  • Cartman is out of control and the only way his mom can control him is to hire a "dog" whisperer.

    One of the best south parks episodes i've seen. the sheer evil that cartman displays puts this episode near the top of the all time greats. cartmans mom decides to call in the super nany to teach cartman how to behave. well he performs his little magic on her and 3 days later she is in a mental hospital eating her own feces, i mean, what more do you want? cartman is eventually controlled by some tough love from a dog whisperer, but he leaves cartmans mom slips back into letting him do whatever he wants, naturally i think he's better evil!
  • The episode where Season 10 finally started to go uphill.

    I loved it because I don\'t think Cartman has ever been tamed. The main part that made it funny was he could take down the nannies, (even sending one to an insane asylum) yet he falls apart from Cesar Millan. Don\'t get me wrong... some of the other episodes were OKAY, but this one really brought back the best of south park. Some of the highlights were the nanny in the insane asylum \"eating her own excriment\" and when Cartman was on a chain, like a dog. Also, I think it had one of the best endings of any south park I\'ve seen.
  • Six Words, Cartman trained by a dog instructor.

    Cartman's mom shows a more caring side in this episode. Apparently, Cartman is in trouble for torturing a kids with a trap from Saw. Mr. Mackey gets Nanny 911 to help him. That fails. Supernanny comes. That fails. Now Dog Whisperer, that will work. Cesar Milan comes to train Cartman. He gets touched in the neck to teach him. He loses weight, he learns more, but it makes him angry. He plans to kill his mom, but his evil gets warped. He turns good for a while. It end when Mrs. Cartman starts spoiling him again. A good episode. Praise to the Dog Whisperer!
  • This is another example of the irreverence that SP has been known for all along. I’m only guessing, but I don’t think Matt and Trey have to pass drug screening tests; and I'm thankful that they don’t!

    I only recently began watching South Park (isn’t TIVO a wonderful thing?), and this has to be one of my favorite episodes. I was a little freaked out with Super Nanny eating her own poop...but after they referenced the Dog Whisperer, I knew that this was going to be hilarious.

    Tsst takes the premise that boys (and their parents) can be handled much the same as dogs and their owners. The Dog Whisperer (Cesar Milan) uses the same techniques with the Cartmans (Eric and his mother) that he uses with almost every dog/owner pair on his National Geographic Channel show. True to form, Eric acts like a really, really poorly behaved dog, and his mom acts like a poorly trained owner. So eventually Cesar’s techniques begin to work. My absolutely favorite parts are when Eric becomes “calm submissive” and rolls on his back. How SP gets facial expressions on the characters considering the simple animation they use is amazing, but Eric’s glazed over look of submission is hilarious!

    Eventually Eric begins to act properly, but you know it won’t last. Like on Cesar’s real show, the dog’s behavior is tied to the owner’s actions, and Mrs. Cartman begins to revert when she mistakes Cesar’s actions as friendship. When she learns that Cesar isn’t the new friend she thought he’d be…she lets Eric revert to “normal.”
  • Cartman gets tamed by Cesar the Dog Whisperer.

    It was ingenious to use a dog trainer/tamer to transform Cartman into a good little boy. It was funny when Cartman revealed why he got into trouble but when he was ignored and "tsst"ed, I was cracking up. Tsst was an amazing idea and would probably work. Actually, connecting wild/crazy dogs to small disobedient children is quite brilliant. CESAR WAS AWESOME!!! We should see more of him! At least every once in a while. There were some really good lines in this episode. Cartman episodes are the best since Eric is clearly the funniest character ... ON TELEVISION (at least animated tv). He continues to make fans laugh, cry, and laugh some more.
  • I thought this episode was awsome!

    This episode was such a good episode! Out of all of the SOuth Park episodes I think this is the funniest one because it is very creative! I mostly like this episode because it is interesting the most. There is only one thing left to say about this episode. COOL!!
  • This episode was pretty good. It was more entertaining than A Million Little Fibers.

    I liked this episode because it was mainly about Cartman and most of the episodes that are mainly about him usually turn out to be funny. I liked how they used scenes where they show Cartman acting badly and including that one scene from The Passion of the Jew episode in the Nanny 911 segment. It was also kinda creepy and yet a bit difficult to watch the super nanny in the mental hospital sobbing and eating her crap from the toilet after three days of dealing with Cartman.
    I was a little surprised to see that the other boys were only in this episode for a few minutes. But at least this didn't turn out like trash like some in the later seasons of this series.
  • My fovourite episode of South Park

    You may agree with me or disagree but i think this is the best episode of South Park ever! I was laughing from beginning to end and it was Cartman centric and he is my favourite character in this great show. I haven't a clue what the title "tsst" means but anyway it began with Cartman getting out of hand ( as usual ) at school and his mam was called into school. She cries and admits she has no control over here son. A nanny is called to Cartman's home to try and improve his behavior. He says the most hilarious things to her and drives her away with this quote:

    "Nanny Stella: What else are you feeling Eric?
    Cartman: Well I'm feeling confused…Because I don't understand why you became a nanny.
    Nanny Stella: Me? Well because I love children, like you.
    Cartman: Right but if you love children so much how come you're not a mommy?
    Nanny Stella: Oh I just never had kids.
    Cartman: Why not?
    Nanny Stella: It just…didn't happen
    Cartman: You're sterile is that it? Naw that's too convenient of an excuse, the truth is nobody ever wanted to have babies with you isn't that it? always the mom's maid and never the mom, must be hard on you, knowing that the years are ticking away, you're friends all getting married and all the while you're uterus slowly shriveling away, drying up, becoming totally worthless"

    Another Nanny is called in ( Super Nanny ) and Cartman ends up sending her to a mental home. Then, a man named Cesar comes knocking at the Cartman's door. He is a dog trainer and treats Cartman like he treatd dogs. Carrtman runs away but eventualy returrns home. Cesar leaves and Ms.Cartman thinks she has Cartman wrapped around her finger. He pretends to act innocent but at the very end of the episode he reveals that he isn't.
  • wow........... matt and trey never cease to amaze me....

    SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! First what can i say..... oh yea.... HILARIOUS! an episode that eric cartman the fat ass, must take an obidience class from a dog trainer. its really funny how the dog trainer calls himself the dog weeeesperer. i hope that these brillant ideas from matt and trey never end. i loved it when they refused to give cartman KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) because the "dominant" ones eat first. later on in the episode eventually the treatment from the dog weeeesperer works and cartman has a spasm and starts being a good boy. but erics mother who is really his father (its on another episode) doesnt like that so she starts spoiling him again. and the episode ends with his mother hugging him and it closes up on his face, just like on the movie the omen!!!! ohhhhh spooky!!!!! oopsy.... the web site made to of my review......

    SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! First what can i say..... oh yea.... HILARIOUS! an episode that eric cartman the fat ass, must take an obidience class from a dog trainer. its really funny how the dog trainer calls himself the dog weeeesperer. i hope that these brillant ideas from matt and trey never end. i loved it when they refused to give cartman KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) because the "dominant" ones eat first. later on in the episode eventually the treatment from the dog weeeesperer works and cartman has a spasm and starts being a good boy. but erics mother who is really his father (its on another episode) doesnt like that so she starts spoiling him again. and the episode ends with his mother hugging him and it closes up on his face, just like on the movie the omen!!!! ohhhhh spooky!!!!!
  • More of the same classic stuff is definately looked forward to when episode 148 comes out in November.

    This episode exemplifies all that Trey and Matt have done throughout the 10 seasons of South Park. It picks on a current event or fad and spins it. What better way to spin the super nanny and nanny 911 thing that by having Cartman trying to get fixed by them. Using all of their rights of freedom of speech and expression, the nannies are hilariously depicted as British, especially the first one with the crooked teeth. It also perfectly depicts Cartman's evil persona and funny racial stereotypes throughout the episode. This is definately among my top 5 and I hope for more of the same to come in October.
  • South Park is so easy to give a 10, cuz my expectations for it are so small, lol!

    Great, greater, and greatest! Fantabulous! Expert! Mesmerizing! I just can't stop thinking of different positive adjectives to describe this episode. The dog whisperer was a smart, logical person, apperantly the way he is in real life, and he was not made fun of and did not need to be made of fun for those reasons. He knew what he was doing, yet at the same time he was excellent at it. I really support him at his game. GO DOG WHISPERER! This was actually a good first half of the season finale, and I feel as though the Dog Whisperer is a cool guy!
  • The origins of Eric Cartman. Kind of.

    None of the characters in South Park - with the POSSIBLE exception of Stan - really qualify as normal. However, the vast majority of them make some kind of sense. Among the four boys, we can understand the actions and the impulses of Stan, Kyle, and Kenny (when we can figure out what he's saying). Cartman, however, has always been a different story. After all, what could possibly create the kind of person who will feed a kid his own parents, steal a truckload of aborted fetuses (feti?), and lock a kid up in a bomb shelter for a week?

    In this episode, we get some insight into what makes Cartman, well, Cartman. It's a bit of a tired movie convention to blame the mother (see "Citizen Kane"), but South Park has an interesting take on it. The fact that Cartman eventually does transform - albeit temporarily - demonstrates that, yes, he DOES have the capacity for good, and that it IS possible to make him stop acting on completely selfish impulses. Possible, not easy. The fact that Eric's mother, after this transformation, intentionally starts spoiling him again - knowing full well what she's getting into - is both ironic and, on a deeper level, quite chilling.

    Of course, the parody of "The Dog Whisperer" is pretty entertaining as well, but it's really just a vehicle for character development.
  • Why I watch the show!

    After spoiling her son a little too much, Cartman's mom
    Really has had it this time and thinks he needs
    An attitude adjustment. He has needed one for like ten years Miss Cartman!!
    Finally but you know that it fails and he becomes the Cartman we all have grown and loved to hate a lot!
    Hey if he became different, than everybody would know there would be no show!
  • Cartman gets anylised further. In this episode cartman gets a little to out og control and his mom trys to find out ways to better him.

    Cartman goes over the top this time and his mother resorts to calling inn all sorts of nanny reality shows.
    Cartman shows no signs of improving whilst he gets rid of all the nannys one way or another.
    The last resort of mrs. Cartman is to call in a dog whisperer.
    The dog whisperer gets results as Eric starts to get better and even slimmer.
    Meanwhile mrs. Cartman forms a bond of sort with Cesar (the dog whisperer)
    The episode must end in a way that Cartman is still the same so it comes to it that the dog whisperer leaves and mrs. Cartman goes on by ruining her new good son by spoiling him like she always did.

    Ok ,this episode saved the 10th season.
    The 10th season has been amusing espacially the two parter Cartoon Wars.
    But it just hasnt been as good as it has allways been.
    This show goes back to the basics no politics ,no rivalry and no overblown messages.
    Dont get me wrong there sertanly is a message to the show but i think you know what i mean if you have seen the other ones.
    Overall the best episode in a long time.
  • Finally an episode all about Cartman!!

    We all know that Cartman is the best character on the show and is definitley the funniest. That, along with making fun of those stupid nanie shows all in one was a genious idea. This episode was hilarious and they finally made one where Cartman failes but in the end everything goes back to normal. Anytime that they make an episode all about Cartman it is bound to be one of the funniest they've made. The way that they portrayed the dog whisperer was so funny, that guy is hilarious. Props to the writters for realizing that cartman is the reason people watch South Park.
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